DE – 59 (New!)

Back to 3 months or so, on the first day or night of Death Era

With the sounds of footsteps and the groaning voices as they walk past the room in this hallway, a young man with his messy ash brown hair peeks from the corner form his dorm room he is in, looking at the crowd that just walked past.

Unknown: “What going on and what with all of the sounds?”

The young man yawn, as screaming awaked him, as he finds the group of people walking past in group this late in night strange, especially they are groaning.

The young man is the type of person does not like to get himself in trouble unless he has to. As he lazily put on his white shoes and his dark green jacket before heading out seeing what really going on, but suddenly his mobile phone rings, as he picks it up.

Unknown: [Brock is that you!?]

Said the voice of a female, as he the young man or Brock Wilson which is this young man name.

Brock: “Calm down that hurt my ear… what going on?”

Unknown: [You have no clue? You have been asleep all through that?]

Brock: “Through that? I did hear a scream not long ago, it woke me through.”

Brock yawn yet again, as he took another look outside of his room, as his eyes widen as he sees a familiar face cover in blood.

Brock: “Well, Renee, I am off, I see you in a while. Just going to see a friend about the blood he is covered in.”

Renee: [Blood covered? Brock run aw-]

Before Renee or Renee Ward, Brock girlfriend, before she can finish what she saying, Brock ended her call, as he put his phone away, looking at the young man he knows. His name is Ben Shonrock.

Seeing his white eyes and he dragging his body if it is heavy, with his arms trying to grab the thin air while looking at Brock, or is Ben trying to catch Brock?

But his clothes covered in blood and they are a bite mark on his neck which Brock find odd how is he still moving without passing out with blood loss, in fact, that blood leaking from his neck should be died losing this much blood.

Brock: “Ben is everything alright? Ben?”

Trying to call out his out to his friend but no luck as Ben just moves forward, with no signs of stopping. Looking at the blood on Ben, Brock feel little uneasy seeing that. But he more worried about his mate.

“Stay still Ben! Ben?” As Brock went to Ben the hands of Ben tries to reach out to grab him. However, with fright Brock step backward, seeing how Ben open his mouth when he is now close to him.

“Slap out of it! Ben!” Looking at Ben with his white eyes, and moving towards him with his arms up, as Ben once again trying to grab onto Brock.

“This is not funny Ben! Damn, why are you trying to eat me for!?”

Brock said as he looked at a way out of here, he wants to help his friend, but now he needs to look for someone to help him to do so. But not a single soul other than him and Ben remains in this hallway, but steps can be heard from the deep within the corridor, heading his and Ben way.

“Over here! Ben stop how come you this strong?” While trying to hold Ben at the same time trying to be bitten by Ben seem harder by the second with his strength which Brock finds the weirdest other than his neck losing a massive amount of blood and his skin is turning pale as if he is dead.

Brock: “What the fuck is going now. Ah? Over… here?” As Brock hears the group heading his way as he soon sees the hallway in front of him is crowded with people with blood on their clothes, with some of them, have bloody bones showing.

Seeing this, Brock quickly let Ben go seeing his white eyes like them. Looking at both Ben and the crowd having the same characteristics as he and the group, no horde of people heading this way.

Seeing this fear ran down Brock back, as he knew something is at mist, but now he began to understand what really going on, as he took few steps backward realizing what going on.

Brock: “This is not true right? I am still asleep, is that right Ben?”

Ben: “Ggrrr!”

Went Ben as he once more reaches his hands out to yet gains grab Brock! As Brock soon reacted as he ran the other way, heading to the other side of the hallway he is in.

Thank you for all this time waiting for the newest post of Death Era, I had redone the story of Arc 2 1hich is what we on now to this, next update is this friend (UK time)

Thanks for reading~!

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