DE – 87

“You too kind in this kind of world, you going to get yourself killed by this rate,” Virginia said as she lowers her gun.

“Hahaha, you not wrong about that, but if I lose hope, when I am no different to the people that just take from others without law to stop them. I believe this will be over sooner then we think, and will last only until they find a cure for them.”

Logan said as he does not know why they got infected and the fact he taking this too lightly.

“Like I say you too kind. I am going outside for a while since one of your men wants to over throne you came here.” Virginia said as she did, one of the fighters that was with the bald man came forward to Logan.

“Leader, he took the bait, what should we do with them two?” The fighter said the second one.

“Derick O’Donnell and Grant Barron they a threat to us, I will deal with them personally make sure Derick comes in after I deal with Grant first.” Logan said

Derick O’Donnell the tall bald fat man he is and the slim one is Grant Barron. As Logan said this his gentle eyes turned into an icy cold, with murderous intent in them.

Logan Carroll a man with a kind heart or all believe so, as that only one of his true selves, as his dark side revealed if anyone threats what he built they need to go away.




At the outer area of Loa at a farmhouse, Derick looked around the place that his friend Grant told him to meet him here.

“Where are you? Grant are you here? I am going if you not!” With MP5 in his hand. Derick pointed the gun at his left and right knowing outside of the camp is so dangerous.

Suddenly sounds of several men came forward with all armed with AR-15’s, as Logan the middleman of them, fighters and survivors that really fighters but hidden in case, as the numbers of fighters are really near 30 of their nearly 80 men group. These men knew of Logan second self.

“Fancy meeting you here mister Derick,” Logan said unlike the kind leader of them, Logan looked at Derick with his icy eyes which are different from the gentle gaze he has before.

Many people have different sides as no one is perfect in this kind of world and before the outbreak happens, as Logan is one of them. Gentleman to his own men that he gain trust with the ones under his command and the other him, the one Logan keeps locked within his heart, the darkness that many humans have, they dark desires or true self.

“Leader, what brings you all the way here?” Derick said, as his forehead sweats dropping down, dripping onto the ground.

As Derick, no idiot, as Logan must have the reason to here and the way he looks at him, like someone looking at a bug in their way.

“Derick, Derick. I am ashamed to hear what you been behind our backs. Who the ones saved you and your friend that time?” Logan said as he walks towards Derick.

“What you talking about leader!? I have deep respect for you!” Derick said as he is very sly when it comes to his own behind, as before and even now, as he just a sly person altogether.

But this did not work, Logan given his revolver of Smith & Weston Model 66 to one of his fighters as another of the fighter came long and with two steel robs. As Logan threw one of the rods near Derick.

“Pick it up and fight me, if you want this throne then kill me with this, if you do then new Loa is yours, then you be the leader you desired to be,” Logan said as Derick looked at the steel rod, as he notices the blood stains on it.

“Where Grant?” Derick asked, as Logan looked at one of his fighters and nodded at him before fighter pointed at the person ahead.

With chains pin down, with a wound in the chest that something stabbed him into the heart, as his white eyes and slim body, Grant he is, or now just any other zombie out there.

Seeing his closest friend is one of the monsters terrifies their very existence. Seeing this Derick turn his face to Logan that walking close to him with the rod in hand.

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