DE – 61

When the zombies smack into each other. Brock saw an opening, as he went for it. And leg it out of there, as he soon reaches to the staircase leading to the second floor.

The male dormitory has five floors, Brock room is on the third, as he runs down the stairs, only to find blood and the half-eaten person on the floor, seeing this Brock felt his insides coming back up to him, as he throws up.

Wrapping his mouth after being sick. To think the second floor is more of a mess to the third. Brock took a deep breath before heading out yet again, seeing the corpse of someone else shocked Brock, as the world that seems colourful is slowly losing its colours and replace with black and red.

“Damn… to think this shit is going on while I was sleeping.”

Brock said to himself while trying to move onwards with the fear he saw just now. Passing the remains of the one just been eaten by them, Brock more on as he barely seen any other zombies on the second floor they were the odd one that been tied up for some reason but Brock glad someone did, that way it were easy for Brock to move onwards on the second floor.

As Brock about to reach the staircase to the next floor, a young man dashes out of his dorm room.

“Dude! You one of them?” A young man whose age seems 19 or so, with his long hair of golden blonde and his green eyes, he is wearing jeans and a top,

“Do I look like I am one of them?” Brock.

“You not?”

The young man who said that given Brock a headache seeing what kind of person he is, he just to put it simply an idiot.

“Do they talk?” Brock.

“In some movies they do bro.”

“This is no movie! This is reality. Look I am going to the labs if you want protection form what is happening around here.”

“It’s a zombie apocalypse bro!”

“I am sure they some… virus or something can explain this…” Brock.

“Zombie virus bro.”

Brock signed, as he has no clue he this person is. But sounds of groaning came behind them from the way where the third floor leads to. As a group of zombies dragging their heavy as lead bodies towards the duo.

Both of them look at the incoming zombies heading their way here.

“Get going!” Brock.

“No need to tell me twice man!” Both Brock and this unknown young man runs towards the staircases that leads to the ground floor, as both of them did, and enter the first floor of this dorm.

“Bro there are zombies at the doorway!” Seeing the zombies that number too many for Brock and him to push onwards to the outside of this dormitory.

“Calm down they three ways into this dormitory, and if they all cover with them than there the windows on this floor I am sure they are ways out of this dorm.” Brock.

“You right! the windows!” The young whom name is still unknown said, as he shouted that the surrounding zombies halted and looked at the duo. Looking at both Brock and the young man with the long golden hair, as they move their heavy bodies towards them.

“Run!” Brock went as both of them ran into one of the rooms on the first floor, as both shut the door behind them.

“Why we in this room for? If we run it to the back-door man!”

“Did you not notice?” The reason why Brock did not leg it to the back door is due to one of the zombies who saw them entering the room.

As it is late at night, they are guards on the first floor as one of the zombies were old man with beard, Brock can’t remember his name, but he does know one fact he guards the back door of this dormitory if he turned into one they high chance that the back door is overrun by them.

“What now?”

“Window.” Brock said as both of them looked at the window within the room they are in.

Suddenly the bathroom in the room they in opened as a man with no clothes on but has blood covers his body and his white eyes. As Brock and the young who next to Brock both look at this person before them.

“Bro, there is a zombie flasher!” The young man said while pointing at the zombie that happens to be naked. Brock felt he having a headache being around this young man.

Thanks for reading~!

Next Post of DE 62 is out on 4 of April

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