DE – 95

Within the middle of Loa, a young man with bandages around his arms and eyes as if hiding what lays under them, with his right hand holding onto the giant fist of the 3m zombie. As everyone here saw a man with the strength to able to stop the giant zombie might by himself.

Everyone wants to know who is this man that appeared out of nowhere, the man in front of them, with a strength to stop this being able to ram into the defences of the camp like if it a cakewalk.

Kyle looked at the man with the bandages as he seems to know that voice belongs to, but Kyle cannot recall who he is. On the other hand, Max looked at the young man in the bandages, as he smirks knowing who is he.

“Been a long time, Brock,” Max said as only Kyle is surprised since he is the only one there knows of him, as Sadie just heard of him but within the 2 months, she been with them not once she saw Brock.

“It has been a long time, catching up later now its time to fight them,” Brock said as he does the left hand of the giant zombie attack. With another smashed at the ground shaking the earth, Brock did not lose his footing like Logan did or sent flying by the shockwave.

Brock just looked at the giant zombie with the ground under him shaking as it seems no effect to him.

“Who are you?” Logan asked, with many questions he wants to know, is he human, is he an enemy or friend? All sorts of questions Logan wants to know as he is the not the only one, as Sadie and Virginia yet to know who Brock also has a similar question in mind.

With a roar that from the giant bald zombie as yet again pouched at Brock, as he just dodges to the side not minding the force of wind that able to push away a man few meters has no effect to him.

At this moment Brock also throws his own pouch as his right fist impacted into the chest of the giant zombie as the force of Brock’s fist pushed the giant zombie backwards as it flew back about 30m before crashing into the house and smashing a vast body of its own size into the wall of the house.

As the zombie only smashed into the house as whatever inside slow down how much got send flying.

“Hard to kill huh, Max how long is that beeping going to least, I can feel it going weaker,” Brock said as he looked or turn his face to Max who standing before the 100s zombie with the Pulse Death Cells device that stops the zombies entering.

“Interesting, well my guess about a minute until 342 zombies, yes I did count them before going here, but that only at Loa, Brock they about 879 in total, and the 537 outside of Loa.” Max with his grin as if what happening truly enjoying this. As he looked at Logan.

“What is it…?” Logan asked, with a group of unknown people with two people felt different to the people he met so far, Brock like a monster himself to able to sent something that size flying like nothing, and Max that gives off dangerous aura as if he is the most dangerous one here.

“You notice when you are fighting 3m, no less or more bang on 3m! zombie, did the other zombie interfere?” Max said as Logan and the few fighters came towards the wall same time Max and the other also saw Brock made that large zombie frying.

Logan’s eyes widen realising one fatal fact, they did not, the zombies horde did not come into the base only the giant zombie did, just when Brock came forward they match in but the Pulse Death Cell device stopped them or only the unevolved one, Max looked around seeing the slim zombies numbers near ten and other similar zombies of 2m tall zombie with the same features other than its red eyes from the 3m tall zombie.

“Why you guys not attacking? Zombies just mindless, unless.” Max figure out why they not attacking and why the hordes of zombies did not advance forward.

As Max looked at the horde with the device in his hand slowly losing the power of stopping the zombie from entering the camp.

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