DE – 60

Running in the hallway with no signs of stopping in this gloomy hallway that Brock is in, no signs of life other than himself here, Brock look behind him seeing if any of the other of these people with their skin ripped or bloody bite marks on their bodies.

While breathing, Brock thinks what is going on, but he cannot believe it. He cannot bring himself off to accept the truth that he just saw.

Brock: “Maybe they sick… that right, zombies only exist in movies… No, I am dreaming!”

Facing the truth is one of the hardest things a person can do, with countless things happening at once can throw their minds in despair, especially if they just cannot understand why or see the logic in it.

Facing reality Brock not sure if they were zombies but that does explain the amount of blood and bones can be see through flesh. Their eyes turned whitish and their skin bit paler. A virus? Voodoo magic? Which is what Brock is trying to think logical before taking action to this, whatever this may be.

Suddenly Brock phone rings as a call from Renee, as Brock saw her name on the phone he felt his heart lighter seeing her still alive, Bricked sighed and answered the phone.

Renee: [Thank goodness you okay! Where are you?]

Brock: “Me? I am… still in the dorm. They all had blood. Ben covered in so much blood. He tried to bite me. At first, I thought it was some illness that Ben had caught, but seeing the horde like him, it not is it?”

Renee: [They not, it might be hard to believe, Max is at the labs with me. The back door is clear at the moment, meet me there! The lab is safe.]

Brock: “Lab huh, see you there, and Renee.”

Renee: [Yeah?]

Brock: “I am glad you still alive.”

Brock said as he hung up before Renee could respond. As he looks at the hallway, he is heading to, as he vowed to meet his girlfriend and Max at the lab.

Brock: “Max huh, he might know something about this.”

Brock said as he remembers this man with the same age as him, Max Maxwell is his name. Brock does not know him so well just the rumors he is an odd one and been with the university since he was 14 of age and been with the university for six years, as Brock only been here for two years himself.

Why did such a genius like him stay in this kind of university for this many years as this young man called Max Maxwell can go far and be whatever he wishes to be? None, not even Brock knows the real reason why. But there is a rumor about the person in question, as Max has some powerful backer, and using this university lab as his own or something like that.

With no time to waste, Brock looks for his way out, staying low, and trying not to gain the attention of the living dead. As Brock soon find himself with a group of 3 of them. He hid for cover, staying there. Not moving until the other party leaves first.

With no signs of the zombies in the hallway not leaving. Brock knows he has to find some way to pass them. But seeing the bloody horrifying mouth of the zombies, Brock cannot help feeling the chill of fear down his spine.

Looking more clearly at the hallway, Brock notices there is wooden bat on the ground, with that Brock can a least kill one or hurt it and ran past the others.

Seeing that bat which must be from the baseball team of this university. Brock took a deep breath before he revealed himself to the hungry zombies as they drag their heavy as lead bodies towards him.

Seeing their rip and blood stain clothes yet again did leave Brock feeling uneasy facing them, but he rushes to the wooden bat left behind by the baseball team. Brock turn around and sees the zombies about to enter 2m away from him.

Brock: “Began it on!”

With a shout to awaken himself from the fear of facing these three monsters that only exist in b-movies and such. With no turning back now, Brock swung the bat in his hands and smashed barrel of the wooden bat into one of them as blood coated the bat barrel.

Seeing that Brock felt sick but knowing this is kill or be killed, well in this case eaten alive. He acted with swift movements as he pushes one of the remaining two of the zombies into another by using the end cap of the wooden bat to drive one of them into one other.

Thanks for reading~!

Next Post of DE 61 is out on 30 of April

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