DE – 81

“What your name?” Max said to Heath as he walks to him.

“I am Heath Flowers… I am going to die are I?” After hearing his pupils are yellow. Heath heart race fast with the thought of fear, frighten if he going to die.

“Is there a way for him to live!?” Hearing Heath frightening said that, Sadie rushed to her brother side, as she looked at Max.

“He fine or more like the new cell like virus made him immune from those zombies infecting him or more like stopped from the Death Cells activation of the nonactive Death Cells in his body,” Max said as all of the people in the room they in fall silenced.

Max looked at the group and explained to them the progress of how to be infected by the zombies that they had to fight to the death with.

There are 2 ways for the Death Cells within their bodies can active, one is to die without having to destroy the brain. The other is to be infected with inactive Death Cells which the active cells awake the ones inactive and cause the host to die due to the side effect of the activating of the cells.

Max spend about 30 minutes explaining to them about the cells and what’s going on with the world.

After hearing this, the five sat down as Kyle and also Kiara for the first time heard about one fact.

America is not the only ones being infected by this. as none realise until now, order and law are just thing in the past.

Kiara and the others really did not know that meant unlike Orlando first hand experienced unorder and lawless before with his time with the army.

“You telling me, the world going into chaos and the undead, not our only enemy?” Orlando said.

“That is right,” Max said as he went to pick up his laptop and place it on the table within the middle of the room they in, as he turns it on.

“What you doing?” Kiara the one asked as Orlando about say the same thing.

“I need blood samples of his blood before the cell-virus goes away, he had not been up late, I need them before 30 hours since he awaked,” Max said as he gathered a needle injection.

“What you doing?” Orlando said as he pointed the shotgun in his hands at Max’s head, as Max did not move or felt fear with the gun aimed at his head blank range as not many able to feel at ease with a gun by they’re head.

“Look at the screen,” Max said as Orlando look behind himself seeing what on the computer, seeing a group of people with guns and stuff, from the looks of it survivors.

But moments later while walking, they stopped, more like something leapt at them more than one of them, seeing the familiar zombie the one bitten Heath’s arm. Seeing their slim bodies and their long nails of 3 inches, and their fangs attacking the survivors and killing them by ripping them apart.

Seeing the gore of the blood blurting out of the limbs and the flesh being ripped like paper. As these strange slim zombies eat their flesh.

“You said it jump at you no?” Max said as he remembers what Heath told him about a weird zombie leap at him and bite him as soon he meet Heath and the rest of them.

“I said that?” Heath said as he seems to not recall what he said not long ago.

“Why does his blood has to do with them?” Orlando as he seems to understand they must be a reason of having his brother blood.

“He still has the virus in him with that we can fight what yet has to come, this is just beginning, the tip of the iceberg. We need to kill them but there too many of them, and sorry to say they are evolving like the one you fought back at Loa.”

“That… why is this cold or virus is so important?” Kiara butted in, as she been on the side not interfering until now.

“Other then giving flu but it weakens the Death Cell t the point if you were bitten with the virus-like cells you will not be infected by the activated Death Cells. But that not all, if the person host of the virus died after recovering from the flu within those 30 hours, the Death Cells will activate with the virus still in the body which both the cells and the virus infused to together, causing the host to fall in a deep sleep for weeks or months.” Max said.

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