DE – 71

“How long it been.” Said the beautiful young woman with her long black hair and vast she is wearing with her loose bottoms of hers with a wooden bat in her hands. As the beauty, Kiara Hinton looked at outside of the van window, as the young lad that age can be mistaken by his looks, with his glasses and t-shirt he has on just plain white as the one he had before had blood on it. Ben Shonrock.

“I am surprised for you to know how to do such treatment,” Ben said to Max who is driving the van.

“No big deal, is he awake? It hard to tell with him.” Max with his same messy hair said, as the young man at the back of the van with all of the boxes, as he just lay there, with his arms gone and eyes also the same, Brock Wilson.

With the last of his limbs and his eyes wasn’t the biggest impact on this poor youth heart, as the memories of Renee being killed in front of him and him not able to do anything, as the last six days the gang travel the roads of America, as Brock did not eat anything on the way as Kiara forcedly made him drink once in a while, but as for food in the last 3 days the four had nothing at all.

“I kill for a bite!” Said Kiara, as she looked outside.

“We near the backup lab, why did they had to build it near of nowhere!” Said Max as the heat getting to him, as the four at Utah, as the four droves from county to county to they arrive near a town at the called Loa.

Being at Wayne County, in Utah state, known for the western lifestyle and the heat of the weather. As Max got no idea why they would build him another lab in this kind of place. Truthy it also ideal since no one expects there going to be a lab at this place.

Arriving at the Fremont River, a hidden place, as the three went out of the van.

“We here right?” Said, Ben, as he cannot see a lab in sight.

“It is hidden, I requested it to be after all.” Said, Max, as he walks and stops by the bay of the river: “See the door? Just hidden behind these rocks, you see the team added the rocks, as it is unmovable, and the zombies will think it is a rock, but the truth is.”

As Max place his hand and the part where his hand on the rock lit blue as if it scanned Max’s hand.

As the rock opened revealing a door within the rock: “The door is this.” Max said with a light smile.

“Can you bring him in as well and the stuff, I got a security thing to do.” Said Max, as Max went to through the door of the hidden lab.

“Who died and made him boss?” Said Kiara.

“Come on, he knows more what is going on than most do.” Said Ben, as he tries to calm Kiara down.

As an hour passed as Ben and Kiara carried the boxes also Brock to the base of the lab.

“You okay?” Said Ben, as Brock just move his head to the right towards Ben a little. But did not say anything, never since the event with Brook and Renee. Brock did not say a word to anyone.

“Leave him, he been through a lot, and if it wasn’t Max medical knowledge, he be dead long ago.” Said Kiara, as she knew how it feels since she lost both her best friend and the person she once loved. She knows how hard it for Brock, to lose his limbs and sight as well his girlfriend as well. The last few days felt if he were in hell.

“How long you two going to wait at the entrance? Come on help me put this stuff away, and Ben help Brock in one of the rooms here, there few rooms with beds.” Max said that as the big double door opens.

“Just how big is this place?” Said Kiara seeing they are just at the entrance.

“Let find out, this place cost 800 to make.” Said Max.

“$800,000!” Said Ben.

“No, £800,000,000 or it about over billion dollars since it that man who owns this building. After all, this place is a lab but also a base, an HQ for the fight for humanity.” Said Max.

Said Max as he walks on the grand white hallway, as the backer of Max is no simple man, as Kiara and Ben cannot believe what they just entered or what this place meant to be, the foothold on the fight of the dead and the new era of death, Death Era.



Important note:

I know I say I took little time off not more than I said, as I did leave in the ‘Notice!!’ why I was not here for a while, I am sorry for the delay! I have been ill, really ill that I spent about a week in the hospital and been to the doctors and such the last few weeks thanks to that I missed my exams and behind a lot of college work… I am still off with my leg state it is in.

Another thing, I as posting Mondays and Fridays but now I am posting a new post for farther notice every 2 days since I got a lot of time on my hands waiting for my leg to heal and expected to take months they say… already been near a month.

Thanks for reading!




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