DE – 83

Soon they all in their own rooms unlike Max and Brock, as both of them in the lab, with one side of the room full of computers and table within the middle of the room while Brock lay on tap of the table, as Max himself at the table with the cloning machine of his.

“Cloning is an interesting thing, you know the word of clone came from ancient Greek, twig it means,” Max said with once very rare smile of his looking at the progress of the cloning machine put him in a delighted mood.

“The reason of twig refers to the progress of a new plant which they make twigs from the cells of the plant. Truly interesting, soon there pills of this will be made with the leftovers of Heath was it.” Max said.

“So what does the blood of his will help me killing him?” With no eyes to see and no arms to feel or lift, Brock who mostly been quiet, only Max he has been talking to, as he really did not care anything other than his vengeance for what the one took everything from him.

“It just one of the pieces for our gamble, I nearly got all of the requirements, just need more pure death cells,” Max said, as he walks to the door. Soon later the pills were done but the cloning still taking place, as Max drop off the pills to Orlando and Kiara.

After Orlando seen Max left, he looked at Heath: “You sure?”

“I am… I am feared if I do not do anything… I will die, I might just wake up from my cold, but with this thing in me, I feel… it is my duty for failing to be there for father last moments.” Heath always loved his father and older brother, he is lazy and coward but facing that slim zombie with insane speed and reactions, he realised if he stays like he is, he will die.

Humans will always to the most insane things for survived, they with pride that will not but those willing to throw their pride away. Which is why Heath willing to do this, as he injects himself the poison as Orlando hold Heath body close to him, as he did not know if he sure believes if the virus and Death Cells infusing really will evolve them to greater beings then humans.

“I follow afterwards if you do not come back after I kill him by lying…” Orlando said, as he is willing to die next to his little brother, as Sadie by the side with tears, she too afeard to take the virus blood pill just like Orlando put into his mouth and shallowed.

Heath body felt colder, but the speed of the poison is frightening as Heath only for a moment felt the cold of hell in his body before closing his eyes died.

“He’s gone…” Orlando said as he took notice he felt hot from taking the pill, as he felt sleepy, not long he has fallen to asleep. Looking at Heath face which is dead white.

Within the room, Kiara is in, on her bed she looked at the red blood pill of the virus, in her hand looking at it and moving the pill between her fingers.

“Fine, I play along,” Kiara said after thinking for a while, as she also swallowed the pill of the virus as soon later her body felt cold before she passes out.

None had known the door of the base been opened as Max went out but not longer than 2 hours he came back, as he carries black bin bag with him as he took them to his other lab that Brock is in.

“I gather everything for this, it is time,” Max said to Brock as he is naked in a bath.

“I am going to inject you with the activated Death Cells, and the virus, the liquid in the bath will keep your body fresh and healthy since I do not know how long you going to be in there, but remember this room is trapped with bomb as soon you get out of the bath will activate the timer of the bomb, push the red button to stop it.”

Max said as he injected Brock with two injections, as some special liquid will help his body as Brock wearing a mask to help him breathe in the bath of the yellowish water.

As Max knows if this goes wrong he will be putting everyone in the lab like base in danger which is why he did not tell them.

“Only time will show us what will you become my friend,” Max said as he smokes the cig while looking at the ceiling.

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