DE – 76

Orlando went to the building ahead as he went there and opened the door at this moment yell of a man is heard as he turns his head seeing a middle-aged man at his father’s car. Seeing the blood on him, and also the fact he knows what will happen if a zombie bites you.

When Orlando about to go back to reason with the man at the car, steps heard from behind him as he turns around only to see one of the zombies went out and tries to grabs him, but with the suddenly time frame and the fact Orlando focus wasn’t on inside of the building as he and the zombie falls to the ground.

“Damn…!” With the shotgun used to lift the zombie little away from Orlando’s face, as he looks at the white eyes of the zombie trying to bite him already.

“Let me in! You bitch!” Hearing the man at the car saying that, His heart rapidly beats a mix of anger and fear. As Orland kick the zombie off him, as he uses the shotgun stock and smashes it into the head of the zombie leaving it mesh brain matter onto the ground, as Orlando turn to see the car.

“Stay away!” Seeing how frighted his sister is, Orland run back to the car seeing the PPK pistol in the man hands.

“Stop there friend, or I fire my gun.” Said the man by the car of their father’s, as he notices Orlando rushing over to where he is, but stopped Orlando by threating his sister life seeing how angry he is coming to him.

“What you want?” Orlando stopped, as he still in range to use the shotgun short range but only be able to wound him since the shot has a low chance of killing him from their distance of each other.

“I want the car, give it, or she gets it!” The man said pointing the PPK at Sadie, Orlando look at the middle-aged man and then Sadie and his little brother before sighing.

“Sadie gets Heath out, you can wait for my brother and sister goes out right?” Orlando said seeing the middle-aged man face going paler as he nodded not removing his eyes from Orlando.

As Sadie carries out Heath from their father’s car, the middle-aged man race to the driver seat after Sadie and heath out of the car, as Orlando rushes to his bother and sister.

“We do not have time,” Orlando said that seeing the leaving car that the middle age man took.

“The staff room still keeps a storage of food inside?” Orlando said as he turns around to look at Sadie.

“That right, but we do not allow to enter there,” Sadie said.

“I am sure that no one will bother we that, I will carry Heath just keep close okay.” Orlando as the new head of the family of the Flowers.




At present. Kiara and Kyle woke up in the morning of the hot heat, but within the underground labs, it is cold and pleasant to be in and unreal to be in such a place.

“You two awake?” Max walks into the hall that seems to be a place to serve food, as he walks to the table them two at, as he sat cross Kiara and Kyle.

“Who said you can sit with us?” Said Kiara.

“Sorry I did not see any other empty seats then here,” Max said as he places the packed sandwich which defrosts last night for them to eat the next day.

“Empty seat? This fucking hall is full of them! It only the 3 of us in this damn place! And we not allowed to enter other floors then this since it passworded. Only this place and our rooms have no code to access to!” Kiara shouted.

With the tables within this room goes over 300 people able to sit in at once as the hall is grand and big showing whoever built it is no average person.

“Now now.” As Kyle tries to calm down Kiara before she bites Max head off but as it seems Max on purpose pisses off Kiara.

“Enough playing around it is time for you two to follow me to the armoury,” Max said.

“This place has an armoury?” Kiara asked.

“Of course, it does, how else we going to fight to survive?” Max said as the lift took them to one of the floors, as the door open both Kiara and Kyle eyes open seeing the weapons within.

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