DE – 75

Smoke coming out of the double barrel shotgun, Orlando look at the body of Ari for a second before he pointed the remaining round of the shell in the shotgun and blew off the head of the other zombie.

“Looks like they more of you guys?” Orlando said as he reloads the shells into the barrels, as he points the shotgun at the zombies that happen to be here.

Bang! Bang! Went Orland as he reloads and repeats and repeats until 9 of them shot in the head by Orland, as he looks around before he bid his father body farewell.

“Sadie, it is time to move out.” Said Orlando as he opens the house door and stays facing outwards to see if any more of them will come this way.

“How is he?” Orlando asked seeing the sleeping Heath in the wheelchair.

“He just fell to sleep. Where we are going?” Said Sadie.

“We are leaving but before that they still one person we need before we leave here, I go get dad car… the car, so run back in if you see anyone.” Said with a serious look as he walks off and heads to the car that is parked next to the house, as Orlando use the keys. Ari has a bad habit of leaving his keys anywhere as Orlando takes them before he loses them, as he went in the car which is blue as the sea in colour and has five seats.

As Orlando drove towards his bother and sister: “I get Heath in just fold the wheelchair and put it at the back will you.” Orlando said as he goes out of the car heading towards them.

“Okay!” Sadie said as she well known what that first gunshot meant, as she looks at the place where the guns went off, seeing one of the bodies has the same kind of clothes as her father, fear, and other emotions fuse within her. She knows they no hope of, saving her father but she felt useless that she cannot do anything.

“Sadie, it time to go.” Orlando went back seeing the standing still Sadie and where she is looking at. As he understands how she is feeling since he also feeling hopeless since he had no choice to finish off his father.

As the three drove to a building within Loa Town, as they did not leave the town yet, as Orlando went out of the car.

“Dwight! Dwight! Are you here!” Said Orlando.

Dwight Bowler is an old friend of Orlando, as the two grow up together like brothers and both came from the same town Loa.

“Is he not here? Or…” As Orland said as he thinks if the zombies got to him or if he manages to flee the town safety.

As Orlando look at the building head and turn his head towards the car that Sadie and Heath are at: “They sure be fine if they stay in the car. I only have a quick peep in, that all.”

Orland went to the building as Sadie notice this, as she knows that it is not safe outside of the car, as she stays in looking at the peaceful Heath sleeping.

“I wish you be well soon, Heath,” Sadie said, as she looks up. Seeing the bloody hand on the window as a young man with a wound on his neck as his right hand holding on the wound trying to stop it bleeding and his other hand on the car.

“Please let me in! I am wounded I need a hospital! Those things bite…” Said the man with the blood is dripping onto the car window, as Sadie sees this her heart rapid seeing the reddens of the blood.

“I… sorry…” However no matter how much Sadie wants to help she first hand seen someone bitten turned from her workplace. Remembering her co-workers dead one by one as she the only one survive since they were older and only got that job thanks to her father and the owner knowing each other.

“Let me in! You bitch!” Said the man as he bangs onto the window, as when human face with the danger they always those show they true colours to survive.

“Stay away!” Sadie said as her eyes widen as the man pull out a Walther PPK as Sadie sees the gun she is faced with her breathing get higher knowing a window between her and bullet from the PPK will not withstand the force.

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