DE – 88

“Wait! Let talk about this?” Panicking Derick is, seeing they no way out of this mess without trying to defend himself with lies.

“Shame is it, seeing a friend like that, no revenge?” Logan said as he pities Grant choosing this heartless and sly man as his friend.

“We not friends leader! He is the one that wanted to take over, I warned him! but he will not listen!” Trying to save his own behind Derick said.

“See this? This man sold his friend out for his own crimes, and you do not notice him, Derick?” Logan said as he pointed at one of his men, the fighter that been with Derick and Grant, the one informed Derick that about Virginia arriving at the camp.

“You? This is a trap?” Derick realizes since the beginning he was falling into their plans of getting rid of him.

But due to the shock of his plans failed, he failed to see the swing of the rod that smashed into the face of his.

“Huff!” Went Derick with blood coughed out from his mouth due to the impact of the rod smashing into his left side of the face.

“This is how you are going to lead us all? Being a leader is putting the well being of us all first no matter the cost!” With a kick in his fat belly, Derick yet again coughs another mouth full of blood. A soon afterwards Logan holds the steel rod in his hand before slashing at Derick.

“Arrhh! Arrgghhh!” Went Derick as the rod of steel beats him over his body.

“Shame, it truly is a shame to see this. A coward sly man like you never hopes to rule over us. kill him and his undead friend.” Logan said as he walks away from here.

“Yes, sir!” Went the fighters as they pull out knives as gunshots will make the survivors of the camp to notice them if they did notice them, they will begin to fear and doubt Logan rulership.

As the fighter dealt with Derick and Grant, they did not notice one of the rooftops near them is as a single man with his hood on, watching Logan and Derick since the beginning.

“Seems something he will find interesting huh.” Said the man in the hood as he just jumps down from the house he was on top of.

As it is clear he is not just a simple human, as such height is impossible not to be hurt or killed. However, the man in robes landed like nothing, as he did the surrounding zombies heard him as this is the outside of their camp.

“Oh dear, seems like they seen me huh?” Said the man as he just merely jump about height that inhumanly, and within 6m in the air and land on the head of the closest zombie with the boots smashed into the head of the zombie.

“Sorry my legs are the strongest part of this body of mine~,” Cheeky said, as he kicked one of the zombies in the head and cleared off its head.

With the smashed skull of the zombie parts blasted by the impact of the kick.

“Got to bounced!” The hooded man said as he jumps forward covering about 8m with one leap as he carried on this leaping getting away from the zombies and the town of Loa with speed as fast as a sports car.

As he failed to notice the white van with three people there just seen a human bouncing away.

“Is that…” Said the person with the hood like the hooded man, as this is Heath himself as just yesterday he wakes up from his sleeping state, as he, Sadie and Max just witnessed the hooded man.

“Now that is interesting others like you Heath,” Max said as he lit the cig in his right hand. As he knows this new era is just at the top of the iceberg tip, as humanity new challenge and the era that has everything to do with death itself just beginning as Max knows one thing they will be more than this to come.

In this world of death and new evolution, only time will reveal.

Back at the lab base within the room at the bath that Max put Brock in as such months past within the brackish water with the device attached to his mouth so he can breathe, Brock lays there with no clothes or anything to wear at all.

Naked Brock is as his body is not what it was before, as all of the sudden Brock as so different eyes opened.

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