DE – 77

Within the labs hidden underground near the town of Loa, a young man with messy hair looked at the young man on the bed with no arms, if someone removes his blindfolds can see no eyes as well.

“How life? No answer huh. Brock, I am here for something to ask. No more like a gamble as it could turn you into a monster. But the choice is yours, and I lack what I need to do that, for now.” Max said as he sits in the chair next to Brock whom been laying down, as wires in Brock body to feed him since he refuses to eat just lays there like a dead body with nothing, empty like the void his heart felt.

“I send them two out, we need numbers, and skilled humans in many areas like military, medical, and growing plants. We need to grow food and keep people safe in a place they call home, but I am useless in those areas. I am not good with people, never be able to stand before them. But what I need is a symbol. A symbol of hope, a will to fight. Kiara has that, but that only hope, not a sword.”

Max said as he sits up looking at Brock.

“There is a high chance that monster is still alive, the one that killed your blond haired friend and Renee.” As Max said that Brock moves his body facing Max.

“Is that true…?” First words after he been wounded like this, first words as his heart has no fear but full of darkness and hatred towards the ones took everything to him.

“Is he alive!” Shouted Brock, as even Max surprise seeing how Brock acted.

Anyone knew of Brock Wilson before the outbreak, they knew he is a kind man but also a lazy individual. But with the events of that night with parts of his body missing and his lover killed.

That kindness and lazy person of Brock is gone, smashed like glass replace with vengeance and hatred.

“What you say, want to take this gamble that could turn you into a monster?”

Max said with an evil smile of his as he knows hope is one thing but to survive in the world that iscoming, he needs a weapon, a sword.




Within the town of Loa, a van pulls up at the first house in the town.

“So, this is Loa? So, we just go house by house?” Kiara asked while holding a Heckler & Koch UMP submachine in her hands looking around the place.

“Hahaha… I never fire a gun before… yeah, Max wants us to see if anyone around or not and we must keep the labs a secret for now.” Kyle said looking at the MP9 submachine in their hands.

“But to think one place as this many guns, he really set on making an army, But I am, or I were… just a student. Ahh, is this my new life to roam around towns like these with this thing?” Said Kiara looking at the SMG in her hands, as she felt hopeless as she faces the house ahead of them but suddenly stopped hearing sounds of gunshots.

“Kiara is that…?” Kyle looking at ahead where the sounds of guns being fire off.

“Let go there!” Kiara said as she runs back to the van and Kyle also followed after her into the van.

As the van drove to the location of the sounds of firing from. As the van arrives a young man with short hair using a double barrel shotgun, blasting off heads of the incoming zombies as the sounds of this young man who happens to be there with two others with blonde hair as well.

“Too many of them! Heath, Sadie! Stay close to me! too many of them for opening is this most of the town people, shit!” With fear gripping his heart Orlando killed his way out of the building only to find out their horde of zombies waiting outside for them.

But Orlando’s eyes widen seeing a white object smashing into the horde of the zombies making the white van into white with red.

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