DE – 55

You waited hours, with every 3 hours or so the doctor in the room injects you with something to make you feel weak as you ate nothing for who knows how long.

You just sat on the chair waiting what next. Suddenly the door that leads to where you are at opened. A man in his 40s with a belly around like a ball, a beard and wearing a long robe for some reason which is white with blue lines by the side.

“Doctor I like to be alone with him.” The man with bald spot and fat as well said to the doctor not even bothering to look at him while saying that.

As the doctor left the room, the fat robe man walks in front of you.

“When Riley told me about you to think you another gifted one like me, you can heal fast I met others like you and me. And even if a bullet cannot kill you. But I know how to kill you since I already killed someone with the same powers as you.” The fat man said as you know who he is the biggest racist of all, Roy Brown.

You: “Roy Brown, I keep hearing you such a holy being, you sure have not eaten that holy being?”

You mocked Roy as you see his face turned even more ugly as he grabs your neck.

Roy: “Indeed I am Roy Brown. You have such a mouth on you boy; I show you mine powers!”

Roy said as your neck felt warm, and warmer as flames from Roy’s hands lit as your throat is on fire.

You: “You!” You bite your own teeth trying to own in the pain of your neck. Feeling the heat in your throat.

Roy: “Hahaha! Do not worry I will not kill you, yet. After all, you kill a fair amount of my men! That way today I will kill you off in front of me people!”

Roy said and walked off as the Doctor came back in after Roy left as he went to sat on the same chair he was at before.

You looked at Roy left and the doorway, a way to kill you he knows that?

You: “A way to kill me I wonder what that is?” You said out loud on purpose seeing if the doctor will answer you as he looked at you.

“There were few like you the fast healing types who can heal a cut in few minutes or like you just a sec. One die due to being eaten alive by zombies and another one was burned to death by our Lord.”

The doctor said as he is uninterested in whatever you said as you looked at the doctor had a light smile as one of them were eaten alive by zombies? So were you! But you make it back alive, with more faster healing as well.

With nothing to do other than wait for being drugged every time you feel the weakness being worn off. As two soldiers walked into the room.

“It’s time,” They say as they undo the ropes and dragging you out of the room as you walk in a hallway as other survivors are at even soldiers as you expect just English people. After this is Roy Brown main base.

Seeing some has hate in their eyes seeing you, as some felt sorry and few do not really care about you going to be killed.

As you and the two soldiers arrive outside as you see you in the hospital area, you see before. You looked at the 100s of people waiting for your death.

As on the stage is a steel pole with people around a fat man, Roy himself as he smiles seeing you. As wonder can this really kill you?

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