DE – 67

“What you mean there no virus?” Don said as he sat on a chair in the laboratory.

“A few months ago my old friend contacted me about this cell they found,” Max said as he pulls out a chair from the desk full of paperwork. As he sat on the chair and took out a cig from his lab coat and lits the cig tip.

“Cells? As in human cells?” Kyle said.

“Human? Two type’s cells we discovered in humans alone.” Max said as ‘alone’ adverted both Kyle and Renee as Brock and rest did not know what he meant other than those two.

“You mean not just humans?” Renee said, as Brock and does not get it, but they do get whatever is going on has to do with this cell thing.

“Death Cell is the reason why the dead are coming back to life,” Max said very seriously as he smokes the cig of his.

“Death Cell? What that?” Don said as he did not know if he should laugh or not from a name like that.

“Funny? I tell you why we call this cell, Death Cell. As this cell only active in our bodies after we die, if I kill you here, you become one. That easy to understand right?” Max said as Don only one of the group did not know what Max meant. As they remember the person that the thugs had killed as that person brought back to life, more like become living dead.

“Is there a way to return back? Or to stop these cells activating?” Said, Kiara, as sweat runs down her face thinking about that victim of the thugs coming back to life as a zombie.

“Not that easy, few of us tried to change the Death Cells or remove them but they just recreated over and over, we humans born with them for many years, this bond to happen sooner or later. After all, this is just evolution, as in what we are going to become. Only time can tell us.” Max said as he looks at the computers at the other side of the room.

As he got up from his seat and walked towards the computers.

“As for the other cell is something like Death Cell, this cell will not exist in our bodies for long it has different effect if we died while that cell in our bodies first signs of this cell is the 3 or so weeks of cold they will have once that cold gone it be 35 hours for these cells died out, if the holder of these cells die they become something else.”

Max said as he sat by the computers doing something, as he carries on.

“Evolved Human is what they will become, well that just a theory, and if they do become evolved humans they just basically superhuman, increase of strength, skin harden, and their speed increase is what we find out, but that only theory until one of them truly dies we will know for sure.”

“To think something like that exist all this time…” Said, Brock, as he felt uneasy about this cell this and cell that. Brock is not the only one feeling uneasy with this, as Don and Kiara finding it hard to believe as well.

On the other hand, Renee and Kyle who are Max assistants do not seem to be so shocked as well. But for weeks Max began a project without them tow helping him in it. As for what they figured out what he been doing in there.

“So they really no way to stopped this?” Don asked.

“Nah, not at this moment, maybe never they will evolve as only Evolve Humans only ones that have the chance of surviving in this world, but as in what era this is going to be,” Max said as he smokes his cig.

As the group stays quiet, waiting what else Max say about what is happing and how come he knows a lot.

“What now? Do we stay here and wait for help?” Brock said as he looked at Max.

“What now? Given what it is like there is 3.4% chance the police will be here but only 11.4 the army will be here, 94.3% chance of dying from lack of food and water. That only if we stay here.” Max said.

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