DE – 70

“AArrgghhh!” With Brook thumb in Brock right eye, with the blaming hellish pain in his right eye, as he no longer able see anything from that eye anymore.

“Brock!” Seeing Brock right eye bleeding small lake onto the ground. As Renee rushes towards Brock as her heart rate increases faster and faster with fear and worry seeing Brock like that.

“Do not go!” Went Kiara noticing the evil smile on Brook’s face. But it is no use, as Renee has one thing on her mind, and that is Brock is hurt.

“Stay away… Renee.” Said, Brock, as he notices Renee coming towards him, as she about to reached to Brock, Brook appeared behind her.

“Where do you think you going?” Said, Brook, as he places his hands on her head and twists it. Seeing how Brook just twists Renee neck like nothing. As both Kiara and Kyle are speechless, as Brock himself saw this with his remaining eye. A void came to his heart and rage as well.

“You!” Went Brock as he got up with his bloody right eye of his, as he looks at Brook with his remaining left eye of his.

“What? What with that look huh?” Brook said with an evil grin on his face. As he slowly towards Brock, as this moment Max left the room there them lot are in, as he went somewhere within the lab itself with the flames getting worse with the passing time.

“Where did I put that thing… here it is.” Max said as he picked up a phone like a device. “This is useless to zombies but if I am right, he not the average zombie.”

Max said, back where Brook is at with Brock and Kiara as well Kyle the only ones remaining as Don and Renee killed by Brook’s hands.

“Ahh!” Went Brock as he picks up the wooden bat as he swings at Brook with rage full his empty heart of his. But as the bat swings Brook easily grab onto the base of the bat as if it nothing at all.

“What if I got hurt if you keep swinging this around!” Brook said with widen smile as he grabs onto Brock left arm and crushing his arm until Brock’s left arm ripped off.

“Aaarrrggghhh!!” Went Brock, first his right eye and now his left arm been taken from him by the person he hates the most in the world.

“What with that look? And why you two not moving?” Brook said as he sees the frighten Kiara and Kyle, even the strong-willed Kiara cannot handle the terror that is happening in front of her.

“Time for your other arm!” With a sinisterly smile, Brook grabs Brook right arm, and also crushed and ripped off the arm, as Brock felt unbearable pain from his arms and his right eye, as his left soon afterwards met some fate with a thumb drive into it.

Fear and terror full the air, as Kiara and Kyle both loss meaning, as they fall to their knees and wait for their turn.

Humans always fear the unknown, it is a very known fact. As they even run away but if they feel if running away is impossible they will wait for their end. Only those with a strong will or twisted will like Brock has now, able change their fate. But even the strong-willed will fall into despair.

“Time to end mine fun, you agree?” Brook said as he grabs Brock.

“I do not think so. Turn on” Said, Max, as he went back as fast he could to only find Brock arms and eyes missing and Renee also now dead, as Max turns on the phone like device. As sound which is like zzcc… came from the phone like device, as it rings Brook’s eyes widen, as he let Brock go.

“What is this!” Yelled, Brook as the sound that is coming from the device Max is holding is too much for him to handle.

“We do not have much time left! Grab him and seal his bleeding before putting him in the van! Max’s voice sounded as it waked Kyle and Kiara from their state they were in.

As Kyle and Kiara quickly went to Brock and carry him between them to the van at the back. With flames already reached over half of the lab. Max stood there looking at Brook as he is in pain.

“I wonder if fire will kill you,” Max said as he walked off.

Within the sea of flames as the zombies nearby also notices the flames as they slowly went to the fire, as the van at the back drove out of the garden to the car park and head out of the college. As Brook himself lay in the sea of flames, soon open his eyes within the fire.


Important note:

Due to all of the exams happening next week I will not be posting any next week.

Thanks for reading!

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