DE – 68

“Then going out of the university to safer location might be the right choice then,” Brock said as Kiara and Don only ones confuse how Max lay out the possibilities of surviving here. Even Brock bit confused but he knew one thing, they small hope if they wait for help and high risks staying here.

“That right, there a van parked behind the lab since this building is closest to the car park. I need to collect my work; it is very important if we want to survive… smoke?” Max stopped what he is doing as he looked at the ceilings with a serious look.

“Smoke… I can smell smoke?” Don notice the smell of smoke, as the gang look at the smoking waves of smoke coming out from under the door.

“Renee, Kyle and you help me moving my research in the van, it’s park at the back! And you carry him! We need to leave now. Some idiot set a fire.”

Max said, as Brock did not mind how rude Max was just now, as Renee and Kyle nodded as they follow Max and starting to move boxes with them towards the back door. On the other hand, Kiara stood there as she minded how Max just talked, but looking at how much he knows what is going on and the fact the front of the lab’s is on fire tell her otherwise.

“Bro, we going to be alright?” Don asked.

“Do not know but for a while, I just got this uneasy feeling…” Brock said as he looks behind him at the window, there a young man with the hood, as Don also looked at the young, they saw him and his gang killing that unknown man who turned into a zombie not long afterwards he got beaten to death.

With blood covering his hoodie and his icy cold eyes looking at both Brock and Don with killing intent.

This young man is one of the university’s hoodlums they few of them, as the group earlier were him and his mates as they all killed by the zombies and half of them died after they got turned by his own hands.

“You! It’s your all fucking faults!” He went, with the metal bat in his hands he smashes into the lab’s window, again and again as Don and Brock rushed off to Max and co, as the window breaks.

“Huh?” With the box in his hands as the door behind him is on fire, Max turned his head seeing the young hoodie man with the metal bat in his hands climbing over the window into the labs. As the young man with the metal bat looked at the water in the glass tube.

“I am going to kill you all; you run when my friends getting killed!” He said.

“By the zombie you created!” Don said as he remembers the zombie turning, as they killed that person and now this young man with the metal bat is blaming Brock and the gang for his own mistakes?

History shown when chaos happens many people fall to their dark side even that they are hidden or mentally developed through the mayhem of the chaos, as the young man, Brook Lawson is one of the examples of a person who lost his reasoning through mentally smashed into pieces.

“Shut the fuck up! Like you know! Everyone is attacking us… but I gonna kill them before they came at me, that way I am going to kill you all after I have a drink of this water!”

Brook said, as grab the glass jar. As Max sees this, he remembers what it is not water but pure extracted Death Cells. But Max did not stop him drinking the bottle instead stood and watched Brook Lawson drinks the Death Cells.

“What is this shit…?” Brook said as he coughed a mouth full of blood, as he drops onto his knees looking at Don and Brock. “What the fuck… did you do to me?”

Honest Brock and Don did not know they how they should felt luckily or not when an idiot whom drinks random glass jar nothing thinking what might be inside. With blood leaking from his eyes, Brook falls to the ground.

“He dead… so he going to become one of them right?” Don said, as Brock looked at the corpse of Brock Lawson, as he about to walk Don towards the Van blood flow across his sights, like rain falling, as Brock look next to him, Don with his eyes widen as he looks down on himself seeing a hand cover in blood popping from Don’s stomach.

“Who told you to leave? Did I say I am going to fucking kill you all!” Said the redden eyes Brook Lawson, with his white as snow skin, with his evilness smile of his.

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