DE – 84

It has been 2 months since Heath, and the rest came to the lab like base. As much on the outside of the base has changed. At the town of Loa is a man what looks like he is 29 but he in reality 38 of age, Logan Carroll is his name with long hair of blonde and his green eyes, with a scar on his lip, and smile on his face looking at the crowd of people under him.

In the month and a half nearly 80 people under Logan leadership came to the farming town Loa for the purpose to build themselves a home, with the car and also use parts they gathered to make a wall around the inner of Loa, as the outer areas of Loa are still left not in his control.

But Logan knows it is necessary to have the safety of the non-fighters that numbered over 50 of them and his fighters risking their lives fighting the dead or other leaders of this wasteland unknown as America.

In the past 2 months law and order are now barely holding, there some parts of the US that have not fallen as the army is fighting, but they are failing with the existence of Evolved Zombies.

Zombies that cannot be explained by logic are faster, stronger, as it is only matter of time rest of the government over America to fall in their grips of mayhem and death.

At this time of life, Logan sits on his chair within one of the houses at Loa, as he looks at the papers of notes his men he sent out to the local towns around Loa.

“Fighter, is there any life in Lyman?”

“No, sir! There just zombies and demons.” Demons said the man as Logan face lower, the existed of evolved zombies are not known to them as they view the slim zombies and the giant bald ones and any other as demons, a monster among monsters known as zombies.

“Demons huh, better keep away from that town. Send 2 of our fighters to watch over the town from a distance with our sniper rifles since demons are the biggest threat if they come over here. and about Fremont?” Logan said.

“We did not come close to the town since they are many zombies in the surroundings, but they are people living there, but as the report says, they attacked a group of survivors fleeing from them.” The fighter said.

“People attack people, we should not be attacking each other…” Logan sighed, as he got up from his seat, and looked outside watching a few children playing tag.

“See this, this is the reason we making this town back on its feet, for the hopes of the people following us, we should not be making enemies with other fellow human beings, we should be standing as one. But the world is not as kind as the children see it as, but as grown-ups, it’s our duty to make should their have a future.” Logan said as he took out a picture of a young girl around the age of 12 or so, with the same hair colour as him.

Remembering the person in the picture, his daughter. Suddenly someone came to this office or the house he is using as his office and place to sleep at.

“Leader! They seem to be someone here at the gate, what should we do?” The fighter that came in said.

“Bring me to this visitor,” Logan said, as he and the two fighters in the room with him, all went to the gate of their camp they built within Loa.

Waiting outside of the camp is a young woman with her black hair and the AR-12 Pump Action Shotgun in her hands and theirs AR-15’s in the fighter’s hands at the gate, as they wait for Logan to arrive at their location.

Moments later Logan arrive at the gates with a Model 66 revolver his only weapon on him, as he walks towards the woman.

“Dear traveller, might I asked why you came here? Safe place, or is it for supplies? I am the one in charge, might I know who I am talking to?” Said Logan, as he looked at the woman with long hair of brown, with her clothes white vest with army green jacket and army pants, both strong and beautiful she is, as she notices Logan.

“Virginia Leon, I am here for someone named Max, this is Loa right?”

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