DE – 66

“That voice…?” Kyle seems to know the one behind the speakers.

“What you doing Kyle? Let go before the fireworks go out!” Brock said as he supports Don towards the clubhouse of the garden club which is head of them, as the four sees the garden ahead of them as they rush towards the gardens as fast they can towards the building that lay beyond the gardens.

“There it is!” Brock said as he remembers coming here with Renee, as he knows beyond here is her, Renee his girlfriend, as Brock is reminded with the counters with the zombies before as he felt fear not meeting her again.

“We finally here huh,” Kiara said as she turns her head to see the incoming zombies still staring at the fireworks which are useful to keep them at bay with the loud sounds and bright colours.

“Renee! Are you here? Renee!” Brock went.

“Renee?” Kiara said as she little shock, as the door to the lab opened.

As a young man with his messy ash brown hair with his brown eyes colour seems lifeless, with his lab coat on, as he looks at Kyle.

“So, you weren’t their food huh?”

“What you mean about that, Max!” Kyle said as the man in front of them is Max himself.

“Brock? Brock!” From inside lab’s a woman with age of 20 like Brock, with her long blonde hair and her blue eyes as her beauty is on pair with Kiara, wearing same lab coat not in messing manner like Max has, her name is Renee Ward.

“Renee.” With a smile on his face while supporting Don.

“Renee!” Kiara went as she seems to know Renee?

“You here, I am glad,” Renee said with a smile.

“Of course, I am roomie!” Kiara said as the rest understood who Kiara and Renee each other as both of them share the same room in their dorm. Instead of this Max has no interested if they two are or not.

“Looks like the fireworks not long to last long huh, let go in,” Max said as he looks at the last few firework bombing in the sky with their bright colours and loud sounds which is why the zombies attention towards them, and made it easy for Brock and company to head towards the lab.

As the four follow Max and Renee in the lab. The lab has 4 rooms the main room which is the biggest which Max led the group to firstly.

In this laboratory is white with computers one side of the room cupboards full with bottles on the other side of the room, the middle of the room has a collection of weird purple and red flower, as Brock do not know much about flower to know what they are.

They also a table full of paperwork as Max went there to pick a sheet of paper up.

“Is this from…Noah huh? Interesting indeed.” Max said.

“Oh yes that came from the photocopier, is it from that friend of yours,” Renee said as she put her lab coat on while walking next to Brock. “Look at you with blood on your clothes, same to you as well Kiara and… what your name?”

Renee said as she notices the cut on Don’s leg.

“Don, I got cut by glass…” Said Don.

“Don? Oh, you Don.” Said Renee, seems she known Don from Kiara, as in which is why Kiara hates Don so much, most likely Renee knows why.

“I am?” Don is confused as he does not know Renee as she seems to know him.

As the group talking amongst themselves, Brock and Renee speak to each other as Kiara also butt in since she not bothered about Kyle or do not really want to be near Don.

Suddenly the group stopped what they are doing, as they look at Max madly laughing at the documents that he is reading.

“Fucking amazing! I like it! Death Cell huh and signs of evolution after death that fucker, and a cold huh? Bahahaha! I can’t wait!” Max said madly with his messy hair and his lifeless eyes look at the document.

“Max?” Went both Renee and Kyle not once they saw Max this happy.

“Do you know what is happening? How the dead are coming back to life? This is no virus! This is evolution! We humans had evolved into them, after death! When we die we become one of them! It’s in our DNA!” Max madly Laughs and said.

“This is no virus?” Brock said as he felt shocked as he, not the only one shocked about this piece of new information that seems to hold the true meaning what is happing.

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