DE – 69

Looking at Brook bloody hand out of Don body, with his eyes slowly losing life with a hand popping out of his body.

“Bro…?” With the hand, out of his abdomen with the pain that is burning and cold, with the hole in his belly left by Brook white hand which is now covered in blood.

“Don!” Went Brock, as he is supporting Don with his injured leg of his. As Brock cannot react fast enough to dodge the attack or take it instead. As for the first time in his life, Brock felt hopeless as he just stood next to him for this to happen.

On the other hand, Max stood there with his eyes widen, he did not expect the Death Calls in the pure sample that Brook drank will change him like this.

“Stay with me, Don!” Brock shouted as he trying to hold his hole that Brook made, as the person in question watched how Brock trying to save Don, but too much blood leaked out from his belly, causing a pool of blood under Don.

“What is going on! You know… we had to be faster.” Kiara returns to where Brock and Don are, only to see Brock holding the bloody Don on the ground, with blood dry the ground, as time slowly stepping away from Don, with his heavy eyes look at Kiara.

“I am… sorry, Kiara, mind hearing why… when you kiss me that time, I said sorry and walk away.” Don said as it seems to be the reason why Kiara hated Don so much about to come to the truth.

“Oh, a fucking chick flick.” Suddenly as most in the rook other then Max not once kept his eyes off him, Brook with his evil like smile look at the dying Don as if he is watching a drama.

“You…?” Kiara turned around and notice the bloody hand of his, as she about to leap at him Renee came into the room and grab her wrist to stop her.

“Renee?? Let me go! This bastard did this! Look at his hand!” Kiara in rage.

“Don’t… Kiara… I am sorry… he too strong, when you kiss me that night it was rude of me to run away…” Don said as he tried to get up with the hand size hole in his belly.

“Stay still!” Brock sees this, as he tries to pull Don down to stop the bleeding, but he knows the no way to prevent this.

“Let the boy speak you fucker!” However, when Brock tried to help Don, Brook whom is enjoying this moves like a ghost and grab Brock face and throw him into the computers in the lab.

“Brock!?” Went Renee, as she runs after Brock whose had landed into the computers.

“Don!” As Brock not supporting Don, and he fell to the ground, as Kiara full with mix feelings went to Don as she holds onto pale Don, with the blood keep increasing onto the floor.

“Kiara…” Don said as he went to her ear and say something loud enough only the two of them can hear, as Kiara’s eyes widen firstly, but faint smile. “Why not tell me sooner, idiot.”

She said, as Don also smile as it seems his last moments in this world with the beginning of the chaos yet to come. He died with a smile. As Kiara lightly place Don head onto the ground.

“Why did you all leave… loading the van?” At the moment Kyle whom been packing the things Max needed onto the van, as he saw Don dead on the ground with the furious Kiara behind his body looking with killing intent towards the hood man with the reddened eyes and the snow white skin of his, with his fangs of tooth soon shown themselves.

“He still evolving, shit, this going to be a huge pain in the ass to got out of here alive.” Even if Max said that very calmly, he known Brook is already beyond humans standing of ability.

“You…” Brock with blood can be seen due to the impact he had into the computer that smashed by him. With his eyes icy cold looking at Brook.

“What is this? your kind of scary when you mad, ya know?” Brook had his eyes widen at first but find the killing intent from Brock interesting.

But he, not the only one, as Brock been helping Don out, he kind of grow on him in this short amount of time, to see someone killed before that he knows, even if it barely. But that did not matter, at this moment Brook move like a ghost as he grabbed and pinned Brock onto the wall.

“I wonder if that killing intent still remains after I do this!” Brook said as he drives his left-hand thumb into Brock right eye!

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