DE – 74

“Dad slap out of it!” Orlando shouted at his father Ari yet again, but his father just will not listen, as Ari just keep moving onwards towards Orlando.

With each step Ari and the other man drag they’re bodies towards Orlando, he may face reality mitlra training by the army, but his guts tell him to not fight barehanded with the injured man and his father.

To knock sense into Ari his father. But seeing the blood dripping onto the ground, Orlando cannot understand why his father does not respond to him, or the fact he trying to attack him.

“I need some kind of weapon… huh?” Looking at his yard at the Barbecue, seeing the knife his father left yesterday when they use the kitchen knife to cut the meat in pieces before barbecuing it.

As Orlando ran towards the barbecue, as he picks the knife up and look at Ari and the injured man, but as far as he was too focused on what in front of him. his eyes widen seeing also hearing at their neighbour house, a woman screams as her bloody hand stains the window of hers glass door of her home.


Another scream heard Orlando’s heart beats with fear of seeing more of them like the injured man eating and attacking people in the town like monsters.

“What the fuck is going on! Wait…” Recalling the time he and his fellow soldiers all went and watched this horror, a zombie horror. Seeing this Orlando began to breathe heavy.

“Hahaha… this can’t be true, right dad? There no such thing as zombies!” The cruel reality. Seeing the unbelieving in front of him, how can he handle this? But he soon slaps out of it.

“Brother!” Seeing in the distance, as Sadie just went to do her part-time job. But suddenly the town went crazy as people attacking people as she ran home seeking help from her brother and father.

“Sadia? Sadie stay there, I am coming!” As Orlando took one last look at Ari before rushing off to Sadie. With his trained body he soon covers the distance to reach Sadie without bumping into any of them, as he did not want to believe but he has to face the reality what they are.

“Orlando, what about father? Orlando?” As he drags his sister long to their house as Sadie asked him a question, but Orlando did not say anything, just carry on. Towards their house they protection is his duty as the oldest and now the man of the house.

“What about father! He still out there!” Sadie shouted.

“He gone.” Orland said as he turns around.

“What you mean, isn’t he just there?” Sadie asked.

“That not him, he is one of them! Sadie, listen father is dead. That freak killed him and now is one of them. He will attack you as he did to me.” Orlando faced facts to his little sister.

“Father is not like that, you know that the most what he is like!”

Orlando knew his sister will not face the fact her father is one of them people that chased her out of her workplace.

“Sadie! Get Heath in grandfather wheelchair. We need to go..” Said Orlando as he did not save any time to allow his sister to relay as he walks off towards the back room, as he arrives there he looks at the wall, and the hung up double barrel shotgun. As he wants and pick it from the wall and want to the safe behind the picture hung on another wall as he saw the safe and entered the pin to open it.

Only him and Ari knew of the code of the safe in the family as Sadie and Orlando not allowed to know.

“Enough for a while,” Orlando said, as he put two shells into the barrels of the gun.

Moments later Sadie manages to help the unwell Heath down the stairs into the wheelchair, as she helped Heath into the chair.

“Sadie wait here.” Said Orlando.

“Where you going?” Sadie asked.

“I am sending peace to our father soul stay here.”

Orland said as he walks outside of the house seeing his father and the other zombie here on the yard endless trying to find a way in.

“Rest in peace, father.”


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