DE – 85

“Max? Is there anyone here called Max?” Logan said, as he never heard of such name before.

“I do not think there is a Max in here.” Said the fighter.

“I see, intel says he should be in this town… if only I had a way to communicate with him…” Virginia said as she looks around the manmade wall, before turning around.

“Wait!” Logan said, as Virginia stopped and look behind herself.

“What is it?” Virginia said.

“This Max person might be dead, you still going to look for him? here is safe, least stay a night.” Logan said, which made Virginia wavy about Logan, as for why does he want her to stay for?

“Very well,” Virginia said as she did not let her guard down with Logan and his men, as she walked into their camp. Not knowing what might be within the walls of this inner part of Loa.

“Look pretty lady!” As Virginia and Logan and the two fighters from before all walk together they passed the children playing as one of them is little girl seeing how beautiful Virginia is got the noticed of the children and other people in the area around them to notice her.

“Is she a new member of our group?” Said old woman with snacks in her hands to hand out to the children.

“Soldier huh.” An old man whose happened to be a former soldier in his young days like Virginia is.

Looking at the people that do not seem afeard or frighten at all, she finds it odd how kind the people are, since the past 2 months she seen how horrifying humans in camps like this can be.

But it all count on the leader of the place, as Logan this camp of theirs leader views life highly and children to be safe in this world since he is a father himself does not want them to experience the cruelty of this world is.

“This is an empty house, you can stay here, at 1800 is dinner time we all eat at that time, I think it is corn soup and a slice of meat for anyone, they’re not much we can offer after all,” Logan said with a smile, as he opened the door of one of the houses that happen to be empty.

“1800 got it, is there a radio that working around here?” Virginia said as she needs to get in touch with this Max person is.

“I asked if any of the survivors might know.” Logan said as he looks at the fighter behind: “Can you bring our guest pillow and a cover before 2100.”

“Yes, sir!” The fighter said as he left. Logan and the remaining soldier that been following them since the office also went, as only Virginia left in the building they left for her.

Taking off her jacket on one of two couches in the living as she lay on the other one, looking at the ceiling with the AR-12 pumped action shotgun by her side rested by the couch.

Moments later Logan return by himself knocking on the door of his guest house.

“It’s you,” Virginia said when she opens the front door of the house seeing Logan there with a radio in hand.

“I asked around and seems to be one among the survivors, I hope you find that person,” Logan said as he passes the radio device over to Virginia, as she grabbed hold of the old style radio, as Virginia place the device on the table as Logan just nodded and went off since as the leader near 80 he always busy with duties of keeping them safe and protected.

“This is Captain Virginia Leon of bravo company, requesting the location of Max project lab-2. I repeat this is Captain Virginia Leon of bravo company, requesting the location of Max project lab-2.” Virginia said as she waits for the other side of the speaker on the radio to pick up. After she repeats the same lines of words about 30 minutes as she about to give up.

[Bravo company? Wasn’t you the guys that should be in the base about a month ago? Well, the breakout did happen earlier than expected.] The voice of the other side said, as Virginia’s eyes widen. As she quickly responded.

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