DE – 58

Seeing the head of that racist, you did not know if you should be happy or not but instead you stamp onto his head as you really did not like this man especially if he is the one burning you alive not long ago.

You did not understand what is going on here or what happens but you know it might be best to leave as soon you can see after all whatever this monster maybe it is a chance it still here.

With the MP9 SMG in your hands, you observe your surroundings while finding a way out since Roy put walls made mostly of junk but its still effective against the undead for roaming into this place.

You walk as you did bodies everywhere as this monster did not leave a single one alive but why are you still alive? Which is the question you ask yourself.

“Is there anyone here!” You shouted to see if there is anyone here in this place as you cannot hear anything other then you yelling and the footsteps of the zombies which coming into place.

After all of the soldiers and people no more they no one to guard the place form them now they in pieces the zombies who once being push back by Roy men showed their main base which many of the zombies see body parts of human as they snack.

Seeing the zombies became few to now becoming into a sea of them as you need to leave before any evolve zombies or that monster showed up.

You walk words the crowds of zombies but they too busy eating body parts around the place as it soon became a zombie eat it all place for them.

With no reason to be here, you heading past the sea of zombies and out of here, out of Liverpool in fact as you want to leave this place as there nothing here as your brother and Henry are not here, or you have any clue where they might be So. You have no choice but to leave the place as you do not care where you go as long it not here.

You walked out of Roy HQ. You looked at the sky thinking what now? Where do you go in this Death Era? With no goal of sort or time to waste on. You look at the road ahead and move onwards as you did you soon remember what happens when you wake from the cold and into the mess you did not really understand even now you do not.

You since the beginning you felt you alone, but you also thought it is better to be alone as you walked down the street near to the place where Roy men once guarded.

You see someone there holding a G36 in his hand with two others as you see them and they see you.

“It you… run! It back! I hold it off!”

The man with the G36 said as soon he seen you he became frightened as if he sees a monster, with a storm of bullets without you having the chance to say anything you leap to cover.

You: “I am not your enemy!” You bellowed that.

“Not my enemy? I agree I thought that Roy was a monster as many of us were afeard to live in this world without his protection! But as your body burn your body know what the fuck are you! You monster! Demon! Devil!”

Did you not know what to say as if you the one made that slaughter? You did not what to think. You shake your head as you did not believe that… but what if?

What if this man not really frightened by you since he does not know but does and personally seen you killing them like that but you did not know if you should trust that or not, but seeing how to frighten he is you just got up and run to the other way towards the wall and jump over it as he did not know what to do.



Author Note

Hey there this is the last update for Death Era for a while; I do not know if I am carrying on this or start mine second project which I still in the middle of planning I am afeared. so, therefore, I am taking some time off on this blog I hope to you all still read mine stuff when I come back!

I am back between the 12 – 17 of Marth, see ya then!

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