DE – 54

You look at your surroundings men around you, as stop they firing at you, as they looked at you with hatred to their bones. As the long-haired blonde man walked towards as he stops about 4m away from you.

“We meet again, you monster.” He said, you just looked at him not caring to say anything to this one which you did regret to not kill him that time, but you were in a hurry as you smile that looked evil as the soldiers sees them they think you have gone mad but the long hair man, on the other hand, did not.

He has seen you survived a bullet in the head before as he still remembers that from yesterday but he cannot waste time since you know of the existence of the reason they could blind a lot of people believing in them will not exist if known.

After all, this is the reason that racist Roy Brown could rope many in his ranks all because of this lie and cover up, so no one know of the Death Cells exist and bring lies about other races are the reason why the dead are rising so they put the blame on them.

But you know that revenge is just going empty since it not other races fault for this, but the Death Cells.

“You have two options. One you came with us or we will force you to. So what is it going to be?” The long hair man asked you, as you looked around you again and grin.

You: “And how are you going to force me? I like to see that.” You said as you cannot imagine how to can he take you whatever this long hair man wanted you to go to.

“How? Like this really.” He said as he pulls out a pistol and fires a single shot at your right arm, as you felt the stab of the bullet.

You: “You think you can stop me by shooting me? What this?” You started to feel weak all of a sudden you did not know why but the long hair man walk towards you with a pound look on his face with his smug smile looking down on you, as you cannot feel any limbs in your body, for some reason no matter what they cannot move as you feel weak.

You see, you been dragged by the long hair man gun.

“Shocking right? As one of the docs in the home base to think of some way to put you to sleep. So, therefore, the Doc gives me this as I drop the bullets in it. And there you have it. Have good sleep you monster.” The long hair man said as your mind truly went blank.




Your eyes open not knowing where you are as soon you see what in front of you. You seem to be in some room.

You are sitting down on a chair with ropes tied both your arms and leg together. You looked at the rope you feel weak as you trying to move but failed each time you did.

You: “Why does my body feel so weak…” As you said that a voice which you heard from behind you. You looked behind yourself seeing a man in doctor clothes on.

You: “Who are you?”

You asked the man with greyish black hair, he is average looking.

“Me? I am just the one who been ordered to drag you every time you try to move out of here.” The man yawned and said that as it is clear, he really does not care. But your body feels weak, as you cannot break these ropes blinding you to the chair.

You sighed as you have no idea where are you, but you know this not going to end well.

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