DE – 80

About 3o minutes as the five went into the lab like base. Seeing the white walls and floor it. Something so unreal as this left Orlando, Sadie and Heath in confusion as they first had to fight zombies and now they seem to be a base that only seen in the movies?

“Just what is this place?” Orlando asked.

“We just know it’s a lab but also a base…” Said Kyle.

“Why have I not heard of this?” As a soldier himself, Orlando never heard such place before.


“Even so where is this Max you speak of?” Said Heath hold his arm that been bitten on.

Kyle looks at Kiara as they also know what happens if someone is bitten by them. At this moment a young man with messy hair, as he looks at the three new people that came in the base.

“So this is what left of Loa?” Max said as he walks towards them.

“So you must be Max huh?” Orlando said as he became beware of Max seeing him this young.

“Only 3 huh… you infected?” Max said looking at Heath, as Heath’s face went pale as he did not know about it could be passed on.

Max said that as Orlando stood before Max and the other 2, as he grabs hold onto the double barrel shotgun. Ready if they tried to take Heath away from him, as he already lost someone, refuses to lose another person before him, least he wants to take his brother life by his own hands not an outsider of his family.

“I hear you know more about this than anyone.” Orlando said, looking at Max. As Max just smile as he looks at the ceiling.

“let me guess, is there a way to cure him? No, there none…?” Max realised that the time frame between then coming here from Loa town and here in the lab with the half hour waiting for him did not add up.

“Say did he got infected at the town?” Max said.

“That freak monster just bonce on me and too bite of mine…” Heath said as he looks at the bloodied cloth that is used to cover his wound.

“Bonce?” Max’s eyes widen, as he took something from his lab coat, a notebook of sort, as he looks at this pad.

“Again…” Max said as he put the pad back in his lab coat.

“Again?” Kyle asked seeing Max odd behaviour.

“No matter. Now then you been infected in the town yes?” Max asked.

“You know something about that slim zombie, tell me!” Orlando no fool and could read the lines that Max knew about this odd zombie.

“You not bother about your brother infected? No matter, just one question did you just recovered from some kind of cold?” Max asked, knowing something at mist with Heath wound.

“You know of the cold?” This time, not Orlando speak, but Sadie as she the one taking the most care of Heath being ill with the unknown cold.

“Let me look at your eyes,” Max said to Heath but as he walks towards heath, Orlando steps in front of Max.

“Ah? Fine here.” Max said as he passes a small flashlight to Orlando.

“What this?” Confusedly asked Orlando.

“A flashlight, look into his eyes, check if his pupil turns yellow,” Max said, as he knows this type of person is troublesome to deal with when it comes to they kin.

“Yellow? Heath I am going to check your eyes.” Orland sighed and said as he walks to Heath.

Heath did not say anything as he just let his brother see to his eyes, seeing the eyes under the light of the flashlight, as Orland looks into his eyes, but nothing is showing as Max said,.

“It takes about 10 secs or so for the yellow colour to show,” Max said watching Orlando and Heath.

“Is that so?” Orlando said as this time shine the light from the flashlight longer into Heath right eye as his black pupil slowly turning into yellow. Seeing this Orlando’s eyes widen as he looks at Max.

“What is this?” Orlando asked as Max smiles hearing the results.



Important Note

Thanks for reading this so far!

I am not posting any more until the 23rd of June, as this weekend and next week. The reason is I am going out so I will not likely be with access to my computer to do more, I am sorry and look forward to post 81 on the 23rd of June.

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