DE – 93

As the fighters cannot move their jelly-like legs, too afeard to move even muscle. As for Brett eyes meet with the giant zombie of 3m tall. Staring into the red crimson eyes of it, his desires of killing them all of taking his mother away from him, but seeing all that giant zombie his hope of revenge is getting lesser and lesser.

“Run!” Logan woke from his state of fear seeing something that not once thought they can get bigger than this.

But as Brett turns around to run, as a loud smashed as the walls that even metal of the car parts used in parts of the wall is nothing to the strength of the giant zombie with the strength that can easily break the wall of their hope and defence like pushing a pile of blocks down.

“Die monster!” One of the fighters said as the rest of them pointed they AR-15’s in their hands and open fire. With sounds of gunshots firing at the hard thick skin of its grey skin.

Logan stood there looking at the 5.56×45mm cartridges hit the giant zombie as none of the bullets able to damage the thick skin of this giant zombie.

With each step, it took with it naked body that has no man or woman parts just body with no hair and a muscly body. As it turns its head seeing the closest being is one of the fighters on the wall platform before it came out of nowhere.

With its giant body run with the ground shakes little around it with each step it takes running towards them, as the giant zombie speed is on pair with the average human running speed but wit the ground of few meters around its shock the ground making it hard for the fighter to run away without losing his footing.

“Aaarrrggghhh!” Went the fight as its giant zombie hand grabs and destroyed his left leg that it hold onto as the giant zombie threw the right by the leg with strength enough to throw him and smashed the fighter body which half of his body mesh into pieces due to due to the impact of him crashing into wall which also the wall also took damage with cracks appeared on the wall that has mesh fresh and blood stains the wall area as the fighter body fell to the ground.

“Monster!” As the fighters seen how the giant zombie kill one of their own like some play toy of its own, fear written within their hearts as they continue to fire their bullets at the giant zombies body but they all useless, as the impact of the bullets firing from the AR-15 completely outstood the blast of the storms of bullets.

With a body that able to take bullets like nothing, and strength that can rip them apart if they made of paper. Logan knew one thing nothing they got can kill something this monstrous as his eyes widen as the giant body of the zombie run at the fighters ramming into them smashing they bodies and staining the road they on with the blood and insides of the fighters.

Hell on earth, with redness of giant zombie coated in the blood of the fighters it just rams into them, as only a few of them left as Logan’s legs like stone not moving with his heart rapidly beats faster and faster with each step it took towards him, looking up at the red eyes.

With fear rapidly spreads to his body as his body seems to feel if it made of stone as Logan too afeard to move even inch. With the body that almost doubles in his own size looking down at Logan before it approached him as if some higher existence on a different level to the humans itself like a demon itself.

“Logan!” Shouted Brett as he not a far away from Logan and others, hiding from the giant monster, but with a sudden shout of Brett gain the huge thing attention as the red eyes looked at Brett before swinging its hands downwards at Logan is.

Logan falls the ground and roll right to dodges the large hands but due to the impact shockwave blast Logan few meters away from the giant zombie.

“Arr…” Went Logan with pains of his back and muscles throughout of his body as none of his bones broken but does not mean the attack just now did not damage him at all, as his muscles stun in the shockwave as it feels like they are sticking together and he pulling the glue out of his skin with every movement that how he felt.

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