DE – 47

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

“What the fuck are you!?” seeing bullet removing by itself in your skull and you regained yourself and looked at the long hair man with his face is, even more, paler as if his pale face cannot be paler then before.

You: “I am just me, an unkillable passerby.”

You said as the long hair man handsome turn ugly as he is too frightened of you as he passed out on the floor.

You stood up as you went to him taking the MP9’s from the ground and the Model 66 as well as you walked to one of Roy’s men cars. As you place the weapons at the back of the car and check if they are any keys in the car as they are, you drove the car to your blue one as you drove there you still hear the sounds of gun firing from the group ahead.

After placing all of the stuff from the blue car to this one since it is bigger than the blue car you keep the black car.

You then change your clothes since the long coat has bloody holes thanks to that long hair man, you left with no choice but to change but you notice in the black car there is a bag in there as you open it up and notice they are clothing in them the same kind of clothes Roy men wear as you see them an evil grin appeared on your face.

As you took off your clothes and wear the same kind of clothes as one of them as you wear a cap to hide your face to them. As you then took the AK47 rifle with you as you also took the crowbar as well.

As you a different plan than before, as you pick P229 pistol in your hands and fire a shot at your left arm.

With a bang also heard by the two groups as you ran in average human speed to them.

“Huh there one more!?” Said the man with the scar chin.

“Hump, another one huh, shot him!” The dark skin man with his bald head said with annoyance as soon he sees you. Of course this group did not expect you not one of Roy men as though as the group of 6 is now group of 3. And the Roy men said is now just the four skilled soldiers.

“Is he one of us?”

“Brothers he is shot!”

“Come over here before they kill you and keep you head down!”

The three of the four elites of the soldiers proudly said as he did not waste time and increase your speed a little after well-trained men do not run for the average speed and as you ran to them.

The other group of 3 fire their MP5’s at you as you just ran and dodged the bullets.

“You here, brother, which until you from and what is your name?” Said one of them, seeing your shot arm as he holds you up. As he places you by the wall for cover.

Seeing there one other here then the four shooting at the other side. He is another Roy men, and he is wounded as his face is pale.

You took peek at the other side form the edge of the wall, glancing over. You still hear the little girl crying lightly than before.

“Brother, what unit are you from?”

You: “What unit? I am from the one that kills beasts.” You said as the four are shocked as they even thought you meant evolve animals or they just confused by your words.

As an evil smile is on your face. Which the dying man cross you finds your smile terrifying.

DE – 46

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

“What you doing…!” The long hair man said as your right hand grab his neck, and lift his body up by his neck. With fear can be seen in the long hair man eyes as he cannot react to your inhuman speed as if he is not looking at a human of his standard level of human or the animals they called other races. But a monster is how this long hair man with his face is like is a sheet of paper it that pale as if his soul nearly left his body felt looking at you.

You: “What I am doing? Just lifting you up by the neck but I wonder what will happen if I increase my strength in my grip on your neck?”

“You think you can get away of this! You know who I am!?” The long hair man said as you smile also added a little strength.

“Ahh! …I speak…! …I speak …!” Feeling your grip increase greatly but the reality was you just added a little, but the long hair man felt that little bit of inhuman strength was as if you trying to kill him which in fact you did not care if he did.

You: “Tell me why you hiding the truth of the Death Cell?”

“Death Cell??” Of course, you expected him not to know of Death Cell the names of the cell Noah has given to them, but he still knew of the existence of the cells even if he does not know the name of them.

You: “They are the cells name of what really made the dead rise from the dead. Tell me why you hid this fact of the cells making the dead rise as zombies even evolving them as well.”


You: “Maybe I should increase the grip again?” As you said that the fear in the long hair man grow yet again as he thinks of his neck nearly being crushed by yours light gripping.

“Roy wants to put the blame on them fucking animals so many other of our race will be brought into our ranks. After all, even if they had nothing to do with it. What about what they did to this country before this cell thing!”

The long hair man bellowed that with his smug smile as he really hates other races to his core as you can see why he knew something that others do not in Roy men since both Roy and this long hair man are extreme racists.

You: “You damn racists looking for death? You think you can keep that information about the Death Cells away from them forever? You just dragging others in your goddamn shit.”

You said that as the long hair man laughs as he had gone mad.

“Fine, just die!” Your eyes widen as you hear him as he removes his hands on your wrist of the hand you are lifting him up with and took out a Model 66 form his jacket as you are careless as you only thought he only had the MP9’s not another gun on him.

As he pointed the Model 66 revolver at your head, and with a bang! Your mind went blank.

The long hair man laughed and kick your body, as he did not expect you to have so much strength left after you had fallen from the rooftop and also shot many times. As he kicks your body few times until his eyes widen as he remembers the odd bullets as if someone took many bullets out of someone,

Seeing the bullet in your forehead is being moved out itself as the bullet pop out from your forehead as the long hair man see this, fear is what he felt seeing such a monster in front of him.

As your eyes open as you regain yourself from your blankless,

DE – 45

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You on your back on someone backyard, while you lay there and looked at the sky. With sounds of someone at the gate, you close your eyes as the trio came into the backyard.

“So this is the rat? Check if he is still alive!”

“Yes, sir!” Both Roy men walked towards s you hear each of they steps sounded on the grass of the yard. As they did not even point their MP5’s at you as they think you are dead.

“Looked at him he has a crossbow and also two guns on his back… those are an AK47 also a G36?” Said one of the duos.

“G36 is one of the most common weapons in the police force but an AK47? Only us around us and those fucking animals have them.” The other Duo said as the long hair man looked at your body as for some reason he feels uneasy being near you.

At this time you opened your eyes as the duos are shocked about you when you opened your eyes as the long man pointed his MP9’s at you.

“Stay right there! But I doubt you can move right? You fell quite a fall.” Said the long hair man with a smug on his face looking at you.

“Even so, I wonder where you able to get your hands on that crossbow and the AK47? After all the G36 one of the police force standards weapons is a lot more easily explained then getting your hand on an AK47, so you get after you kill one of us? Protector?” The long hair said.

You: “What is a protector I keep hearing this over and over.” Before when you question the ones on their knees, you really did not care who the protectors are, but now it is different as you keep hearing it makes you wonder what this ‘protectors’ thing is is.

“What they are? I can’t tell if you just sound lifeless or you just dying, but to think you do not know about them? I mean after all those animals have our race with them as they called themselves protectors even the animals do but they not human just the fucking bringers of this virus!” The long hair man bellows madly as he really hates other races more than the 10 you killed before.

You: “Virus? You lot really do not know? About our cells in our body? The reason is the dead rising is not because of some virus but our evolution.” You said as the duo eyes widen as they think you are crazy as they laughed.


With storms bullets coming out of the 9MP’s in the long hair man hand as you did not expect the long hair man will kill two of his own as soon you told them about the cells even if you did not say Death Cells but the long man on the other hand, shot his own as his eyes turned icy cold.

“How do you know? I think I should kill you off now. Or should I leave you? I mean after all you dying but since I am nice, I will just finish you off now.”

You see, the long hair man knew about the Death Cells so even they know about it they keeping it a secret? You think they might cover up the truth and put lies of other races made the virus which is false, but Roy knows this will help him to build his own empire of racist. If this man reaches outside of Liverpool, after all, Roy is adding oil to the fire with this lie but if people know about the Death Cells that will put out the fire Roy started.

You think of that you smile as the long hair man with his handsome look at you pointing his MP9’s at you. But he is only a human as you went up and zoom with your 5 times greater speed of a human is and grab his neck.

DE – 44

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You think for a bit seeing one of Roy men shot in the head being careless, but at a cost one of the group’s of six got shot in the arm and dropped the P220.

You: “I see, with those four well-trained soldiers on that racist’s bastard side it only matter of time until the weaker side will die. Hump. To think I am going to mess with this group again. Better find some way to kill the four skilled soldiers before they kill the other side.”

You said, as you suddenly remember you left two of Roy cars which do have the same symbol on them. If you can trick them if back up has come and use you inhuman strength and speed to kill them and drive off, you think that at you looked at the house’s roof as you felt you might be faster arriving at that trap area.

You jump on the blue car which than which wasn’t hard as you can nearly jump about 3m in the air which you use the car to jump at someone’s car garage, and then leap on someone’s house which you grab the edge of the roof and pull yourself up to the top. Then you took a deep breath before running at full speed.

With your running is over five times faster than average human is, you long jumped about 14m cross to another house. You run and jump each time you find you near the edge of a house you did not stop as you soon arrive at where that blockage, the place you killed the 10 of those Roy men.

You stand and stoop on a top of the house looking at a new car added to the two; you see two people wearing the same clothes as Roy men. You see they hold onto MP5’s looking at the dead bodies.

“Who did this? They destroyed all of our guns? Why?” One of the duos cannot believe someone will dare to break those guns you had broken before.

“The wound on this one, someone killed these men with some blade like an axe, and they were on their knees as well.”

“So someone questioned them and killed our guys, from the looks of the patterns also the fact they so much blood here and there someone wounded but who?” Said a voice as this person walked at a car as the two see him, he has long blonde hair and also has brown hair. His eyes are sharp like blades looking at the dead bodies while two MP9’s in each hand.

“Someone missing?” The two said at the same time as this long hair man who is handsome but dangerous type looked at the pile of blood where they shot at you firstly.

“Bullets? Bloody as well, did some took them out?” The long hair man said looking at the bullets that once in your body.

“What should we do?” One of the duos asked the long hair man as an evil grin is shown on his face.

“How about we kill the rat on the rooftops!” The long man bellow which your eyes widen as you did not expect to be found out this fast or at all, as waves of bullets came out form the twin MP9’s at you.

WIth many bullets hit you as you cannot help to lose your footing as you fall on the ground and slide down the rooftop to the backyard of the house you stood on.

Seeing you had fall over the handsome long hair man had a pound smug on his face as the other two with the MP5’s were shocked as they did not expect to find someone on the rooftops as they looked at each other and fellow the long hair man as the three headed to the backyard of that house.

DE – 43

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You drove in the blue car looking for anything else in Liverpool as you soon hear sounds of gunshots. You stop the car. When you open the door of the car taking the P229 pistol with you and the AK 47 also G36 as well the Barnett Ghost 410.

Since the AK 47 and G36 has straps on them, you carry them on your back. Which two guns on your back and the P229 pistol by your back of your wrist. And the Barnett Ghost 410 in your hands as you looked at the location where the sounds of gunshots coming from.

As you hid in the shadows trying not to be seen whoever the ones firing their guns at, as the sounds of the guns not stopping. As two groups fought each other.

You did not bother joining in, but you might as well see the result of this battle since it really blocks the road ahead.

You hid by one of the eyes with your inhuman sights as your eyes see two group of people.

One of the two group’s is like the 10 of those Roy men since they have AK 47’s and G36’s with them as the other side has few MP5’s only one of them has a P229 Pistol.

With the sounds of gunshots throughout the battlefield with Roy men and the other group, you can guess why form Roy men personality.

With the other group has 6 of them, two of them has black colour skin. 3 of them has light brown like skin as one of there has a beard. As only one who has white skin.

They fire their guns at the enemy as Roy men have 9 with they guns pack more power but one of the dark skin and white skin men clearly been trained before as they handle the guns with skill if they been in the army.

“You fucking animals!”

“You damn you, protector! We the same, why are you protecting those animals!”

Roy men bellow at the other group as one of them did not like the fact one of the six is the same race. You watch them being one with the shadows.

“One of you? I am not even English! I am from the USA not UK!” The white skin man has a scar on his chin with skills like a soldier before Death Era.

“Not UK?” The other side soldier or one of Roy men did not know if he just a protector or animal?

“Damn animal in the same skin colour!” However one of them views this American as non-human.

Since ancient times humans did not like others, they are cases they do. And cases they hate them to the bone. Racism has been there since ancient times as reason might be their beliefs, skin colour and such.

But now with Death Era being an era where the law is gone only the strong has rights to rule. As many awake to their dark desires as Roy Brown is one of those people.

More you see or hear of this man more you felt this displease feeling with a person you never have seen before. Looking at the six of them you felt something off seeing they not just size, but just six fighting the 9 of them.

Suddenly your sharp ears heard cries of a child in the building behind the six firing their guns at Roy men.

“Tsk, fine. Only this once.” You said as you had very lightly trust with humans since being eaten alive not long ago were due to them.

But you felt you cannot call yourself human even if your body might no longer felt like one, but you know only with the two soldiers on the six side. But on Roy men side they also four of them has the same level of skills as a soldier before the Death Era.

DE – 42

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

After killing the 10 of them. You collected all of the G36’s and AK 47’s as well with 4 Ak 47’s, and 6 G36’s this tells how armed those men were.

You also check their bodies as you see P229 pistols they all have. You kept all of the ammo which you did not count just put them in the trunk of the blue car which barely has any damage done to it.

You use your inhuman strength to destroy all of the guns just leaving one of the two rifles each and 2 of the P229 pistols. You cannot take all of them, and you did not want those people to search for them later and still have the guns.

You sighed seeing your clothes are cover in blood you went back to the car and drove around Liverpool until you find yourself a shop with clothes in the store.

You looked at the charity shop. Since it might felt terrible to steal from charities but you do not know they still exist and also the current you really do not care.

Seeing the door is locked after going to the door to open it. You forced it open this time around as you did you took the door with you.

You: “Shame there not a horde out here or else just pushing them back with a door sounds funny.”

You said lightly as you walked in and looked around the place. After a while, you pick out sets of plain clothes. And also long coat which is dark grey with same colour fedora hat.

You wear them with new clothes which are use charity clothes. You looked around for other stuff might become useful. Nothing else.

You walk out of the charity shop as you did you notice 2m zombies with 100s of others with them.

Seeing the horde and you took a look at the door you took off from the charity as you sighed and yell at the swarm of the undead.

You: “I were only joking about roaming a door into you lot!”

You think you might have enough ammo to kill them but that still huge waste of ammo. You looked at the 2m tall zombies and within them is a 3m one?

Seeing the 3m tall zombie with the same features as the 2m ones both bald and ripped with muscles. You see the thing is running not dragging its body like the 2m giant zombies are.

You also think of a name with that 3m zombie roaming its way towards you. The speed is just bit faster than the average human is. But the speed is nowhere near the Claws Type 1 is at about half of its speed but the 3m zombie is indeed a lot stronger than you seeing is went into cars and flattens them just leaving destruction in its path.

You think the power of AK 47 or the G36 able to kill the 2m zombies but this one? You guess unless form a stronger bullet able to kill the 3m tall zombie. Like Claws Type 1 and 2, you give this Giant Type 1 and Giant Type 2, as you also short them to C1 and C2 as for Claws Type’s and G1 and G2 for Giant Types, you felt it will be easy to remember them like that.

You looked back as you went into the blue car before they can get to you. You drove out of the area as you looked around the houses you had not check out yet.

With nothing just the odd zombie on the road or two which you drove past them if they left you room. Or not you just roam them into the ground like the Giant Type 2, or G2 zombie did flatten the cars into the ground as you did the same with the car to common zombies.


DE – 41

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You threw the dead body at one of the soldiers as you did the rains of bullets did not ended. You pick up the AK 47 and fire off rounds at them as they run to their cars for cover but you grin very evilly, you ran faster then them having the AK 47 in your right hand and the hatchet you took out of your jacket.

You run past them and firing the AK 47 at 3 by the car as they tell in shock with your speed as you no interested what they saying as you kill 2 of them with your as poor firing skills as these soldiers.

Before Death Era, none of these people was soldiers or police as they clearly had no training in firearms before Death Era and they had not trained as well as real soldiers do. With fear and death awaiting them, they open fire like a madman at you as you did not bother to dodge with your monstrous body you had.

Using the hatchet killing off 2 of them. With 5 remaining beg for their lives as you walked to the five of them, As you about 1 m away from them.

“Please do not kill me!”

“They told me to do this!”

“You liar! You the one drag me into this!”

“Shut up!”

You watch them bitch at each other as you pointed the AK 47 at one of their heads, bang! As the four left were bitching shut up seeing one of their own had new hole in his forehead, as fear ran down their spines as they see you as a reaper just waiting to deliver them to death doorstep.

You: “Now that better, tell me who is this Roy Brown? How many in your ranks?”

You asked them as they not willing at first but seeing you use the hatchet to kill one of them they soon told you everything about them.

With over 2,000 of them as 450 of them are soldiers. They had gangs join Roy as they had AK 47’s and other weapons as for they leader Roy, he is a racist, a big one as well as he is the one told everyone it is the other races that bring this virus as they had no clue about the cells and blame it on others.

As many fellow Roy as he is strong like inhumanly is he the holy being but you think he is like you another evolve human, since you one of them does not mean you the only one out there, as this Roy is clearly one of you, a evolve human.

And the treatment for those who not English as the three told you what they did and others also did, you killed them ripping their heads off.

In there stronghold is a place called the parking lot, which is a building in the stronghold where people park their cars in them, as you hear hoe Roy is using this parking building as, you really felt sorry but you no fool as you cannot save them or have reason to.

In that very building, they rape; torture; kill and treat them worse than animals. You hear that you blank out and kill the three you did not see as humans as they told you even them did that.

You looked at the where the stronghold is at. As you view the place and the soldiers not the survivors since you do not know how they are treated.

Roy and his men in your eyes are no longer human just beasts in human skin. You alone cannot stop them or you have rights to, as truth you wanted to leave here as fast you can and be no part of this.