DE – 91

With step careful backwards Brett went as he sees the monster in front of him, as he did the slim zombie or demon the people of the camps called them.

“Kid you need to go into- demon!?” A young man who happens to be one of the survivors said, as he sees the slim zombie with its long nails of its and blood coated its mouth. With a roar of this zombie as it leapt at the young man as he tried to outrun the monster that excels in speed and agility.

As the zombie jumped on the young, with the memories of his mother replayed in his mind when the zombie feast on his mother, Brett remembers as the evolved slim zombie bites into the young man neck making a lake of blood from the leaks of the blood dripping onto the ground.

“Huff!” With a mouth full of blood flows from the young man mouth as he soon dies from the lost of blood.

Seeing this fear tries to grip Brett’s heart as he looked at the tent as he rushes towards the thing, as he did the slim zombie chased him to there.

Brett goes into the tent as he went to his sleeping bag bed, under there is a switch knife. Seeing the blade of the knife, as hatred of them taking his mother fills his heart as well fear, but seeing the shadow of the slim zombie outside of the tent with its long nails claws and the slim body fills the fear deeper into Brett’s heart.

Bang! The gun went with a headshot of the slim zombie that too focus on Brett tent is staying in. As the man with long hair and his S&W Model 66 revolver in his hands walking to the tent that Brett, seeing this Brett hides the knife on him as grownup only will take the blade from him.

“Anyone in there!” Brett realise who this voice belongs to, as this voice is Logan himself, as Brett opened the tent, peeking a look at Logan who is smiling seeing they’re a child in there.

“It’s not safe to be here, allow me to bring you to somewhere safe okay,” Logan said as he went on one knee to say that.

“I want to kill them! Please take me with you!” Brett honestly said how he felt, but Loga shakes his head.

“Its too dangerous boy, come before anymore… run!” Logan said as he notices they another slim zombie. As Logan honestly thought when he heard their horde of them coming here but to think these slim zombies came before the main force did. As Logan and the remaining fighters that still alive from the sudden attack of the slim zombies.

As Logan grabs Brett hands away from the tent as not one but two evolved zombies with their slim bodies and long nails growl at Logan and Brett.

“We need to run boy!” Logan said as he runs while holding Brett’s hand, as both of them run along the road they on within the camp, as they did the two slim zombies chased them but the speed that belongs to human is nothing to these zombies bodies that evolved base on agility.

“Leader?” Said one of the two fighters ahead with their AR-15’s in their hands, seeing the two slim zombies chasing their leader with one of the survivors, Brett.

“Leader we cover you, run!” Said one of the fighters as he opened fire at the slim zombie as it dodges the bullets but the automatic gun it is, even for this zombie it is impossible to avoid all of the attacks follows after it.

With the storms of bullets at the two slim zombies heading to them but even if one or two bullets able to hit its agile body it too late if the zombie ability of speed is 3 times faster than the average human with a slim body with the reflex that able to moves its body to dodges head-on attacks.

“Kuuhk…” The fighter went, as the fighter look down with the fingers of the slim roamed into the fighter’s neck with blood dripping from the slim zombie fingers onto the ground.

“You!” The other fighter by the other one side sees the slim zombie stabs the fingers into the other fighter, the heart of fear and hatred mix into the remaining fighter here, as he aims the AR-15 and open fire, with storm of bullets hit the slim zombie that too busy to take notice the other fighter here. But the other slim zombie did notice him.

With his gun firing at the same time the other slim zombie behind the fighter still alive bites into the other fighter neck causing the crimson red blood leaks down the fighter’s neck before dying due to the loss of blood.

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