DE – 96

“Why they not entering?” Logan said as his body still hurts from the shockwave from earlier.

“Two reasons, one this Pulse Death Cell is the device I created that takes a lot of power to stop the unevolved ones entering a 5m range of this device, just interferes with their cells, if they can feel the pain they will be screaming if they cells ripping apart,” Max said with a smile as if he is enjoying himself, but the real question as Kyle Sadie looked at Max with his smile of his that first time they saw him smiling like this.

“Max was it? What about the second reason?” Logan said as he remembers Brock called his name out.

“Second reason is simple, their different kind of zombie out there with the ability to control others of its kind, the most dangerous kind of evolved zombies is the one that leads them. I am right, mister zombie leader?” Max said as something with bright yellow eyes shines within the horde of the 100s of zombies.

As Max and the rest who saw this stopped what they doing, as the evolved zombies surrounded them.

“They not going to attack since its wavy of Brock strength, my bet is that 3m one is its strongest of its army, and want to threat or… just putting on a show? Intelligence! Not only the ability of the most dangerous but also, no wonder what it is doing!” Max said with a madly laughing, as he looked at the pair of yellow eyes.

As he looked behind himself seeing the 2m tall like the giant zombie without the red eyes and meter shorter, and other slim zombies as well behind them as they numbers not lot but to humans, they frightful just as individuals.

“What you laughing about!? We need to… ah?” Logan said as he looked at the group of other evolved zombies, as his heart rapidly beats with each beat deepen the fear in his heart.

“They not going to attack if they strongest was send flying by Brock’s hand, so the real question is why they not attacking? Simple that zombie within the coward watching us with those yellow eyes.” Max said as everyone looked deep into the horde of the flesh-eating monster as one within the darkness pair of bright yellow eyes deep in the darkness of the horde.

“You right…” Heath said as he looks into yellow light that shines within the horde that being stopped.

“Why is it watching us?” Virginia said with the AR-12 shotgun in his hands, pointed the gun at the horde.

“Not watching but observing us. It is watching our moves since Brock strength made it wavy and my device made it confusing, but that thing has intelligence, Kyle pop quiz! What is the most dangerous zombie of them all, one with intelligence or ability to control zombies?” Max said looking at Kyle that came along with him with the MP5 submachine gun in his hands.

“That… ah!” Kyle said as he figures out what Max meant.

“That is right, the most dangerous one is none, the real dangerous one is them together, intelligence as well ability to control them. It is learning how movements and that attack of the wall weren’t showing off with the giant zombie… I see its building an army of them, do you see any bodies of the dead soldiers of yours coming here?” Max turned his head to Logan.

“That… no, I haven’t.” Logan said as his widened eyes, as he did not realise another fatal fact, he only saw them being killed by the slim zombie, only them, not other zombies, they should be zombies other than the evolved ones.

Why is none of the infected by the bites of slim zombies here? Where are their bodies? Logan looked around behind the other evolved zombies find they way here, looking at the group of zombies heading they way but stopped behind the evolved zombies.

“Why are they keeping their distance? That is what you are thinking of, simple, the all purpose of this attack is to gain numbers, not lose them. The zombie with intelligence and the ability to control them, a bigger army? It already over 1,000 of you… so that means something that merely 1,000 zombies with other evolved zombies to boot with…  that major threat to towns… but not city is used as camp… that means they very big well-defended camp with a chance of other evolved humans, you too weak for attack with evolved humans!” Max said.

DE – 95

Within the middle of Loa, a young man with bandages around his arms and eyes as if hiding what lays under them, with his right hand holding onto the giant fist of the 3m zombie. As everyone here saw a man with the strength to able to stop the giant zombie might by himself.

Everyone wants to know who is this man that appeared out of nowhere, the man in front of them, with a strength to stop this being able to ram into the defences of the camp like if it a cakewalk.

Kyle looked at the man with the bandages as he seems to know that voice belongs to, but Kyle cannot recall who he is. On the other hand, Max looked at the young man in the bandages, as he smirks knowing who is he.

“Been a long time, Brock,” Max said as only Kyle is surprised since he is the only one there knows of him, as Sadie just heard of him but within the 2 months, she been with them not once she saw Brock.

“It has been a long time, catching up later now its time to fight them,” Brock said as he does the left hand of the giant zombie attack. With another smashed at the ground shaking the earth, Brock did not lose his footing like Logan did or sent flying by the shockwave.

Brock just looked at the giant zombie with the ground under him shaking as it seems no effect to him.

“Who are you?” Logan asked, with many questions he wants to know, is he human, is he an enemy or friend? All sorts of questions Logan wants to know as he is the not the only one, as Sadie and Virginia yet to know who Brock also has a similar question in mind.

With a roar that from the giant bald zombie as yet again pouched at Brock, as he just dodges to the side not minding the force of wind that able to push away a man few meters has no effect to him.

At this moment Brock also throws his own pouch as his right fist impacted into the chest of the giant zombie as the force of Brock’s fist pushed the giant zombie backwards as it flew back about 30m before crashing into the house and smashing a vast body of its own size into the wall of the house.

As the zombie only smashed into the house as whatever inside slow down how much got send flying.

“Hard to kill huh, Max how long is that beeping going to least, I can feel it going weaker,” Brock said as he looked or turn his face to Max who standing before the 100s zombie with the Pulse Death Cells device that stops the zombies entering.

“Interesting, well my guess about a minute until 342 zombies, yes I did count them before going here, but that only at Loa, Brock they about 879 in total, and the 537 outside of Loa.” Max with his grin as if what happening truly enjoying this. As he looked at Logan.

“What is it…?” Logan asked, with a group of unknown people with two people felt different to the people he met so far, Brock like a monster himself to able to sent something that size flying like nothing, and Max that gives off dangerous aura as if he is the most dangerous one here.

“You notice when you are fighting 3m, no less or more bang on 3m! zombie, did the other zombie interfere?” Max said as Logan and the few fighters came towards the wall same time Max and the other also saw Brock made that large zombie frying.

Logan’s eyes widen realising one fatal fact, they did not, the zombies horde did not come into the base only the giant zombie did, just when Brock came forward they match in but the Pulse Death Cell device stopped them or only the unevolved one, Max looked around seeing the slim zombies numbers near ten and other similar zombies of 2m tall zombie with the same features other than its red eyes from the 3m tall zombie.

“Why you guys not attacking? Zombies just mindless, unless.” Max figure out why they not attacking and why the hordes of zombies did not advance forward.

As Max looked at the horde with the device in his hand slowly losing the power of stopping the zombie from entering the camp.

DE – 94

With his body still stunned as Logan looked at the young boy, as he cannot tell what he is saying with the buzzing within his ears made by the shockwave from the fist of the giant zombie hit the ground.

With each shout from the young boy, Brett’s mouth, with no hearing Logan cannot tell what the young boy is shouting for. But as a shadow overcoat Logan, seeing the shadow alerted Logan. As he recalls how he went into this state, turning his head seeing the giant zombie high and mighty with as it red blood eyes locked on Logan.

With life flashes before Logan’s eyes, with the memories before the outbreak. His daughter he hopes to see once more within this world that the dead aims to kill you.

Brett cannot watch as the giant zombie once again raised its arm ready to completely smashed Logan on the spot like a bug, but suddenly someone with hood and bandages warped around his arms and eyes are at with his bit long black hair.

Brett sees this young man walking towards the 3m zombie with no fear. With a pebble in his hand warped in bandages, as the giant zombie about to hit Logan the man in the bandages threw the pebble in his right hand.

Pan! Went the little stone impacted into the wrist of the giant zombie as the giant hands failed to hit anything as the impact stopped the force of that swing from the giant zombie, as Logan’s eyes widen seeing something so fast hit the wrist of the giant zombie causing its hand to be pushback which cancels the attack of this mightiest thing in front of him.

Logan looked where Brett is at, as he did he sees the hooded man with the bandages around his eyes and hands.

The giant red eyes from the 3 meters tall zombie looked at the man with bandages before turning it face back to Logan. At this moment Logan legs that felt if they were stone as he cannot move before, with the sudden events of this bandaged young man with his black hair that can be seen under the hood.

At this time with the chaos of the camp that been built inside Loa is falling as the survivors still in the safe zone and well, but with the camp being overwhelmed by zombies heading inside or they should be. Which is why Logan too focuses to realise one fatal fact.

Where the rest of the zombies? What happen to the 100s heading this way, but as Logan looked at the hole that the 3m zombie broke through, standing at the gate with some kind of device in his hands with all of the zombies not daring to enter within 10m towards this young man with his messy brown hair and cig in his mouth with focus look looking at the swan of zombies with interest.

With his lab coat and two others by his side, one with the short body like 15 or so year older but his real age is different, and woman with blonde hair with also lab coat on same as the man with the device and the messy hair of his.

“Logan is everything alright?” Said the beautiful woman with the vest and camo pant she has on with her jet black long hair as she looked at Logan, Virginia she is with Max, Kyle as well Sadie as the four just outer of Loa as they heard of the gunfire and the battle, as Max for the first time tested his new device he created to interface with low level of Death Cells as the reason why 100s of zombies not able to get near the hole of the wall is due to the Pulse Death Cell Mark 2 device or PDC-II for short..

The only thing it does is to stop the zombie from entering the range of the device.

The device is the upgrade vision of the thing that stopped Brook rampage if the fire able to kill him or not is unsure.

Logan forgot for a second about one huge zombie trying to kill him but his eyes not only his but Max and the rest came along seeing the huge zombie did attack in their confusion but seeing the giant fist is held in place by the man in the bandages, all of them thought, who is he?

“Why not pick on someone your own size?” Said the very man with the bandages around his arms to his hand as well his eyes, said with the giant fist is block by him.


DE – 93

As the fighters cannot move their jelly-like legs, too afeard to move even muscle. As for Brett eyes meet with the giant zombie of 3m tall. Staring into the red crimson eyes of it, his desires of killing them all of taking his mother away from him, but seeing all that giant zombie his hope of revenge is getting lesser and lesser.

“Run!” Logan woke from his state of fear seeing something that not once thought they can get bigger than this.

But as Brett turns around to run, as a loud smashed as the walls that even metal of the car parts used in parts of the wall is nothing to the strength of the giant zombie with the strength that can easily break the wall of their hope and defence like pushing a pile of blocks down.

“Die monster!” One of the fighters said as the rest of them pointed they AR-15’s in their hands and open fire. With sounds of gunshots firing at the hard thick skin of its grey skin.

Logan stood there looking at the 5.56×45mm cartridges hit the giant zombie as none of the bullets able to damage the thick skin of this giant zombie.

With each step, it took with it naked body that has no man or woman parts just body with no hair and a muscly body. As it turns its head seeing the closest being is one of the fighters on the wall platform before it came out of nowhere.

With its giant body run with the ground shakes little around it with each step it takes running towards them, as the giant zombie speed is on pair with the average human running speed but wit the ground of few meters around its shock the ground making it hard for the fighter to run away without losing his footing.

“Aaarrrggghhh!” Went the fight as its giant zombie hand grabs and destroyed his left leg that it hold onto as the giant zombie threw the right by the leg with strength enough to throw him and smashed the fighter body which half of his body mesh into pieces due to due to the impact of him crashing into wall which also the wall also took damage with cracks appeared on the wall that has mesh fresh and blood stains the wall area as the fighter body fell to the ground.

“Monster!” As the fighters seen how the giant zombie kill one of their own like some play toy of its own, fear written within their hearts as they continue to fire their bullets at the giant zombies body but they all useless, as the impact of the bullets firing from the AR-15 completely outstood the blast of the storms of bullets.

With a body that able to take bullets like nothing, and strength that can rip them apart if they made of paper. Logan knew one thing nothing they got can kill something this monstrous as his eyes widen as the giant body of the zombie run at the fighters ramming into them smashing they bodies and staining the road they on with the blood and insides of the fighters.

Hell on earth, with redness of giant zombie coated in the blood of the fighters it just rams into them, as only a few of them left as Logan’s legs like stone not moving with his heart rapidly beats faster and faster with each step it took towards him, looking up at the red eyes.

With fear rapidly spreads to his body as his body seems to feel if it made of stone as Logan too afeard to move even inch. With the body that almost doubles in his own size looking down at Logan before it approached him as if some higher existence on a different level to the humans itself like a demon itself.

“Logan!” Shouted Brett as he not a far away from Logan and others, hiding from the giant monster, but with a sudden shout of Brett gain the huge thing attention as the red eyes looked at Brett before swinging its hands downwards at Logan is.

Logan falls the ground and roll right to dodges the large hands but due to the impact shockwave blast Logan few meters away from the giant zombie.

“Arr…” Went Logan with pains of his back and muscles throughout of his body as none of his bones broken but does not mean the attack just now did not damage him at all, as his muscles stun in the shockwave as it feels like they are sticking together and he pulling the glue out of his skin with every movement that how he felt.

DE – 92

With the two fighters dies by the claws of the slim zombies with their long nails and fangs as the teeth as they bite into the fighters remains, feasting upon their bodies.

As the slim zombies feast on the dead, Logan who still holding Brett’s hand, headed to the basement that should have the survivors within there.

As Logan arrives at the house, they used as a shelter for the survivors there, as Logan and Brett arrived at the place, looking at the three more slims zombies, as they hang from the rooftops of the house. As Logan sees the three zombies just observing their surroundings.

“Logan where the guards?” Brett asked, looking around the house with the basement where the slim zombie is at.

“I do not know, no I think where they went or gone to,” Logan said as sees the blood stains on the ground and one of the fighter’s limbs ripped off as Brett did not notice that as his eyes with hate locked on the slim zombies

WIth nothing, Logan can do to bring Brett to the safe zone if the very thing they trying to flee from is using the house rooftop to wait for prey to come.

“Stay quiet boy, we need to get out of here without the demons finding us.” With the experience of fighting this type of zombie before, as Logan knows it is the best to keep his distance from it, to not gain any attention to him or Brett.

With nod, Brett did not say anything, as he just took another look at the slim zombies before Brett himself head off with Logan still holding his hand not letting go of it, as he does not know what head might have in store for them. But to Logan he has, he must keep this boy alive even the cost of his life.

As they made some distance by using another home backyard to keep out of their sight, as Logan and Brett arrive at the other side of the house to a new road, with all of the sudden gunshots sounded, as the fighters at the wall near them are in hot waters with the horde now.

“Look here stay out of sight and hide and not no one in, I need to join my men… I am sorry I need to go.” As leader and commander of the fighters and the people who are under his care, he must be there with the battle of the horde even if this might be the end as they are a low chance of surviving this.

Panpanpanpan….! With the sound of the line of fighters with their AR-15 in their hands making storms of bullets hitting the zombies below, as bullets shoot the heads of the undead as new holes appear on their foreheads or side of their heads.

With not poor but skilled as soldiers as the fighter shows their gun skills, as the gunshots also gain the attention of the slim zombie, a fighter has to defend from outside and within as the slim zombies reducing their numbers.

“No good by this time they will break through the wall!” Said one of the fighters.

“Logan! What should we do at this rate they going to break through our defence!” Another fighter yells that as she panics what to do with the AR-15 in her hands.

“Leave towards the west wall we must gain their attention to lead them out of Loa as bait! Why are you still here? Someone bring this boy to a… huh?” Not just Logan stopped telling some to take Brett away with them, but within the horde sounds of something heavy coming to them, as Logan and the rest raise their heads towards the wall that taken damage on the overwhelming numbers of the zombies on the other side.

With the wall itself is 2.5m tall, enough to keep them out but soon Logan and the rest saw something they never thought will be within the massive horde of fresh eating monster known as zombies. With red eyes looked at them as it arrives by the wall with the bald head, with grey dead skin and horrifying muscly body with a height of 3m.

As all see its face and the neck to its shoulders that can be seen over the wall, Logan and rest felt if they not seeing a zombie that evolved but a real demon that raised from hell itself.

DE – 91

With step careful backwards Brett went as he sees the monster in front of him, as he did the slim zombie or demon the people of the camps called them.

“Kid you need to go into- demon!?” A young man who happens to be one of the survivors said, as he sees the slim zombie with its long nails of its and blood coated its mouth. With a roar of this zombie as it leapt at the young man as he tried to outrun the monster that excels in speed and agility.

As the zombie jumped on the young, with the memories of his mother replayed in his mind when the zombie feast on his mother, Brett remembers as the evolved slim zombie bites into the young man neck making a lake of blood from the leaks of the blood dripping onto the ground.

“Huff!” With a mouth full of blood flows from the young man mouth as he soon dies from the lost of blood.

Seeing this fear tries to grip Brett’s heart as he looked at the tent as he rushes towards the thing, as he did the slim zombie chased him to there.

Brett goes into the tent as he went to his sleeping bag bed, under there is a switch knife. Seeing the blade of the knife, as hatred of them taking his mother fills his heart as well fear, but seeing the shadow of the slim zombie outside of the tent with its long nails claws and the slim body fills the fear deeper into Brett’s heart.

Bang! The gun went with a headshot of the slim zombie that too focus on Brett tent is staying in. As the man with long hair and his S&W Model 66 revolver in his hands walking to the tent that Brett, seeing this Brett hides the knife on him as grownup only will take the blade from him.

“Anyone in there!” Brett realise who this voice belongs to, as this voice is Logan himself, as Brett opened the tent, peeking a look at Logan who is smiling seeing they’re a child in there.

“It’s not safe to be here, allow me to bring you to somewhere safe okay,” Logan said as he went on one knee to say that.

“I want to kill them! Please take me with you!” Brett honestly said how he felt, but Loga shakes his head.

“Its too dangerous boy, come before anymore… run!” Logan said as he notices they another slim zombie. As Logan honestly thought when he heard their horde of them coming here but to think these slim zombies came before the main force did. As Logan and the remaining fighters that still alive from the sudden attack of the slim zombies.

As Logan grabs Brett hands away from the tent as not one but two evolved zombies with their slim bodies and long nails growl at Logan and Brett.

“We need to run boy!” Logan said as he runs while holding Brett’s hand, as both of them run along the road they on within the camp, as they did the two slim zombies chased them but the speed that belongs to human is nothing to these zombies bodies that evolved base on agility.

“Leader?” Said one of the two fighters ahead with their AR-15’s in their hands, seeing the two slim zombies chasing their leader with one of the survivors, Brett.

“Leader we cover you, run!” Said one of the fighters as he opened fire at the slim zombie as it dodges the bullets but the automatic gun it is, even for this zombie it is impossible to avoid all of the attacks follows after it.

With the storms of bullets at the two slim zombies heading to them but even if one or two bullets able to hit its agile body it too late if the zombie ability of speed is 3 times faster than the average human with a slim body with the reflex that able to moves its body to dodges head-on attacks.

“Kuuhk…” The fighter went, as the fighter look down with the fingers of the slim roamed into the fighter’s neck with blood dripping from the slim zombie fingers onto the ground.

“You!” The other fighter by the other one side sees the slim zombie stabs the fingers into the other fighter, the heart of fear and hatred mix into the remaining fighter here, as he aims the AR-15 and open fire, with storm of bullets hit the slim zombie that too busy to take notice the other fighter here. But the other slim zombie did notice him.

With his gun firing at the same time the other slim zombie behind the fighter still alive bites into the other fighter neck causing the crimson red blood leaks down the fighter’s neck before dying due to the loss of blood.

DE – 90

Seeing the hundreds of zombies in front of his eyes, the fighter heart jump seeing they only less than an hour away from reaching Loa.

“This is bad! Really bad! I need to tell the leader!” Went the fighter with his heart rapidly beats with the number of ahead of him from where he stood on this handmade wall of theirs.

With the fighter run with his light clothes, with his only pants, boots and white vast on with the AR-15 assault rifle in his hands dashing towards to the house that Logan uses as a command post.

Upon arriving at the house, as the fighter enters but seeing the desk Logan normally is in is empty. The fighter run out of the house, as he sees another fighter like him guarding the inside of their camp.

“have you seen Logan!?” The fighter yelled as he is in a rush to tell Logan.

“I haven’t… what the rush?” The other fighter asked.

“Their sights of a huge horde of zombies heading here! I must find the Leader!” The fighter yelled that before he rushes of trying to find Logan once again.

As the news of the horde heading to their camp spread as yelling of the fighter made all of the people still in the camp aware of the threat heading their way to here.

But as humans are under the threat of death been to panic which by the time Logan and the rest went out to deal with Derick and Grant to come back to the camp in an uproar.

“We going to die!”

“Oh god, please save us!”

“We need to run before they get to us!”

With the chaos of the survivors within the camp yelling all that, as Logan about to speak until an older man within the survivors push one of the children down getting in his way with a bag of food from their supplies of the camp. As it is clear the child trying to stop this middle-aged man near his 50s to stop taking their only supplies for themselves.

“Move it kid, or I am going to kill you!” Said the middle-aged man madly with his widen eyes looked at the kid on the ground, as the kid with the messy blonde hair and his clear blue eyes looking at the man unforgiving, Brett Hale the boy name.

With the lost of his mother from the hands of the living dead and the fact he never known his father, Brett is only 12 years old, a survivor with so much hate towards the zombies took his mother his only family.

“You going to kill me, then do so bastard!” Brett with steel will said as he jumps himself to the middle-aged man before him.

“I told you I am going to kill you!” Said the middle man with his sanity clearly broken with the news of the horde near them.

But before the middle-aged man can pouch Brett in the face a hand grabs the middle-aged man wrist.

“Calm down, tell me what is going on here.” Logan the one stopped the middle-aged man from pouching Brett.

“Leader!?” Went the middle-aged man with his sweats down his forehead looking at Logan’s face.

“Leader there you!” Said one of the fighters as they rushed to Logan.

“Report what is going on,” Logan said.

“The guard at north wall reported a multi sighting of zombies heading this way!” The fighter said.

“What did you say? Send all of the survivors in any of the basement of the house with the supplies and hand full of the fighters inside to lock the door of the basements until a few days later or three knocks on the door, hurry!” Logan said.

As Brett heard that, his hatred of the zombies did not allow him to be locked away in the ground below for days to wait for like a sitting duck is not an option he is willing to take. As Brett ran away from Logan and head to one of the tents that the survivors used since they, not enough houses in the inner part of Loa for them to use.

As Brett run to the blueish green tent as he arrives there, what awaiting him were a slim being with long nails and fangs as teeth. With the evolved zombie that excels in agility, with blood dripping from its mouth as it looked at Brett with its white eyes of its.


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