DE – 64

As the three moves in the main building of the university, they are in. Within one of the rooms of this main university building, is a zombie banging on the locker of the door, as a thin young man with glasses with his black bow cut hair he has, looking at the zombie trying to rip the door open with its hand.

This young man is named Kyle Holder, he is shorter than the average man by 159cm in height, as he not much in the muscle area of his body, but he is smart as he throws himself into this death cage of the locker waiting for the thing outside to even increase or manage to break in the locker door.

As Kyle just waits for his turn to death’s door, suddenly voices he can hear from the hallway of this main building.

“How long to the back doors of this building?” Said Kiara, as he holds onto her bloody rolling pin watching her surroundings while walking in front of Brock and Don.

“Not long, but to have this place such a mess and no signs of them here,” Brock said as he still supporting Don waling with his left leg being cut by the glass.

Within the hallways of the main building of this university blood stains and damage walls, as if massacre happen here but also took their bodies, not knowing how this happen Brock felt his spine coming cold with fear.

“So much blood… why is there no bodies?” Said Kiara hold her mouth seeing the mess of the hallway as she not used to seeing this.

“I feel sick bro…” Said Don also holding his mouth with his free hand that not on Brock’s shoulder that supporting him.

“Please note I am next to you,” Brock said as he will mind if Don will throw up after all who is supporting him walking?

“Brock!” Suddenly the three stopped hearing a young man voice, as Brock stopped as he suddenly realises who this voice belongs to.

“Kyle?” Brock said, as he looks at the room that voice belongs to, as someone came out of the room but he wasn’t Kyle, with its pale skin, and mouth open wide seeing Brock and co.

“Zombie bro!” Don went with fear seeing them again.

“I deal with it,” Kiara said, as she moves towards zombie, as the zombie sees Kiara coming towards her, it reaches out its arms with blood stains on the clothes, as Kiara dodge the first attack of the grab of the zombie, as she spun her body to add force of swing of the rolling pin that smashes into the zombie’s face, but Kiara not stop with that, as she swung down the rolling pin downwards onto the top of the zombie.

“Mind me to not piss you off,” Brock said with a bitter smile seeing how skilful Kiara is at killing the zombie unlike he kills the few before with the wooden bat in his left hand.

“Hahaha… in my case I already did…” As what happens between Don and Kiara is unknown to Brock, in fact, Brock really do not want to mess in their business. As for how Don wakes this tiger known as Kiara up like that, he just wants to be out of their problem.

“It’s safe now Kyle!” Brock shouted that, as he walks towards the room, as the locker door open. As the short young man with bow haircut, walk out of the room with sighed.

“Kyle why you here for? Wasn’t you at the lab?” Brock said as he knows Kyle is one of the two lab assistants in the lab with Max, as for why he is here not in the labs rose his heart beating rapid if something happens to Renee.

“I was on my way to the labs since Max rings me and told me to come but better not be seen unless I want to be a meal. Now I understand he meant…” Kyle said with a bitter laugh.

“What now bro?” Dan asked.

“What else, since we all going to the same place why not go together that way it is safer,” Brock said as the three nodded at Brock words as they agree to Brock words as the sounds in the hallway form the way they came, sounds of the horde heading their way.

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