DE – 73

With each bang on the door full the two, Sadie and Orlando heart with fear remembering the chaos on the day they first came.




With the busy little town Loa, as this is the day of the outbreak. Outside of one Loa’s houses, as the house belongs to the Flowers family. As it been two weeks Orland been home as he sat on the yawn of their house with his father, with his beard he has that is grey, and his wise gaze look at the red car driving past as he waves at the person in the car as it seems he knows that person.

His name is, Ari Flowers. As he looks at his son Orlando: “Seems like another fine day, another week and you be back to the army my son.”

“I be back alive, father like I am going to die then sis alone and not married and seeing my little brother back and well, I am not going to leave them behind,” Orlando said.

“Hahaha. Well said! I know you be back you my son! Well us town folks going to miss a hero like you. But remember well cheering you and the army to defend us folks. As for Heath, he not the only one in town looks like something going around and infecting certain people.” Ari said as he sighed.

“Father, he be back to his annoying self.” Said Orlando in a joking manner.

“Ah, might send him to the army, might do that lazy ass some good!” As Ari laughs, as his eyes looked serious at Orlando.

“Father that look…” Said Orlando as the oldest he the closest to his father as his mother died long ago.

“I feel something wrong today my son, some storm coming and a lot of shit going to rude all, this feeling when was the last time I felt this, at that time with the army at that war…” Said Ari, remembering the war he fought and the feeling he got before the enemy came and warped most of his unit down like living hell that day felt like to Ari Flowers.

“I remember when I was little when mom and I waited for you to return.” Said Orlando. As he looks at the hot sky as he warps his sweat off his forehead.

“Indeed I remember the times I cannot wait to have any time off to meet you and your mother, shame she cannot see how much you grow my son. Now then I think the weather is getting to my head time to head in?”

Ari said as he looks at the road, a person with tattered clothes, blood leaking from his forehead, as Ari and Orlando both ran to this person that injured.

“Hi mate, what happened to you? Orlando go inside and get the first aid kit! Now!” Ari shouted as he went to the injured man.

But as Orlando halfway to the house, he stopped as he hears his father screams, as Orlando turns around seeing the injured person biting into Ari left shoulder, with blood drops onto the ground, as Orland froze for few second before he dashed at the injured man.

“Let go of him!” With a dive, Orlando leaps at the injured man and pin him to the ground. As Orland sees the white his white eyes and trying to bite him and break free at the same time. Orlando then looks at his father that on the ground bleeding out.

“No, dad! No, do not die!” Said Orlando, but he is too late as Ari Flowers took his last breath.

“I am going to kill you!” Said Orlando as he stood up seeing it has got up from the ground, with close militia combat he sends a kick at the injured man chest knocking on the ground, as Orlando about to bounce at him.

Seeing the person, he knows all of his life, stood up with his white eyes and blood still leaking from his left shoulder that one can look at the bones of his. Ari Flowers look at his son: “Father? Father!?”

As Ari moved out in the same manner as the injured man, as Ari grabs hold of Orlando: “What you doing!? Dad, it’s me! it’s me dammit!” But no matter what he said, Ari just groans before trying to attack Orlando.

As Orland pushed Ari making some distance between him and his father and the other guy. With fear of not understanding what going on, and the fact his father odd behaviour makes him more confuse what is going here. As Orlando took a deep breath.


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