DE – 82

“What happens after they awake?” Orlando said as he looks at Max, with intent to kill if he dares to hurt Heath.

“Evolve humans, with inhuman abilities that beyond human understandings. Do not worry I only want his blood, not his life, after all that his own choice if he wants to become one.” Max said as he moves even if the double barrel shotgun is pointed at him.

“Fine… if you want it, you can take some… brother… where’s dad? He’s dead is he?” Heath knows his father is like Orlando, a family man that will not leave his family to harm unless that person is dead.

“That…” Since both him and Sadie did not tell him about their father death. Orlando lowered the shotgun and looked at the ceiling of the room, with his arm loose and his feelings of hopeless and failure. As he looked at Heath, words not need as Heath understands from his looks in his eyes.

“Max right… make me into one.” Heath said while holding his right arm with his left hand, with the fact of his father gone is not easy to accept, but the reality is always a hard thing to accept.

“Make you into what?” Max said, as he just simply looked at Heath.

“Into that evolve human,” Heath said, as both Orlando and Sadie heard him they eyes widen since they did not expect Heath to say that.

“What did you said?” Said Orlando.

“Father died, that slim zombie to fast! I am a coward! To live in this kind of the world!” Heath said with tears formed from his eyes, as they rain down his face.

“Heath this is more the reason to not take your life!” Orlando does not believe if someone dies with the virus after the flu or cold effects go away will be reborn as an Evolve Human if they died within the 30 hours of getting rid of the cold.

“When what should I do! I am weak; even you had trouble with the slim zombie! What if they not just them, what if there existed a zombie that bullets will not work on it! I am afeard… I really am!” Heath yelled as he slams his hands on the table. Looking at Max.

“I do it instead!” Orlando yelled as he looks at Max, as he knows his little brother is frightened of events that lately keep happening.

“Well, you can’t since you do not have the virus but if you drink little as a drop of your brother blood when you can be infected with the cell-virus,” Max said.

With the virus in question can be passed by having little as a drop but there another way for the virus can be passed on, however for a method on how the virus first came into existed is a mystery on its own.

As Orlando step side. Honestly allowing the injection in Max’s hand to draw out blood from Heath’s arm: “I am done, about you want to become an Evolved Human, honestly I only care about this blood of yours since it the only thing I cannot gather so easy.”

Max said as Heath hear ‘gather’ the first thing pop to his mind were what or why?

“What you going to do with the blood?” Kyle asked.

“I am going to clone it, do not worry. I also make two blood capsules in case.” Max said, as he did not look at Orlando but at Kiara, as he knows her personality properly will take the pill.

Before Max left the room he turns his face to Heath and gives him an injection: “The choice is yours this is poison, it will kill you without any pain and quick as well. Do whatever you wish.”

“Wait! Why did you have to-“ Before Orlando can finish what he going to say to Max, Max himself said: “I only gave him a choice, it’s up to him what he does.”

As Max left the room with the five just stay where they are, not moving, as Kyle the first to speak.

“Will the virus really change you into superhuman?” Kyle said as it is hard to believe if this is real or not.

“Maybe, maybe not, I do not know what to believe in anymore,” Kiara said, as she walked out of the room, leaving the four in there as she walks off to her own room, as the four got shown by Kyle their own rooms.

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