DE – 58

Seeing the head of that racist, you did not know if you should be happy or not but instead you stamp onto his head as you really did not like this man especially if he is the one burning you alive not long ago.

You did not understand what is going on here or what happens but you know it might be best to leave as soon you can see after all whatever this monster maybe it is a chance it still here.

With the MP9 SMG in your hands, you observe your surroundings while finding a way out since Roy put walls made mostly of junk but its still effective against the undead for roaming into this place.

You walk as you did bodies everywhere as this monster did not leave a single one alive but why are you still alive? Which is the question you ask yourself.

“Is there anyone here!” You shouted to see if there is anyone here in this place as you cannot hear anything other then you yelling and the footsteps of the zombies which coming into place.

After all of the soldiers and people no more they no one to guard the place form them now they in pieces the zombies who once being push back by Roy men showed their main base which many of the zombies see body parts of human as they snack.

Seeing the zombies became few to now becoming into a sea of them as you need to leave before any evolve zombies or that monster showed up.

You walk words the crowds of zombies but they too busy eating body parts around the place as it soon became a zombie eat it all place for them.

With no reason to be here, you heading past the sea of zombies and out of here, out of Liverpool in fact as you want to leave this place as there nothing here as your brother and Henry are not here, or you have any clue where they might be So. You have no choice but to leave the place as you do not care where you go as long it not here.

You walked out of Roy HQ. You looked at the sky thinking what now? Where do you go in this Death Era? With no goal of sort or time to waste on. You look at the road ahead and move onwards as you did you soon remember what happens when you wake from the cold and into the mess you did not really understand even now you do not.

You since the beginning you felt you alone, but you also thought it is better to be alone as you walked down the street near to the place where Roy men once guarded.

You see someone there holding a G36 in his hand with two others as you see them and they see you.

“It you… run! It back! I hold it off!”

The man with the G36 said as soon he seen you he became frightened as if he sees a monster, with a storm of bullets without you having the chance to say anything you leap to cover.

You: “I am not your enemy!” You bellowed that.

“Not my enemy? I agree I thought that Roy was a monster as many of us were afeard to live in this world without his protection! But as your body burn your body know what the fuck are you! You monster! Demon! Devil!”

Did you not know what to say as if you the one made that slaughter? You did not what to think. You shake your head as you did not believe that… but what if?

What if this man not really frightened by you since he does not know but does and personally seen you killing them like that but you did not know if you should trust that or not, but seeing how to frighten he is you just got up and run to the other way towards the wall and jump over it as he did not know what to do.



Author Note

Hey there this is the last update for Death Era for a while; I do not know if I am carrying on this or start mine second project which I still in the middle of planning I am afeared. so, therefore, I am taking some time off on this blog I hope to you all still read mine stuff when I come back!

I am back between the 12 – 17 of Marth, see ya then!

DE – 57

You do not know why you feeling the waterfalls or why you going this for. Just a desire to do this. As soon all of the waterfalls soon break apart as you walk onwards in the darkness as your mind started to break like glass as if you awaking form some dream.




You suddenly open your eyes you looked around as you remember you should be on that pole that Roy should be burning you alive. But why are you here and no clothes on you as well?

What is going? You like to know that and why are you wearing nothing, you got up seeing you in some room as you got no idea where. You got no clue what is happening here, so you move onwards hoping to find a pair of clothes somewhere.

You soon find yourself in a hallway as if you in a hospital hallway. You figure out you still in Roy home base as you sighed thinking how much you want to leave the place. But something caught your eyes, as you look at the wall with slashes marks there and here not many here but form the looks of it someone with a sword past here?

You walk to one of the slashes on the wall as this slash does not seems to form a sword you think unless a very big one like a greatsword did this. But you doubt that. You about to feel the slash but the smell of blood made you turn your head.

Your eyes widen as your heart beat like crazy seeing the most horrifying screen you ever saw in your life. Bodies parts everywhere, limbs, heads and blood form those been cut apart like paper.

Seeing the hallway full of blood and bodies parts as you guess about 100 people once in this hallway. As you think those slashes on the walls might be the same that butcher them like animals, this is not something a human should kill like this is too frightening for you.

Feeling the coldness in your spine as your fear of seeing them like this. Something that is hard to take in no matter how undying you are.

You walk down the hallway of the dead as you walk as you felt sick doing so but you need to know what happens here, who could do something likes this.

On the way, you find an MP9 submachine gun as you used that and worn some clothes belong to a doctor or nurse you cannot find out which belongs to who. As you walk in this hall of hell or it might as be called that with bodies and they parts everywhere.

You soon reach outside of the building you in as you see the sun in the sky as you looked around seeing even more of them outside as bodies of bodies over the place.

You ask yourself who could do something like this? You have no idea who or what but you do know one thing whoever did this was not human, the Claws Type 2 could do this but they speed is fighting, but you do not see them doing this as they will hunt but not slay them all like animals.

Did anyone make it outlive? Is there anyone other than you here as you walk to the place where a lot of dead bodies lay as none of them turning to zombies might be their bodies too damaged to do so, or they have to be whole with limbs to be one of them unless bitten.

You soon arrive at the place you were being burned to death as you stood there and seeing the head of Roy Brown on the ground just there nothing else as you stood there looking at his head.

DE – 56

As the two soldiers drag you to the steel pole and tie you there, as you see the 100s maybe near 1,000 people looking at him as you also looked back to them scanning the hate, the happy also the pity faces of them all.

At this time Roy speaks to the sea of people.

“My loyal subjects! We all here today to punish this criminal! The other day he killed 12! 12 of our heroes fallen to his hands! In the battle of those who did this to us! The other races that like the monsters they are the one who made the dead back to life! And who are the ones fighting this holy war with them? It is I Roy Brown and my loyal soldiers who know the treats ahead of us all!”

“Tell me people of Liverpool do we need to fear them? The races and they rain of terror? No, we do not! Do we let them do this and just forgiven them if they are dooming our race, as the human race? No, we do not! Will we sat and allowed them to kill us off the face of the earth? No, we do not!”

“We are free, we the human race, chosen ones! Pick by god himself to fight back them, as I Roy Brown the one picked At himself will handle this criminal and his crimes!”

Roy said to the sea of people as they cheer onwards, as they wait for you to be burned to death, but you just lightly smile seeing the sea of people who haven’t realize they been wronged.

“Any last words?” Roy stood next to you; you turn your head at him.

You: “I do. You think this can kill me fatty?” You said as rage is seen on Roy’s face.

Roy: “Fine! Burn in hell!”

As he said that Roy’s hands lit on fire and like a flamethrower, they spread out the flames as they hit your body.

“Ahh!!” You feel the flames digging and melting you skin, and bones, as you see your bones and flesh burning alive as they regrow but the flames burn them.



The sea of people roars out justice, justice over and over with no ending to their cheers of you being burnt to death.

With flames burning into your whole body as you thought this is nowhere the same level as being eaten alive by zombies like you were 2 days ago but now being on fire might be on the same level or worse than being eaten by the dead.

You smell your own flesh being cooked. Your blood boiling within you. Your skin melting away. As the pain you felt nothing beats this. The pain of being burned alive.

You mind slowly going blank as you try to not fall asleep as you looked at Roy with his smug smile on his face you wish to rip off. As this time your blank.




Suddenly your eyes open with sounds of waterfalls as you felt trap within a space. Suddenly you break free from the blinding of that space as you walked out seeing the room has many so many waterfalls there all moving as you sees the ones near you as you felt the water between your fingers.

As you move around the place feeling the water in your fingers as you suddenly forget why you here for or the fact your desire to feel the waterfalls within this dream you might be in or whatever it may be.

As you smile as you run with both arms out to feel both waterfalls by both side, you really do not why you need to feel them or the fact once you did they fall apart for you just have this feeling you need to feel them and make them disappeared from you.

DE – 55

You waited hours, with every 3 hours or so the doctor in the room injects you with something to make you feel weak as you ate nothing for who knows how long.

You just sat on the chair waiting what next. Suddenly the door that leads to where you are at opened. A man in his 40s with a belly around like a ball, a beard and wearing a long robe for some reason which is white with blue lines by the side.

“Doctor I like to be alone with him.” The man with bald spot and fat as well said to the doctor not even bothering to look at him while saying that.

As the doctor left the room, the fat robe man walks in front of you.

“When Riley told me about you to think you another gifted one like me, you can heal fast I met others like you and me. And even if a bullet cannot kill you. But I know how to kill you since I already killed someone with the same powers as you.” The fat man said as you know who he is the biggest racist of all, Roy Brown.

You: “Roy Brown, I keep hearing you such a holy being, you sure have not eaten that holy being?”

You mocked Roy as you see his face turned even more ugly as he grabs your neck.

Roy: “Indeed I am Roy Brown. You have such a mouth on you boy; I show you mine powers!”

Roy said as your neck felt warm, and warmer as flames from Roy’s hands lit as your throat is on fire.

You: “You!” You bite your own teeth trying to own in the pain of your neck. Feeling the heat in your throat.

Roy: “Hahaha! Do not worry I will not kill you, yet. After all, you kill a fair amount of my men! That way today I will kill you off in front of me people!”

Roy said and walked off as the Doctor came back in after Roy left as he went to sat on the same chair he was at before.

You looked at Roy left and the doorway, a way to kill you he knows that?

You: “A way to kill me I wonder what that is?” You said out loud on purpose seeing if the doctor will answer you as he looked at you.

“There were few like you the fast healing types who can heal a cut in few minutes or like you just a sec. One die due to being eaten alive by zombies and another one was burned to death by our Lord.”

The doctor said as he is uninterested in whatever you said as you looked at the doctor had a light smile as one of them were eaten alive by zombies? So were you! But you make it back alive, with more faster healing as well.

With nothing to do other than wait for being drugged every time you feel the weakness being worn off. As two soldiers walked into the room.

“It’s time,” They say as they undo the ropes and dragging you out of the room as you walk in a hallway as other survivors are at even soldiers as you expect just English people. After this is Roy Brown main base.

Seeing some has hate in their eyes seeing you, as some felt sorry and few do not really care about you going to be killed.

As you and the two soldiers arrive outside as you see you in the hospital area, you see before. You looked at the 100s of people waiting for your death.

As on the stage is a steel pole with people around a fat man, Roy himself as he smiles seeing you. As wonder can this really kill you?