DE – 62

With a deep sigh after hearing this young man whom the name is not known yet. Seeing the zombie with its body full of blood and no clothes on, with the wooden bat in Brock’s hands, look at the incoming zombie.

“Dude stay away, you naked freak!” Went the young man as he picks up something up near him and throw it at the zombie but misses the zombie by closing his eyes while throwing whatever went flying pass the zombie’s head.

“Stay behind me,” Brock said as he pointed the cap end of the bat in his hands towards the zombie that only bloody but also nothing on.

“Go for it!” The young said as he clearly afeard of the zombie in front of him, as the young man with the long golden hair and his green frighten eyes look at the zombie while hiding behind Brock.

Suddenly the zombie that is naked with a bite mark on his chest, reaches its bare arms out at Brock, as Brock pushes the zombie onto the ground with the cap end of the wooden bat. While the zombie falls on his bottom on the ground, Brock did not miss this chance as he swings the wooden bat to impact into the skull of the zombie by breaking its skull before it could get up.

“Feel sick!” The young went with his golden blonde, and his pale face went before he throws up his insides, after all, who cannot throw him seeing human or was human skull being smash like mesh?

Even Brock felt sick seeing that he smashed the zombie head into a complete mess. But Brock knows he had no other way to kill it, as he tells himself it not human! Shouting it loud in his head.

Bang! Went the door as another bang and other, as both faces of the long hair young man and Brock went cold with fear reminded why they rushed to this dorm room for. With the repeating sounds of banging on the wooden door, not knowing how long the door will surely least for.

“Out of the window!” Brock yelled at the young man, as he did not even say anything after seeing the smashed head of the zombie on the floor as the young man dashes to the window and tried to open it.

“Huh? No no no! It lock!? There must be key somewhere right?” The young man with the blonde hair said to himself as a shadow overcast him, seeing brock stood behind him with the bat rise up.

Brock: “Move!”

“Yes, sir!” The long-haired man moves out of Brock way as he swung the wooden bat in his grips. With the sounds of glass from the window smashing. Brock know one hit will not fully break the window he seeks to smash open. But with multiple more swings the window break open with glass on the floor as both Brock and the young man wearing their shoes so they do not have to worry much only the big glass fragments that can cut their foot.

However the door of the dorm room that both the young man and Brock is at. Blast open with the force of the horde behind the door, as one after the other, came into the room they are in.

As the young see this he did not think about the glass fragments on the ground just drove out of the window.

Brock also did not waste time, as he jumps out of the window just like the young man did and roll onto the grass ground as he luckily does not get hurt by the fragments of glass around the window, however.

“Bro…” The young man said, as blood leaks from his left leg. Seem like he cut himself with the broken glass around the window they jump through.

“Here.” Brock went and grab his arm to put it on his shoulders to help him move with his hurt leg.

“Thanks, man.”

Brock: “No problem, let go.”

As the duo walks as fast, they can towards the lab which is located within the garden that the gardening club use, as the lab is the old clubhouse and the greenhouse as well, known what is going on since Max not the kind of person will show what in his lab.


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