DE – 51

As you shift your body to the side and fire the Ak47. As you send a storm of bullets at it. Like before it defends its head with its massive arms of its own. You grin as you expected this to happen as you were not aiming for its head but its legs.

With a pan! It body hit the floor, with its left leg ripped off with the force of the AK47 did to it. The massive arms zombie leap into the sky as it did, it pounded its fist into the ground where you stood.

You leaped then roll out of the way. You looked at the massive arms zombie trying to get up but cannot.

You: “You kidding me?” You said as you also at the same time curse yourself as it does not matter to this evolved zombie if it has legs or not since its arms are longer than it’s arms do not matter if one cut off of its legs.

You see they nothing you can do with this monster. You walked backward with each step you take, the closer it comes to you.

Watching its walking with its hands. You are not surprised since it could launch itself into the air at you with its arms strength. So why cannot it support itself with those very arms?

With another leap at you. You dodge the attack and spend a kick at it with a counterattack.

Zoom! And Pan! It went as it crashed into one of the surroundings cars in this street. With its massive arms lift itself from the car surface which it was destroyed by landing into the car itself.

You did not waste any more time as you run with your fullest to the black car and drive out of here before it can regain itself form the car rumble.

As time past about half an hour. You see the sun coming down as you got out of the black car and took one of the MP5’s with you as you enter the house in front of you.

You opened the door which is not locked and pointed the MP’5 at the hallway to the living room seeking if they any zombies or people in the house.

As you check both upside and downside with no signs of any of them. You when back to the black car and took the bags of food in.

You then have a meal while looking at this house picture theme. You looked at the handsome man with his beautiful wife while the two holding their child who happens to be 3 or so.

You: “Cruel times. Thanks letting me stay for the night.” You said with a bottle of water in your hand as you raise that bottle up and respect whoever the owner may be.

You then stood by one of the windows just looking outside as you watch the moon in the sky. After a while, you stop looking outside of the window as you need to the master room of this house and spend on the bed as you felt comfortable as you fall deep sleep…




With sounds of the winds, you wake up seeing you surrounded by trees. Your eyes widen seeing the two people in front of you stood there as another people came from behind you and patted your shoulder.

“You bart, how long are you going to waste our time?” You hear that man in his 30s with his messy black hair and smoke in his mouth. You cannot control your feelings.

You: “Mark?”

You said as you have no idea what is going here. You just stood there with your eyes widen not because of Mark you brother but the two behind him. As Mark walks to your Mother and Father who both should be dead ten years ago.

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