DE – 78

With the body parts smashed or shattered across the ground while the bloodied white van parked not far from Orlando, as the door of the van opened as Kiara the first one dashing out of the van and open fire at the remaining zombies.

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan…

Went the UMP submachine gun in her hands, however only able to kill few of them with poor gun skills of hers. At this moment Kyle opened the door also opened fire with the MP9 submachine gun. Did a better job then Kiara with his skills in online gaming did paid off but compared to a soldier or well-trained man he did not do that well.

But the two cannot help it since this is their first time firing guns in their life.

Orlando stood by his sister and brother not aiming or anything with his double barrel shotgun, just watching the two people that came out of nowhere, with guns that can be brought in the county but not commonly seen on civilians such made Orlando wavery of Kiara and Kyle two people with such guns that are not soldiers seeing their skills with arms.

“How many are they?” Said Kiara seeing the horde of zombies ahead of them. With the number of people living in Loa and the surrounding towns and villages around Loa made up more numbers of them, as the group of five did not know the number they facing is over 200 of them as about 45 of them killed by the van and 21 of them by the firing of their weapons making more of them coming to their location.

To beat a force of 200 odd zombies is like a fairy-tale to the five, as one well-trained soldier and four not trained people have fewer odds of survival of living out of this, but they do have one hope the bloody van that Kiara and Kyle brought with them.

“Brother… what if we steal the van…?” Heath said as this time as he just awoke from his cold he been having for a while, as he looks at the van with the doors open.

“We can’t…” Sadie on the other hand, dislike the idea of having to steal for their survival. And Orlando more interested on why they helping, how did they get such weapons and what will they do after killing the zombies, but seeing the wave of the zombies that numbers over 200, he knows if he does not act soon he will be too late.

“What you three waiting for? We need to go! Huh?” Kiara said but stopped seeing the thin zombie with fangs and long 3 inched long nails with its moments seems odd.

But Kiara, not the only one seen this odd slim zombie, as Orlando sees it as well as realise the clothes as he knows this person but cannot recall his name.

“Who are you?” Orlando said to Kiara. As she turned her head and said: “I often think who I am lately, too much shit going on! We need to get out of here! …Kyle!”

Kyle heard Kiara, as he turns his head around to see behind him, seeing the bloodied mouth of the zombie fangs, slim body and claws, as it leapt into the air and aimed at Kyle.

“Ahh!” Kyle went as he got shocked seeing the odd zombie running and leaping at him as he got scared and falls to his knees. Human sometimes loses hope of seeing the impossible in front of them, as Kyle does not expect such a zombie as the zombie with the fangs and teeth miss Kyle by luck.

“Why is it so fast!?” Heath went as he cowardly said seeing the fast zombie.

“Shit! Get in before it gets us!” Orlando said but the speed of this different zombie is not something to take lightly, as Orlando fire the shotgun but the reactions of the zombie as fast as it speed and dodges the shells pieces hitting it, as one or two fragments of the shell shot did hit the zombie, but it is useless if it is not in the head.

“Brother help!” Said Heath said as the zombie aim at Heath, as it pins Heath to the ground as it about to bite Heath’s neck but out of reflex Heath guard himself with his arms up at his face as the mouth of the zombie bite into Heath arm taking a mouth full of flesh into its mouth.

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