DE – 65

“We need to move!” Brock went, as the group head out of the classroom where Kyle hid in, as the group of four head to the lab which is in the old gardening clubhouse.

As Kiara in the lead, Brock and Don in the middle and Kyle following behind. As the group walks down the hallway hoping the horde of zombies behind them had not noticed they had moved out if the classroom.

“How much longer we at the Lab?” Kiara said as she has heard of the lab, but personally, Kiara and Don never been there, as for Brock few time with Renee which is why he knows of Kyle by seeing Renee off. As for Kyle knows the place well since he is one of Max’s assistants around the lab.

“Not far after leaving the main building, we need to go to the old gardening building which is where.”

Kyle said as he and the rest did not say anything as they about to leave the main building until sounds of glass being smashed onto the ground.

“Aoooh!” Went young man with his hood up he is not lone, as they beat another one just like.

With the riot of the zombie people dark sides comes to the surface, as many small times thugs like this young man whom killed human no bite mark on him, as he is not alone without the hoods up they all look at Brock group, especially Kiara with her mature body and her beautiful features, not many men able to resist a second look at her.

However, Brock knows them, not their names just their cause a lot of trouble with him in the past.

“Lookie here, such beauty and what this? kid!” Said one of the thugs with his bloody fist mocked Kyle.

“…I” Kyle is no stranger to these kinds of lines as he knows his height does make him an easy target of bullying.

“Back away, man.” Don said as he looks at one of them. As the thug look back at Don.

Suddenly before the thug next to the dead person they killed for unknown reasons why they did it, the dead person suddenly open its eyes.

Brock and Kyle only ones out of 7 of them, notice the fact the should be dead is now a zombie!

“What is it being all scared? Huh?” Said the thug which did notice the pale hand of the zombie or the person they had beaten to death, now took a big bite from that thug nearest to him as blood drips onto the ground follow the scream from that very thug.

“What the hell man!” Said one of two thugs seeing they friend being eaten alive.

“How… why is he a zombie! He wasn’t bite… how?”

Brock did not understand what they meant, someone died and not bitten by the roaming zombies. But staying with the zombie or the remaining thugs is a bad option for Brock and co. as they slowly without bother the thugs trying to deal with the zombie on their own.

As Brock and co left the thugs to deal the zombie on their own as the left the hallway, they were in and soon made it to the back side of the college which many other building s or places where people have their own clubhouse.

“Just head the old gardening club area is.” Kyle said as this point since he is more knowledgeable of the area than the rest of them took a chance to head into the club house.

Suddenly from other clubhouses zombies walks out as they match towards Brock and co.

“Shit!” Went Don seeing they goal the lab is head of them but having zombies on both sides on their way to their goal is going to be a problem.

Suddenly the lights of the university turn on with the speakers.

[You who is carrying that person, I mean supporting is it? Well does not matter really. You all need to ran for it to my lab, 3… 2… 1, ran or die up to you, arr]

The speaker said as whom behind it yawns as next moment fireworks blast into the sky  and pop making loud sounds which the zombies stopped and focus on the fireworks as the four sees this they understood what this unknown man behind the speaker said.

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