DE – 89

Outside of Loa, lays a white van with three people stood outside of the van looking at the town that once known as Loa.

“So much change within the 2 months since I last seen Loa.” Said Sadie, as she remembers her time when Loa wasn’t like it is now, with all had happened she not once felt homesick until now.

“Indeed, seems like people near 100 took over Loa as their camp, ideal with the land in the surroundings. But they are taking this era of death too lightly.” Max said the cig in his mouth looking ahead.

“Max, who is this Virginia person?” Kyle said.

“She is from the army, you see last month should be 3 companies of soldiers should be arriving along with other people since the lab is base as well a lab, but I only have you and the trainer here.”

In the last 2 months, Sadie took the role of Kyle and Max, a doctor which Max has a lot of knowledge of and a scientist as well. As Sadie does not really get it as her role as an assistant around the lab like Kyle but still training to learn things.

“Until yesterday I was sleeping in that state, and now I am awake. But I can’t do what that hoodie person did.” Heath said as he remembers of the hoodie man with the jumping power.

“Maybe it is different to each Evolved Human, as what is your ability is still unknown, cannot be helped since today is the day should be the day you do your tests to see what you capable of, so this is Virginia?”

Max said as he can see the black haired beauty with her vast on and the fact she has the AR-12 shotgun in her hands to tell that she a soldier other than the pants and the boots she is wearing, are the dog tags around her neck.

“I am Virginia Leon, Captain of the bravo company, I am the only member of my company sir,” Virginia said as she stood like a soldier towards Max.

“You know who I am before telling you my name huh?” Max find it interesting how come this woman with the similar age as Orlando knows who he is and the fact she of captain rank at such a young age as well.

“That is because we been informed about you and also your picture before setting off but with the infection of the zombies and the evolved ones many of my men were killed or turned into one of them. And as for other tow companies I had not heard of them since 3 weeks ago.” Virginia said.

“Explains it, what your orders now captain Virginia?” Max said with smoked of his cig.

“I am to wait for orders is I like to say, but with the amount of people I lost is a shame to be called a captain, the truth is I am on the run, we been here a lot sooner if it wasn’t for them… I am hoping you can tell me about the evolved zombie that has long arms also wings like a bat.” Serous Virginia said as she remembers of the horrifying exist of that zombie.

As Max heard that also his interest in this zombie he does not know of, as he put out of the cig.

“Tell me more of this zombie,” Max said.

“They like the ones with the long nails, but this one is also slim. They also have longer arms and no claws like them. But it has a very strong bite, it is very fast with the ability of flight with those bat-like wings… they came from the skies and killed my men, as we try to run it, but it keeps finding us.” Virginia said.

“I see so they can track which is indeed troublesome,” Max said as he expected to have some kind of smell they able to track or hearing of their prey. As it is hard to tell if he does not cut one open to see how it works.

After Max asked Virginia other details of this new kind of zombie they had, Max suddenly thought to himself that he must label these evolved zombies with names of their class since they going to be more than one of them at once.

As one of the fighters on the wall to keep a lookout with the AR-15 in his hands, looking down the sights of this gun, as his eyes widen, seeing the horde of hundreds in front of him heading to Loa.

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