DE – 94

With his body still stunned as Logan looked at the young boy, as he cannot tell what he is saying with the buzzing within his ears made by the shockwave from the fist of the giant zombie hit the ground.

With each shout from the young boy, Brett’s mouth, with no hearing Logan cannot tell what the young boy is shouting for. But as a shadow overcoat Logan, seeing the shadow alerted Logan. As he recalls how he went into this state, turning his head seeing the giant zombie high and mighty with as it red blood eyes locked on Logan.

With life flashes before Logan’s eyes, with the memories before the outbreak. His daughter he hopes to see once more within this world that the dead aims to kill you.

Brett cannot watch as the giant zombie once again raised its arm ready to completely smashed Logan on the spot like a bug, but suddenly someone with hood and bandages warped around his arms and eyes are at with his bit long black hair.

Brett sees this young man walking towards the 3m zombie with no fear. With a pebble in his hand warped in bandages, as the giant zombie about to hit Logan the man in the bandages threw the pebble in his right hand.

Pan! Went the little stone impacted into the wrist of the giant zombie as the giant hands failed to hit anything as the impact stopped the force of that swing from the giant zombie, as Logan’s eyes widen seeing something so fast hit the wrist of the giant zombie causing its hand to be pushback which cancels the attack of this mightiest thing in front of him.

Logan looked where Brett is at, as he did he sees the hooded man with the bandages around his eyes and hands.

The giant red eyes from the 3 meters tall zombie looked at the man with bandages before turning it face back to Logan. At this moment Logan legs that felt if they were stone as he cannot move before, with the sudden events of this bandaged young man with his black hair that can be seen under the hood.

At this time with the chaos of the camp that been built inside Loa is falling as the survivors still in the safe zone and well, but with the camp being overwhelmed by zombies heading inside or they should be. Which is why Logan too focuses to realise one fatal fact.

Where the rest of the zombies? What happen to the 100s heading this way, but as Logan looked at the hole that the 3m zombie broke through, standing at the gate with some kind of device in his hands with all of the zombies not daring to enter within 10m towards this young man with his messy brown hair and cig in his mouth with focus look looking at the swan of zombies with interest.

With his lab coat and two others by his side, one with the short body like 15 or so year older but his real age is different, and woman with blonde hair with also lab coat on same as the man with the device and the messy hair of his.

“Logan is everything alright?” Said the beautiful woman with the vest and camo pant she has on with her jet black long hair as she looked at Logan, Virginia she is with Max, Kyle as well Sadie as the four just outer of Loa as they heard of the gunfire and the battle, as Max for the first time tested his new device he created to interface with low level of Death Cells as the reason why 100s of zombies not able to get near the hole of the wall is due to the Pulse Death Cell Mark 2 device or PDC-II for short..

The only thing it does is to stop the zombie from entering the range of the device.

The device is the upgrade vision of the thing that stopped Brook rampage if the fire able to kill him or not is unsure.

Logan forgot for a second about one huge zombie trying to kill him but his eyes not only his but Max and the rest came along seeing the huge zombie did attack in their confusion but seeing the giant fist is held in place by the man in the bandages, all of them thought, who is he?

“Why not pick on someone your own size?” Said the very man with the bandages around his arms to his hand as well his eyes, said with the giant fist is block by him.


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