DE – 56

As the two soldiers drag you to the steel pole and tie you there, as you see the 100s maybe near 1,000 people looking at him as you also looked back to them scanning the hate, the happy also the pity faces of them all.

At this time Roy speaks to the sea of people.

“My loyal subjects! We all here today to punish this criminal! The other day he killed 12! 12 of our heroes fallen to his hands! In the battle of those who did this to us! The other races that like the monsters they are the one who made the dead back to life! And who are the ones fighting this holy war with them? It is I Roy Brown and my loyal soldiers who know the treats ahead of us all!”

“Tell me people of Liverpool do we need to fear them? The races and they rain of terror? No, we do not! Do we let them do this and just forgiven them if they are dooming our race, as the human race? No, we do not! Will we sat and allowed them to kill us off the face of the earth? No, we do not!”

“We are free, we the human race, chosen ones! Pick by god himself to fight back them, as I Roy Brown the one picked At himself will handle this criminal and his crimes!”

Roy said to the sea of people as they cheer onwards, as they wait for you to be burned to death, but you just lightly smile seeing the sea of people who haven’t realize they been wronged.

“Any last words?” Roy stood next to you; you turn your head at him.

You: “I do. You think this can kill me fatty?” You said as rage is seen on Roy’s face.

Roy: “Fine! Burn in hell!”

As he said that Roy’s hands lit on fire and like a flamethrower, they spread out the flames as they hit your body.

“Ahh!!” You feel the flames digging and melting you skin, and bones, as you see your bones and flesh burning alive as they regrow but the flames burn them.



The sea of people roars out justice, justice over and over with no ending to their cheers of you being burnt to death.

With flames burning into your whole body as you thought this is nowhere the same level as being eaten alive by zombies like you were 2 days ago but now being on fire might be on the same level or worse than being eaten by the dead.

You smell your own flesh being cooked. Your blood boiling within you. Your skin melting away. As the pain you felt nothing beats this. The pain of being burned alive.

You mind slowly going blank as you try to not fall asleep as you looked at Roy with his smug smile on his face you wish to rip off. As this time your blank.




Suddenly your eyes open with sounds of waterfalls as you felt trap within a space. Suddenly you break free from the blinding of that space as you walked out seeing the room has many so many waterfalls there all moving as you sees the ones near you as you felt the water between your fingers.

As you move around the place feeling the water in your fingers as you suddenly forget why you here for or the fact your desire to feel the waterfalls within this dream you might be in or whatever it may be.

As you smile as you run with both arms out to feel both waterfalls by both side, you really do not why you need to feel them or the fact once you did they fall apart for you just have this feeling you need to feel them and make them disappeared from you.

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