DE – 79

“Arrgghhh!” Went Heath feeling the burning pain that his flesh felt as the zombie bit into his arm.

“Get the fuck off him!” Orlando went as he pointed the double barrel shotgun at the slim zombie which speed is above theirs. Bang went the shotgun in Orlando’s hands, as the slim zombie knocked off from being on top of Heath. As the shot did not kill it, but it had pushed it off Heath which gives chance for Orlando to grab Heath.

“Brother… it hurts!” Heath said as he feels the flesh that is now gone burning like if someone is digging their fingers into the wound.

“Stay with me, we are getting out of here alive!” Orlando said as he knows what happens when someone is bitten but facing another member of his family going down the same path as his father just did. Orlando panic at the thought that he has no choice but to kill him before he will turns.

“What the hell you two doing?! Get in!” Awoke from the lost thoughts, Orlando turned around and see Kiara standing there with the UMP in her hands firing rounds at the huge horde. As the zombies come closer and closer to them.  As Orlando grab hold of the screaming Heath.

As he drags his brother to the van as the two got in. And the door shut loudly.

“Floor it!” Kiara said as she looks at Kyle who happens to be in the driver seat. As the bloody van pulls out of the dead bodies of the zombies they had killed before the rest of the horde could reach them.

“It was this many!” Kiara notices the number of them. Since she was fighting and too focus, Kiara did not see the fact they more meet the eye to their numbers.

“Yeah… we lucky that we made it out in time…” Kyle said as he next to Sadie in the shotgun seat. As Kiara and Orlando with Heath are at the back of the van.

“Now then, who are you two?” Orlando who is helping with Heath wound asked Kiara.

“We are, or were just students, but a lot happened, and we are doing that dick asked of us,” Kiara said remember of a certain bossy messy hair scientist.

“Dick?” Orland asked as he wants to know who they are and the person behind them.

“Max is she talking about, he is a man with a lot of mysteries about him, you find out. he knows more about what going on than anyone I know.” Kyle said.

“More going on? You mean he knows about it? This shit hole that is happening?” Said Orlando.

“he knows a lot since he and other been studying what this is, Death Cell he calls it, the things in our bodies that is infecting us. Also another two cells as well. He can tell you more about it once we make it back.” Kyle said as Orlando did not know why this Max is but looking at the bloody warped clothes that been ripped off to dress Heath wound.

But knowing someone knows what really going on now, might have hope to cure Heath. Of course, they also the chance he had no option to kill his own little brother. But Orlando is not willing to stop looking for an answer if there is one.

Soon the five reached the location of the entrance of the lab. As the five went out and hide the van.

“Where is this base of yours?” Orlando said as he looks around the place, but no sign of any doors or place looks like it could be a secret door. As the five came close to the base door within the rock, as the rock opened as the door within the giant rock revealed.

“….” Orlando looks at the door, as he did not know if he should think if he had lost it or the fact whoever behind Kiara and Kyle is not so simple.

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