DE – 52

You did not know what to do as you stood there. Was it all a dream? You thought as you walked towards the three. As they talk to themselves.

“Well, what keeping you (Y/N)? Come.” The man said with his brown hair likes yours he looked in his 40s said. He is wearing plain clothes. You know this man very well, his name is Archie (L/N), your father.

You: “Dad is that you?”

Archie: “Of course it is me! That right comes let us eat the food is getting cold.”

Archie, your father, said as you nodded. You walked to him you cannot stop smiling.

You: “I think I had bad dream… sorry for being late, dad.” You said as you felt you missed something but you did not care, one bit.

“That right! Mine son! Is such the hard worker!” Said the beautiful woman with her long black as ink hair just like Mark’s has. She is in her 40s as well. Her name is Brooke (L/N), your mother.

Brooke: “To think our oldest be such an amazing policeman!” You mother said while she is cooking the pot as the three of you await the meals you once miss? You think, why I will miss them? Afterall I have them every day, right?

Archie: “What the matter, son?”

You: “Nothing.”

Mark: “Are you sure? You have been acting a bit weird (Y/N).”

You: “I am fine. I am looking forward to your meals Mum.”

Brooke smile as she went to you as she put whatever in the pot in your bow, as she did your eyes widen as you fall off your chair.

You: “Mother what is this!?” You said as you felt sick and terrified seeing what your mother really put in your bow.

Rotten flesh. A rotten flesh soup! Seeing the hands and eyes also other body parts in you bow you felt sick.

Brooke: “What wrong, I thought you like Griffiths family zombie flesh?” Your mother said as you turn your head to face her you felt fear looking into her eyes turn black with blood tears falling from her black eyes.

You: “Arr!” You yell as he went backward as you stopped by your father, Archie you looked at his face, with the same black eyes as well with blood as tears.

Archie: “I am disappointed in you (Y/N), you useless son of mine. You nothing just a bart that gets in fights after fights. Compare your brother you useless you cannot get a job. Just a killer is what you are. A monster that cannot even feel anything when he for the first time killed someone. When did I raise such a monster?”

You cannot move you that frightens as you stare at your father, Archie.

Mark: “Why are you late?”

You hear you bother as his flesh and eyes are just like the zombies.

Mark: “You doom me to be like this you monster.”

You: “I am no monster!”

Mark: “Really? What about your right arm?” Mark said and pointed at your right arm. You look at your arm with widen eyes seeing the black huge misty claws that should be your arm not this monstrous arm of yours. As your mind went blank.




You sudden open your eyes as you breathe heavy while looking around you seeing you in that house.

You: “So it just a dream huh?” You light laughed as you felt you were going insane in your own dream, while you looked at outside of the window at the moon in the sky above.

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