DE – 53

You looked at the moon for a while before heading back to sleep. As the night pass and morning soon arrived you pick up all of the things you carried in the house back into the black car since you took the food out of the cart since it’s not wise to leave food a very hard thing to find in this kind world we all had survived in.

After all that you yawned and ate few cans of food while standing by the black car. Suddenly you can hear roars of car engines ahead you looked ahead.

You walk and use the shadows in the surroundings of this area as you did you soon arrived at where the sounds of roaring cars came from, as you peek at them by the edge of the wall as you went there and stay there and to watch what is happening ahead of here.

Roy men, not one or two of them they like an army with cars. You look at the man leading them as you see him, it the same very long-haired man who you forget to kill after walking away with his MP9’s and such.

The long hair man from yesterday who shot you off the roof that time and killed them two of his own as you reveal the Death Cells to that long hair man guys, he shot them to death.

Seeing the group of cars and people in them which does not seems to be a light amount of numbers of them. They seem to be searching for someone.

You did not want to waste any more time here as you move away from here before they notice me.

“Frozen! Do not move unless you have a death wish!” Said one of Roy men as he did not notice they are even their soldiers around their main force.

Roy men plus also the long hair man hear him as they looked at where you are hiding as they can see their own pointing their at you but they cannot see you since the thing you hiding behind is blocking their views of you.

You looked at the soldier as you see the G36 rifle in his hands pointing it at you.

“Put the gun down and hands behind your back or else!”

You: “How about no?”

You said that as you move with speed 5 times faster than before, you grabbed the man neck and crushed it. As you fire off the MP5 submachine gun at the people in the cars and such.

“Open fire!” Shouted the long hair man, seeing you firing off your gun but still did not see your face since he is that far away to notice who you are.

You avoided the storms of bullets by hiding behind cover while thinking how to get out of this mess.

With sounds of roaring coming from the cars engines as they zoom out as they did they drove into what you were taking cover from as you hear them coming to ram their cars at you, you leap out of cover which a storm of bullets soon follows afterwards.

With your body being hit by the bullets you felt many stabs into your own body as you fall to the ground. As the soldiers see you dead or least think you are they appeached you as you hear their footsteps coming closer and closer.

As one of Roy men were going to check if you are alive. You then opened your eyes and attacked him and send him flying in mid-air.

“We find him! Do not waste our bullets on this freak!” Said the long hair man as his and your eyes met as this man with the handsome with long blonde hair as a smug on his face as he cannot let go from here.

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