DE – 69

Looking at Brook bloody hand out of Don body, with his eyes slowly losing life with a hand popping out of his body.

“Bro…?” With the hand, out of his abdomen with the pain that is burning and cold, with the hole in his belly left by Brook white hand which is now covered in blood.

“Don!” Went Brock, as he is supporting Don with his injured leg of his. As Brock cannot react fast enough to dodge the attack or take it instead. As for the first time in his life, Brock felt hopeless as he just stood next to him for this to happen.

On the other hand, Max stood there with his eyes widen, he did not expect the Death Calls in the pure sample that Brook drank will change him like this.

“Stay with me, Don!” Brock shouted as he trying to hold his hole that Brook made, as the person in question watched how Brock trying to save Don, but too much blood leaked out from his belly, causing a pool of blood under Don.

“What is going on! You know… we had to be faster.” Kiara returns to where Brock and Don are, only to see Brock holding the bloody Don on the ground, with blood dry the ground, as time slowly stepping away from Don, with his heavy eyes look at Kiara.

“I am… sorry, Kiara, mind hearing why… when you kiss me that time, I said sorry and walk away.” Don said as it seems to be the reason why Kiara hated Don so much about to come to the truth.

“Oh, a fucking chick flick.” Suddenly as most in the rook other then Max not once kept his eyes off him, Brook with his evil like smile look at the dying Don as if he is watching a drama.

“You…?” Kiara turned around and notice the bloody hand of his, as she about to leap at him Renee came into the room and grab her wrist to stop her.

“Renee?? Let me go! This bastard did this! Look at his hand!” Kiara in rage.

“Don’t… Kiara… I am sorry… he too strong, when you kiss me that night it was rude of me to run away…” Don said as he tried to get up with the hand size hole in his belly.

“Stay still!” Brock sees this, as he tries to pull Don down to stop the bleeding, but he knows the no way to prevent this.

“Let the boy speak you fucker!” However, when Brock tried to help Don, Brook whom is enjoying this moves like a ghost and grab Brock face and throw him into the computers in the lab.

“Brock!?” Went Renee, as she runs after Brock whose had landed into the computers.

“Don!” As Brock not supporting Don, and he fell to the ground, as Kiara full with mix feelings went to Don as she holds onto pale Don, with the blood keep increasing onto the floor.

“Kiara…” Don said as he went to her ear and say something loud enough only the two of them can hear, as Kiara’s eyes widen firstly, but faint smile. “Why not tell me sooner, idiot.”

She said, as Don also smile as it seems his last moments in this world with the beginning of the chaos yet to come. He died with a smile. As Kiara lightly place Don head onto the ground.

“Why did you all leave… loading the van?” At the moment Kyle whom been packing the things Max needed onto the van, as he saw Don dead on the ground with the furious Kiara behind his body looking with killing intent towards the hood man with the reddened eyes and the snow white skin of his, with his fangs of tooth soon shown themselves.

“He still evolving, shit, this going to be a huge pain in the ass to got out of here alive.” Even if Max said that very calmly, he known Brook is already beyond humans standing of ability.

“You…” Brock with blood can be seen due to the impact he had into the computer that smashed by him. With his eyes icy cold looking at Brook.

“What is this? your kind of scary when you mad, ya know?” Brook had his eyes widen at first but find the killing intent from Brock interesting.

But he, not the only one, as Brock been helping Don out, he kind of grow on him in this short amount of time, to see someone killed before that he knows, even if it barely. But that did not matter, at this moment Brook move like a ghost as he grabbed and pinned Brock onto the wall.

“I wonder if that killing intent still remains after I do this!” Brook said as he drives his left-hand thumb into Brock right eye!

DE – 68

“Then going out of the university to safer location might be the right choice then,” Brock said as Kiara and Don only ones confuse how Max lay out the possibilities of surviving here. Even Brock bit confused but he knew one thing, they small hope if they wait for help and high risks staying here.

“That right, there a van parked behind the lab since this building is closest to the car park. I need to collect my work; it is very important if we want to survive… smoke?” Max stopped what he is doing as he looked at the ceilings with a serious look.

“Smoke… I can smell smoke?” Don notice the smell of smoke, as the gang look at the smoking waves of smoke coming out from under the door.

“Renee, Kyle and you help me moving my research in the van, it’s park at the back! And you carry him! We need to leave now. Some idiot set a fire.”

Max said, as Brock did not mind how rude Max was just now, as Renee and Kyle nodded as they follow Max and starting to move boxes with them towards the back door. On the other hand, Kiara stood there as she minded how Max just talked, but looking at how much he knows what is going on and the fact the front of the lab’s is on fire tell her otherwise.

“Bro, we going to be alright?” Don asked.

“Do not know but for a while, I just got this uneasy feeling…” Brock said as he looks behind him at the window, there a young man with the hood, as Don also looked at the young, they saw him and his gang killing that unknown man who turned into a zombie not long afterwards he got beaten to death.

With blood covering his hoodie and his icy cold eyes looking at both Brock and Don with killing intent.

This young man is one of the university’s hoodlums they few of them, as the group earlier were him and his mates as they all killed by the zombies and half of them died after they got turned by his own hands.

“You! It’s your all fucking faults!” He went, with the metal bat in his hands he smashes into the lab’s window, again and again as Don and Brock rushed off to Max and co, as the window breaks.

“Huh?” With the box in his hands as the door behind him is on fire, Max turned his head seeing the young hoodie man with the metal bat in his hands climbing over the window into the labs. As the young man with the metal bat looked at the water in the glass tube.

“I am going to kill you all; you run when my friends getting killed!” He said.

“By the zombie you created!” Don said as he remembers the zombie turning, as they killed that person and now this young man with the metal bat is blaming Brock and the gang for his own mistakes?

History shown when chaos happens many people fall to their dark side even that they are hidden or mentally developed through the mayhem of the chaos, as the young man, Brook Lawson is one of the examples of a person who lost his reasoning through mentally smashed into pieces.

“Shut the fuck up! Like you know! Everyone is attacking us… but I gonna kill them before they came at me, that way I am going to kill you all after I have a drink of this water!”

Brook said, as grab the glass jar. As Max sees this, he remembers what it is not water but pure extracted Death Cells. But Max did not stop him drinking the bottle instead stood and watched Brook Lawson drinks the Death Cells.

“What is this shit…?” Brook said as he coughed a mouth full of blood, as he drops onto his knees looking at Don and Brock. “What the fuck… did you do to me?”

Honest Brock and Don did not know they how they should felt luckily or not when an idiot whom drinks random glass jar nothing thinking what might be inside. With blood leaking from his eyes, Brook falls to the ground.

“He dead… so he going to become one of them right?” Don said, as Brock looked at the corpse of Brock Lawson, as he about to walk Don towards the Van blood flow across his sights, like rain falling, as Brock look next to him, Don with his eyes widen as he looks down on himself seeing a hand cover in blood popping from Don’s stomach.

“Who told you to leave? Did I say I am going to fucking kill you all!” Said the redden eyes Brook Lawson, with his white as snow skin, with his evilness smile of his.

DE – 67

“What you mean there no virus?” Don said as he sat on a chair in the laboratory.

“A few months ago my old friend contacted me about this cell they found,” Max said as he pulls out a chair from the desk full of paperwork. As he sat on the chair and took out a cig from his lab coat and lits the cig tip.

“Cells? As in human cells?” Kyle said.

“Human? Two type’s cells we discovered in humans alone.” Max said as ‘alone’ adverted both Kyle and Renee as Brock and rest did not know what he meant other than those two.

“You mean not just humans?” Renee said, as Brock and does not get it, but they do get whatever is going on has to do with this cell thing.

“Death Cell is the reason why the dead are coming back to life,” Max said very seriously as he smokes the cig of his.

“Death Cell? What that?” Don said as he did not know if he should laugh or not from a name like that.

“Funny? I tell you why we call this cell, Death Cell. As this cell only active in our bodies after we die, if I kill you here, you become one. That easy to understand right?” Max said as Don only one of the group did not know what Max meant. As they remember the person that the thugs had killed as that person brought back to life, more like become living dead.

“Is there a way to return back? Or to stop these cells activating?” Said, Kiara, as sweat runs down her face thinking about that victim of the thugs coming back to life as a zombie.

“Not that easy, few of us tried to change the Death Cells or remove them but they just recreated over and over, we humans born with them for many years, this bond to happen sooner or later. After all, this is just evolution, as in what we are going to become. Only time can tell us.” Max said as he looks at the computers at the other side of the room.

As he got up from his seat and walked towards the computers.

“As for the other cell is something like Death Cell, this cell will not exist in our bodies for long it has different effect if we died while that cell in our bodies first signs of this cell is the 3 or so weeks of cold they will have once that cold gone it be 35 hours for these cells died out, if the holder of these cells die they become something else.”

Max said as he sat by the computers doing something, as he carries on.

“Evolved Human is what they will become, well that just a theory, and if they do become evolved humans they just basically superhuman, increase of strength, skin harden, and their speed increase is what we find out, but that only theory until one of them truly dies we will know for sure.”

“To think something like that exist all this time…” Said, Brock, as he felt uneasy about this cell this and cell that. Brock is not the only one feeling uneasy with this, as Don and Kiara finding it hard to believe as well.

On the other hand, Renee and Kyle who are Max assistants do not seem to be so shocked as well. But for weeks Max began a project without them tow helping him in it. As for what they figured out what he been doing in there.

“So they really no way to stopped this?” Don asked.

“Nah, not at this moment, maybe never they will evolve as only Evolve Humans only ones that have the chance of surviving in this world, but as in what era this is going to be,” Max said as he smokes his cig.

As the group stays quiet, waiting what else Max say about what is happing and how come he knows a lot.

“What now? Do we stay here and wait for help?” Brock said as he looked at Max.

“What now? Given what it is like there is 3.4% chance the police will be here but only 11.4 the army will be here, 94.3% chance of dying from lack of food and water. That only if we stay here.” Max said.

DE – 66

“That voice…?” Kyle seems to know the one behind the speakers.

“What you doing Kyle? Let go before the fireworks go out!” Brock said as he supports Don towards the clubhouse of the garden club which is head of them, as the four sees the garden ahead of them as they rush towards the gardens as fast they can towards the building that lay beyond the gardens.

“There it is!” Brock said as he remembers coming here with Renee, as he knows beyond here is her, Renee his girlfriend, as Brock is reminded with the counters with the zombies before as he felt fear not meeting her again.

“We finally here huh,” Kiara said as she turns her head to see the incoming zombies still staring at the fireworks which are useful to keep them at bay with the loud sounds and bright colours.

“Renee! Are you here? Renee!” Brock went.

“Renee?” Kiara said as she little shock, as the door to the lab opened.

As a young man with his messy ash brown hair with his brown eyes colour seems lifeless, with his lab coat on, as he looks at Kyle.

“So, you weren’t their food huh?”

“What you mean about that, Max!” Kyle said as the man in front of them is Max himself.

“Brock? Brock!” From inside lab’s a woman with age of 20 like Brock, with her long blonde hair and her blue eyes as her beauty is on pair with Kiara, wearing same lab coat not in messing manner like Max has, her name is Renee Ward.

“Renee.” With a smile on his face while supporting Don.

“Renee!” Kiara went as she seems to know Renee?

“You here, I am glad,” Renee said with a smile.

“Of course, I am roomie!” Kiara said as the rest understood who Kiara and Renee each other as both of them share the same room in their dorm. Instead of this Max has no interested if they two are or not.

“Looks like the fireworks not long to last long huh, let go in,” Max said as he looks at the last few firework bombing in the sky with their bright colours and loud sounds which is why the zombies attention towards them, and made it easy for Brock and company to head towards the lab.

As the four follow Max and Renee in the lab. The lab has 4 rooms the main room which is the biggest which Max led the group to firstly.

In this laboratory is white with computers one side of the room cupboards full with bottles on the other side of the room, the middle of the room has a collection of weird purple and red flower, as Brock do not know much about flower to know what they are.

They also a table full of paperwork as Max went there to pick a sheet of paper up.

“Is this from…Noah huh? Interesting indeed.” Max said.

“Oh yes that came from the photocopier, is it from that friend of yours,” Renee said as she put her lab coat on while walking next to Brock. “Look at you with blood on your clothes, same to you as well Kiara and… what your name?”

Renee said as she notices the cut on Don’s leg.

“Don, I got cut by glass…” Said Don.

“Don? Oh, you Don.” Said Renee, seems she known Don from Kiara, as in which is why Kiara hates Don so much, most likely Renee knows why.

“I am?” Don is confused as he does not know Renee as she seems to know him.

As the group talking amongst themselves, Brock and Renee speak to each other as Kiara also butt in since she not bothered about Kyle or do not really want to be near Don.

Suddenly the group stopped what they are doing, as they look at Max madly laughing at the documents that he is reading.

“Fucking amazing! I like it! Death Cell huh and signs of evolution after death that fucker, and a cold huh? Bahahaha! I can’t wait!” Max said madly with his messy hair and his lifeless eyes look at the document.

“Max?” Went both Renee and Kyle not once they saw Max this happy.

“Do you know what is happening? How the dead are coming back to life? This is no virus! This is evolution! We humans had evolved into them, after death! When we die we become one of them! It’s in our DNA!” Max madly Laughs and said.

“This is no virus?” Brock said as he felt shocked as he, not the only one shocked about this piece of new information that seems to hold the true meaning what is happing.

DE – 65

“We need to move!” Brock went, as the group head out of the classroom where Kyle hid in, as the group of four head to the lab which is in the old gardening clubhouse.

As Kiara in the lead, Brock and Don in the middle and Kyle following behind. As the group walks down the hallway hoping the horde of zombies behind them had not noticed they had moved out if the classroom.

“How much longer we at the Lab?” Kiara said as she has heard of the lab, but personally, Kiara and Don never been there, as for Brock few time with Renee which is why he knows of Kyle by seeing Renee off. As for Kyle knows the place well since he is one of Max’s assistants around the lab.

“Not far after leaving the main building, we need to go to the old gardening building which is where.”

Kyle said as he and the rest did not say anything as they about to leave the main building until sounds of glass being smashed onto the ground.

“Aoooh!” Went young man with his hood up he is not lone, as they beat another one just like.

With the riot of the zombie people dark sides comes to the surface, as many small times thugs like this young man whom killed human no bite mark on him, as he is not alone without the hoods up they all look at Brock group, especially Kiara with her mature body and her beautiful features, not many men able to resist a second look at her.

However, Brock knows them, not their names just their cause a lot of trouble with him in the past.

“Lookie here, such beauty and what this? kid!” Said one of the thugs with his bloody fist mocked Kyle.

“…I” Kyle is no stranger to these kinds of lines as he knows his height does make him an easy target of bullying.

“Back away, man.” Don said as he looks at one of them. As the thug look back at Don.

Suddenly before the thug next to the dead person they killed for unknown reasons why they did it, the dead person suddenly open its eyes.

Brock and Kyle only ones out of 7 of them, notice the fact the should be dead is now a zombie!

“What is it being all scared? Huh?” Said the thug which did notice the pale hand of the zombie or the person they had beaten to death, now took a big bite from that thug nearest to him as blood drips onto the ground follow the scream from that very thug.

“What the hell man!” Said one of two thugs seeing they friend being eaten alive.

“How… why is he a zombie! He wasn’t bite… how?”

Brock did not understand what they meant, someone died and not bitten by the roaming zombies. But staying with the zombie or the remaining thugs is a bad option for Brock and co. as they slowly without bother the thugs trying to deal with the zombie on their own.

As Brock and co left the thugs to deal the zombie on their own as the left the hallway, they were in and soon made it to the back side of the college which many other building s or places where people have their own clubhouse.

“Just head the old gardening club area is.” Kyle said as this point since he is more knowledgeable of the area than the rest of them took a chance to head into the club house.

Suddenly from other clubhouses zombies walks out as they match towards Brock and co.

“Shit!” Went Don seeing they goal the lab is head of them but having zombies on both sides on their way to their goal is going to be a problem.

Suddenly the lights of the university turn on with the speakers.

[You who is carrying that person, I mean supporting is it? Well does not matter really. You all need to ran for it to my lab, 3… 2… 1, ran or die up to you, arr]

The speaker said as whom behind it yawns as next moment fireworks blast into the sky  and pop making loud sounds which the zombies stopped and focus on the fireworks as the four sees this they understood what this unknown man behind the speaker said.

DE – 64

As the three moves in the main building of the university, they are in. Within one of the rooms of this main university building, is a zombie banging on the locker of the door, as a thin young man with glasses with his black bow cut hair he has, looking at the zombie trying to rip the door open with its hand.

This young man is named Kyle Holder, he is shorter than the average man by 159cm in height, as he not much in the muscle area of his body, but he is smart as he throws himself into this death cage of the locker waiting for the thing outside to even increase or manage to break in the locker door.

As Kyle just waits for his turn to death’s door, suddenly voices he can hear from the hallway of this main building.

“How long to the back doors of this building?” Said Kiara, as he holds onto her bloody rolling pin watching her surroundings while walking in front of Brock and Don.

“Not long, but to have this place such a mess and no signs of them here,” Brock said as he still supporting Don waling with his left leg being cut by the glass.

Within the hallways of the main building of this university blood stains and damage walls, as if massacre happen here but also took their bodies, not knowing how this happen Brock felt his spine coming cold with fear.

“So much blood… why is there no bodies?” Said Kiara hold her mouth seeing the mess of the hallway as she not used to seeing this.

“I feel sick bro…” Said Don also holding his mouth with his free hand that not on Brock’s shoulder that supporting him.

“Please note I am next to you,” Brock said as he will mind if Don will throw up after all who is supporting him walking?

“Brock!” Suddenly the three stopped hearing a young man voice, as Brock stopped as he suddenly realises who this voice belongs to.

“Kyle?” Brock said, as he looks at the room that voice belongs to, as someone came out of the room but he wasn’t Kyle, with its pale skin, and mouth open wide seeing Brock and co.

“Zombie bro!” Don went with fear seeing them again.

“I deal with it,” Kiara said, as she moves towards zombie, as the zombie sees Kiara coming towards her, it reaches out its arms with blood stains on the clothes, as Kiara dodge the first attack of the grab of the zombie, as she spun her body to add force of swing of the rolling pin that smashes into the zombie’s face, but Kiara not stop with that, as she swung down the rolling pin downwards onto the top of the zombie.

“Mind me to not piss you off,” Brock said with a bitter smile seeing how skilful Kiara is at killing the zombie unlike he kills the few before with the wooden bat in his left hand.

“Hahaha… in my case I already did…” As what happens between Don and Kiara is unknown to Brock, in fact, Brock really do not want to mess in their business. As for how Don wakes this tiger known as Kiara up like that, he just wants to be out of their problem.

“It’s safe now Kyle!” Brock shouted that, as he walks towards the room, as the locker door open. As the short young man with bow haircut, walk out of the room with sighed.

“Kyle why you here for? Wasn’t you at the lab?” Brock said as he knows Kyle is one of the two lab assistants in the lab with Max, as for why he is here not in the labs rose his heart beating rapid if something happens to Renee.

“I was on my way to the labs since Max rings me and told me to come but better not be seen unless I want to be a meal. Now I understand he meant…” Kyle said with a bitter laugh.

“What now bro?” Dan asked.

“What else, since we all going to the same place why not go together that way it is safer,” Brock said as the three nodded at Brock words as they agree to Brock words as the sounds in the hallway form the way they came, sounds of the horde heading their way.

DE – 63

After walking for a bit, Brock and the young man with the long golden hair, and his wound on his left leg.

“Bro long much longer we have to the labs?”

Brock: “After going past the main building, then the garden at the old clubhouse is the labs since this Max person took over the garden as well the greenhouse and the former clubhouse as his personal labs.”

“Max! you are talking about that freak!?” Unexpectedly the young man whom the name is unknown to Brock seems to know who Max is.

Brock: “You know him?”

“Know him? Who does not! They a lot of rumours about him bro, is it really safe at the labs?”

Hearing this, Brock also know of the rumours like he kidnaps someone before for his experiment or something like that. But he is genius, as Renee and one other were sectioned at his lab assistances which is a great honour to work with such a genius, or that what Renee tells Brock it is such honour.

Brock and the young man look at the main building of this university they go to, with its grandly tall building of six floors, as the university invests a lot of money to build such a grandly building.

Brock knows the only way to enter the garden area is by going through the main building and access the back of the university where most of the clubhouse located. Brock looked at the young man leg.

“Don?” Suddenly a woman with a bloody rolling pin in her hands, look at Brock and the young man, however, the name from this beauty with the bloody object in her hands, did not say Brock name, nor he does not even know who she is.

“Yes?” The young man or Don which his family name is unclear, look at the woman with the long black hair and fair skin, with her beautiful face and her well-developed body. Then Don sees this beautiful black haired woman that suddenly show out of nowhere, Don felt he known her, but cannot recall how does he.

As the black long hair beauty walks towards Don as she raises her hand and slaps her hand across Don’s face.

“Huh?” While helping Don walking, Brock felt he just walked into a drama? What happens to the hordes of zombies? Has it turned into a horror to a drama?

“How dare you!” She as Don blankly stare at her, as he realises who she is.

Don: “Kiara Hinton? Is that you?”

Kiara: “You still remember me? What you did to me? Thanks to you and your friends!”

Don: “Well…”

Drama, this is drama. A teen drama! Brock felt another new kind of storm of his head going to hurt with these two.

Brock: “Look, Kiara?”

Kiara: “You just another one of his friends, all the same!”

Friend? He just met this Don not long ago. Brock sighed as he does not know what did Don and his friends did to make this tiger mad?

Brock: “Look here, I have no clue what kind of mess is going on here, there is a lab in the old area where the former garden club once had, there should be safe. You can come along or not is up to you.”

Brock seal the deal, as he did not want to waste time here, not knowing if it safe being here or not.

Kiara: “You also going there… him too, fine! But I am not going to help this trash.”

Don: “Hahaha… I think even a sorry is no, right?”

With a bitter smile: ‘What kind of drama did I run into?’ Brock thinks while looking at the stars in the skies, hoping this going to end well.

Suddenly from the men dorm, the horde finds ways out of there, as the three looked at the incoming zombies.

Don: “Bro what now?”

Brock: “Run!”

As Brock and Don’s speed is reduced due to helping Don with his wound on his left leg firm the glass cut.

As the three rushes inside the halls of the main building. Upon entering the hallway, empty with blood stains on the walls and floor, Brock knows a high amount of them got infected here alone.

Kiara: “Looks like we in the clear.”

Brock: “Not really we got horde behind us, and the fact they might be numerous of them here hiding in rooms or roaming around the hallways. We must hurry!”

Brock knows longer he waste the more amount of time he gets to see Renee lesser to the point he might never see her again.