DE – 86

“I am sorry for the delay sir, may I ask the location of the base?” Virginia said.

[Location is kind of hard to say, you in Loa right?]

“That is right, sir,” Virginia said.

[How many of you?] Max said.

“Only me but Loa has over 50 people near 100 then 50 what I saw, they have a wall around the inner area of the base, as they are over 10 armed survivors, the leader of them seems to be Logan Carroll as I overheard,” Virginia said to Max as if Max rank is higher than hers for some reason.

[I see, I did not expect the town to take over so sooner than I expect, no matter, meet me outside of Loa, see for a white van, we talk more in person tomorrow. I have few things to do, over and out.] Max said, as Virginia turn off the radio device off, as she did, suddenly sounds of footsteps can be heard from behind the door.

With quick movements, Virginia quickly hid as the door of the house opened as it did three men walked in.

“You said there outsider here? Where is she?” Said the bald fat, tall man with his height of 186cm tall, as this man looks around the house where he stood not bothering moving.

“She is wearing army gear and even has a shotgun! Why did that bastard have to let an outsider in with a gun with her? You hear the people from Fremont attacked a random group of survivors, what if she one of them? They might be planning to take over our home!” Said the slim man with his short hair.

“Ah! Like I care where she from! You said she has a nice body and she beautiful right?  Why not have fun before sending her on her way?” Said the fat man to the fighter that was with  Logan before, as Virginia hears they objective of coming here.

Since the time of age men always fellow someone who has weapons but does not mean that stay quiet about it, as many seek to the throne, and be the one in control as the fat man is one of those, as he seeks to take over the camp and having aid of the others that are under him.

Seeing this Virginia sighed, it is obvious why they are here for. Looking at them from the placer she is hiding with the AR-12 in her grips.

The big guy is the leader of the three, and he is unpleased with how Logan handles things, and them two his followers, as they might be more than those three in this. And they plan is to kill her and tell the people of this new Loa that their leader is blood cold killer with no reason and adding raped on the top of it only deeper the iceberg for the greater effect of her death.

“Where the fuck is she? There no one here, fucking hell! We need her died for our plans to over throne that bastard!”

He said, as he soon left the room they are in, as Virginia knows this house, that she is in, is no longer a safe option as she turns on the radio hoping for help from the base she should be heading to.

As Virginia explain to Max on the radio about the event of those men coming for her life not long ago:[I see, I do not have the manpower to help you, however, if it outside of Loa, I can help you there. Looks like it is perfect time to test that out.]

Max said, as Virginia wanted to ask what he is testing out, but the radio sounded as someone from outside hear it, as the door opens, as Virginia leaps towards her AR-12 and pointed the shotgun at the door if need she willing to shot her way out of here.

As the door opened, Logan he is with a plate of food and carton of juices of his supplies. Looking at the black barrel of the AR-12 shotgun in her hands.

“I am not a threat,” Logan said as he places the plate with the juice carton on the ground with his hands up while walking backwards out of the house since Logan is kind-hearted which made him believed she must been through a lot, which he is not wrong on that.

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