DE – 63

After walking for a bit, Brock and the young man with the long golden hair, and his wound on his left leg.

“Bro long much longer we have to the labs?”

Brock: “After going past the main building, then the garden at the old clubhouse is the labs since this Max person took over the garden as well the greenhouse and the former clubhouse as his personal labs.”

“Max! you are talking about that freak!?” Unexpectedly the young man whom the name is unknown to Brock seems to know who Max is.

Brock: “You know him?”

“Know him? Who does not! They a lot of rumours about him bro, is it really safe at the labs?”

Hearing this, Brock also know of the rumours like he kidnaps someone before for his experiment or something like that. But he is genius, as Renee and one other were sectioned at his lab assistances which is a great honour to work with such a genius, or that what Renee tells Brock it is such honour.

Brock and the young man look at the main building of this university they go to, with its grandly tall building of six floors, as the university invests a lot of money to build such a grandly building.

Brock knows the only way to enter the garden area is by going through the main building and access the back of the university where most of the clubhouse located. Brock looked at the young man leg.

“Don?” Suddenly a woman with a bloody rolling pin in her hands, look at Brock and the young man, however, the name from this beauty with the bloody object in her hands, did not say Brock name, nor he does not even know who she is.

“Yes?” The young man or Don which his family name is unclear, look at the woman with the long black hair and fair skin, with her beautiful face and her well-developed body. Then Don sees this beautiful black haired woman that suddenly show out of nowhere, Don felt he known her, but cannot recall how does he.

As the black long hair beauty walks towards Don as she raises her hand and slaps her hand across Don’s face.

“Huh?” While helping Don walking, Brock felt he just walked into a drama? What happens to the hordes of zombies? Has it turned into a horror to a drama?

“How dare you!” She as Don blankly stare at her, as he realises who she is.

Don: “Kiara Hinton? Is that you?”

Kiara: “You still remember me? What you did to me? Thanks to you and your friends!”

Don: “Well…”

Drama, this is drama. A teen drama! Brock felt another new kind of storm of his head going to hurt with these two.

Brock: “Look, Kiara?”

Kiara: “You just another one of his friends, all the same!”

Friend? He just met this Don not long ago. Brock sighed as he does not know what did Don and his friends did to make this tiger mad?

Brock: “Look here, I have no clue what kind of mess is going on here, there is a lab in the old area where the former garden club once had, there should be safe. You can come along or not is up to you.”

Brock seal the deal, as he did not want to waste time here, not knowing if it safe being here or not.

Kiara: “You also going there… him too, fine! But I am not going to help this trash.”

Don: “Hahaha… I think even a sorry is no, right?”

With a bitter smile: ‘What kind of drama did I run into?’ Brock thinks while looking at the stars in the skies, hoping this going to end well.

Suddenly from the men dorm, the horde finds ways out of there, as the three looked at the incoming zombies.

Don: “Bro what now?”

Brock: “Run!”

As Brock and Don’s speed is reduced due to helping Don with his wound on his left leg firm the glass cut.

As the three rushes inside the halls of the main building. Upon entering the hallway, empty with blood stains on the walls and floor, Brock knows a high amount of them got infected here alone.

Kiara: “Looks like we in the clear.”

Brock: “Not really we got horde behind us, and the fact they might be numerous of them here hiding in rooms or roaming around the hallways. We must hurry!”

Brock knows longer he waste the more amount of time he gets to see Renee lesser to the point he might never see her again.

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