DE – 90

Seeing the hundreds of zombies in front of his eyes, the fighter heart jump seeing they only less than an hour away from reaching Loa.

“This is bad! Really bad! I need to tell the leader!” Went the fighter with his heart rapidly beats with the number of ahead of him from where he stood on this handmade wall of theirs.

With the fighter run with his light clothes, with his only pants, boots and white vast on with the AR-15 assault rifle in his hands dashing towards to the house that Logan uses as a command post.

Upon arriving at the house, as the fighter enters but seeing the desk Logan normally is in is empty. The fighter run out of the house, as he sees another fighter like him guarding the inside of their camp.

“have you seen Logan!?” The fighter yelled as he is in a rush to tell Logan.

“I haven’t… what the rush?” The other fighter asked.

“Their sights of a huge horde of zombies heading here! I must find the Leader!” The fighter yelled that before he rushes of trying to find Logan once again.

As the news of the horde heading to their camp spread as yelling of the fighter made all of the people still in the camp aware of the threat heading their way to here.

But as humans are under the threat of death been to panic which by the time Logan and the rest went out to deal with Derick and Grant to come back to the camp in an uproar.

“We going to die!”

“Oh god, please save us!”

“We need to run before they get to us!”

With the chaos of the survivors within the camp yelling all that, as Logan about to speak until an older man within the survivors push one of the children down getting in his way with a bag of food from their supplies of the camp. As it is clear the child trying to stop this middle-aged man near his 50s to stop taking their only supplies for themselves.

“Move it kid, or I am going to kill you!” Said the middle-aged man madly with his widen eyes looked at the kid on the ground, as the kid with the messy blonde hair and his clear blue eyes looking at the man unforgiving, Brett Hale the boy name.

With the lost of his mother from the hands of the living dead and the fact he never known his father, Brett is only 12 years old, a survivor with so much hate towards the zombies took his mother his only family.

“You going to kill me, then do so bastard!” Brett with steel will said as he jumps himself to the middle-aged man before him.

“I told you I am going to kill you!” Said the middle man with his sanity clearly broken with the news of the horde near them.

But before the middle-aged man can pouch Brett in the face a hand grabs the middle-aged man wrist.

“Calm down, tell me what is going on here.” Logan the one stopped the middle-aged man from pouching Brett.

“Leader!?” Went the middle-aged man with his sweats down his forehead looking at Logan’s face.

“Leader there you!” Said one of the fighters as they rushed to Logan.

“Report what is going on,” Logan said.

“The guard at north wall reported a multi sighting of zombies heading this way!” The fighter said.

“What did you say? Send all of the survivors in any of the basement of the house with the supplies and hand full of the fighters inside to lock the door of the basements until a few days later or three knocks on the door, hurry!” Logan said.

As Brett heard that, his hatred of the zombies did not allow him to be locked away in the ground below for days to wait for like a sitting duck is not an option he is willing to take. As Brett ran away from Logan and head to one of the tents that the survivors used since they, not enough houses in the inner part of Loa for them to use.

As Brett run to the blueish green tent as he arrives there, what awaiting him were a slim being with long nails and fangs as teeth. With the evolved zombie that excels in agility, with blood dripping from its mouth as it looked at Brett with its white eyes of its.


Important Note

I am not posting DE (Death Era) for while, I am going to be busy this weekend and next week, which I am sorry! but new posts of DE will continue 20th of Aug. Thanks for reading! And hope you look forward to for newest post on the 20th!

And another thing, why not reread DE from the beginning it been about 8 months now I began DE and now there is 90 post of this story. Click here for DE – 1!

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