DE – 57

You do not know why you feeling the waterfalls or why you going this for. Just a desire to do this. As soon all of the waterfalls soon break apart as you walk onwards in the darkness as your mind started to break like glass as if you awaking form some dream.




You suddenly open your eyes you looked around as you remember you should be on that pole that Roy should be burning you alive. But why are you here and no clothes on you as well?

What is going? You like to know that and why are you wearing nothing, you got up seeing you in some room as you got no idea where. You got no clue what is happening here, so you move onwards hoping to find a pair of clothes somewhere.

You soon find yourself in a hallway as if you in a hospital hallway. You figure out you still in Roy home base as you sighed thinking how much you want to leave the place. But something caught your eyes, as you look at the wall with slashes marks there and here not many here but form the looks of it someone with a sword past here?

You walk to one of the slashes on the wall as this slash does not seems to form a sword you think unless a very big one like a greatsword did this. But you doubt that. You about to feel the slash but the smell of blood made you turn your head.

Your eyes widen as your heart beat like crazy seeing the most horrifying screen you ever saw in your life. Bodies parts everywhere, limbs, heads and blood form those been cut apart like paper.

Seeing the hallway full of blood and bodies parts as you guess about 100 people once in this hallway. As you think those slashes on the walls might be the same that butcher them like animals, this is not something a human should kill like this is too frightening for you.

Feeling the coldness in your spine as your fear of seeing them like this. Something that is hard to take in no matter how undying you are.

You walk down the hallway of the dead as you walk as you felt sick doing so but you need to know what happens here, who could do something likes this.

On the way, you find an MP9 submachine gun as you used that and worn some clothes belong to a doctor or nurse you cannot find out which belongs to who. As you walk in this hall of hell or it might as be called that with bodies and they parts everywhere.

You soon reach outside of the building you in as you see the sun in the sky as you looked around seeing even more of them outside as bodies of bodies over the place.

You ask yourself who could do something like this? You have no idea who or what but you do know one thing whoever did this was not human, the Claws Type 2 could do this but they speed is fighting, but you do not see them doing this as they will hunt but not slay them all like animals.

Did anyone make it outlive? Is there anyone other than you here as you walk to the place where a lot of dead bodies lay as none of them turning to zombies might be their bodies too damaged to do so, or they have to be whole with limbs to be one of them unless bitten.

You soon arrive at the place you were being burned to death as you stood there and seeing the head of Roy Brown on the ground just there nothing else as you stood there looking at his head.

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