DE – 92

With the two fighters dies by the claws of the slim zombies with their long nails and fangs as the teeth as they bite into the fighters remains, feasting upon their bodies.

As the slim zombies feast on the dead, Logan who still holding Brett’s hand, headed to the basement that should have the survivors within there.

As Logan arrives at the house, they used as a shelter for the survivors there, as Logan and Brett arrived at the place, looking at the three more slims zombies, as they hang from the rooftops of the house. As Logan sees the three zombies just observing their surroundings.

“Logan where the guards?” Brett asked, looking around the house with the basement where the slim zombie is at.

“I do not know, no I think where they went or gone to,” Logan said as sees the blood stains on the ground and one of the fighter’s limbs ripped off as Brett did not notice that as his eyes with hate locked on the slim zombies

WIth nothing, Logan can do to bring Brett to the safe zone if the very thing they trying to flee from is using the house rooftop to wait for prey to come.

“Stay quiet boy, we need to get out of here without the demons finding us.” With the experience of fighting this type of zombie before, as Logan knows it is the best to keep his distance from it, to not gain any attention to him or Brett.

With nod, Brett did not say anything, as he just took another look at the slim zombies before Brett himself head off with Logan still holding his hand not letting go of it, as he does not know what head might have in store for them. But to Logan he has, he must keep this boy alive even the cost of his life.

As they made some distance by using another home backyard to keep out of their sight, as Logan and Brett arrive at the other side of the house to a new road, with all of the sudden gunshots sounded, as the fighters at the wall near them are in hot waters with the horde now.

“Look here stay out of sight and hide and not no one in, I need to join my men… I am sorry I need to go.” As leader and commander of the fighters and the people who are under his care, he must be there with the battle of the horde even if this might be the end as they are a low chance of surviving this.

Panpanpanpan….! With the sound of the line of fighters with their AR-15 in their hands making storms of bullets hitting the zombies below, as bullets shoot the heads of the undead as new holes appear on their foreheads or side of their heads.

With not poor but skilled as soldiers as the fighter shows their gun skills, as the gunshots also gain the attention of the slim zombie, a fighter has to defend from outside and within as the slim zombies reducing their numbers.

“No good by this time they will break through the wall!” Said one of the fighters.

“Logan! What should we do at this rate they going to break through our defence!” Another fighter yells that as she panics what to do with the AR-15 in her hands.

“Leave towards the west wall we must gain their attention to lead them out of Loa as bait! Why are you still here? Someone bring this boy to a… huh?” Not just Logan stopped telling some to take Brett away with them, but within the horde sounds of something heavy coming to them, as Logan and the rest raise their heads towards the wall that taken damage on the overwhelming numbers of the zombies on the other side.

With the wall itself is 2.5m tall, enough to keep them out but soon Logan and the rest saw something they never thought will be within the massive horde of fresh eating monster known as zombies. With red eyes looked at them as it arrives by the wall with the bald head, with grey dead skin and horrifying muscly body with a height of 3m.

As all see its face and the neck to its shoulders that can be seen over the wall, Logan and rest felt if they not seeing a zombie that evolved but a real demon that raised from hell itself.

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