DE – 96

“Why they not entering?” Logan said as his body still hurts from the shockwave from earlier.

“Two reasons, one this Pulse Death Cell is the device I created that takes a lot of power to stop the unevolved ones entering a 5m range of this device, just interferes with their cells, if they can feel the pain they will be screaming if they cells ripping apart,” Max said with a smile as if he is enjoying himself, but the real question as Kyle Sadie looked at Max with his smile of his that first time they saw him smiling like this.

“Max was it? What about the second reason?” Logan said as he remembers Brock called his name out.

“Second reason is simple, their different kind of zombie out there with the ability to control others of its kind, the most dangerous kind of evolved zombies is the one that leads them. I am right, mister zombie leader?” Max said as something with bright yellow eyes shines within the horde of the 100s of zombies.

As Max and the rest who saw this stopped what they doing, as the evolved zombies surrounded them.

“They not going to attack since its wavy of Brock strength, my bet is that 3m one is its strongest of its army, and want to threat or… just putting on a show? Intelligence! Not only the ability of the most dangerous but also, no wonder what it is doing!” Max said with a madly laughing, as he looked at the pair of yellow eyes.

As he looked behind himself seeing the 2m tall like the giant zombie without the red eyes and meter shorter, and other slim zombies as well behind them as they numbers not lot but to humans, they frightful just as individuals.

“What you laughing about!? We need to… ah?” Logan said as he looked at the group of other evolved zombies, as his heart rapidly beats with each beat deepen the fear in his heart.

“They not going to attack if they strongest was send flying by Brock’s hand, so the real question is why they not attacking? Simple that zombie within the coward watching us with those yellow eyes.” Max said as everyone looked deep into the horde of the flesh-eating monster as one within the darkness pair of bright yellow eyes deep in the darkness of the horde.

“You right…” Heath said as he looks into yellow light that shines within the horde that being stopped.

“Why is it watching us?” Virginia said with the AR-12 shotgun in his hands, pointed the gun at the horde.

“Not watching but observing us. It is watching our moves since Brock strength made it wavy and my device made it confusing, but that thing has intelligence, Kyle pop quiz! What is the most dangerous zombie of them all, one with intelligence or ability to control zombies?” Max said looking at Kyle that came along with him with the MP5 submachine gun in his hands.

“That… ah!” Kyle said as he figures out what Max meant.

“That is right, the most dangerous one is none, the real dangerous one is them together, intelligence as well ability to control them. It is learning how movements and that attack of the wall weren’t showing off with the giant zombie… I see its building an army of them, do you see any bodies of the dead soldiers of yours coming here?” Max turned his head to Logan.

“That… no, I haven’t.” Logan said as his widened eyes, as he did not realise another fatal fact, he only saw them being killed by the slim zombie, only them, not other zombies, they should be zombies other than the evolved ones.

Why is none of the infected by the bites of slim zombies here? Where are their bodies? Logan looked around behind the other evolved zombies find they way here, looking at the group of zombies heading they way but stopped behind the evolved zombies.

“Why are they keeping their distance? That is what you are thinking of, simple, the all purpose of this attack is to gain numbers, not lose them. The zombie with intelligence and the ability to control them, a bigger army? It already over 1,000 of you… so that means something that merely 1,000 zombies with other evolved zombies to boot with…  that major threat to towns… but not city is used as camp… that means they very big well-defended camp with a chance of other evolved humans, you too weak for attack with evolved humans!” Max said.

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