DE – 50

With you making storms of bullets with the AK47 in your grips the evolved zombie with the massive arms use its arms like shields as it’s armour of its arms even better than the Giant Type 1 is or you felt it is.

You dodge the incoming right huge fist. As it is clearly not fast until it uses its arm strength to leap at you.

You felt the force of the winds each time it has swung its fist at you. You know the strength of this zombie is the greatest you face so far.

You jump back as you did. The evolve zombie did not waste any time leaping at you again, you roll out of its way. And kick its, but the evolve zombie blocked your kick with its arm and grab you.

Your arm is grabbed and crushed like a bug, which you hold in the pain of your arm been crushed been shattered with its grip. You ripped off your arm seeing this is the only way to free yourself from its insane strength it has.

You feel the hot like hell pain in your flesh wound as your left regrow. You then did not waste time and fire the AK47 at the evolved zombie, but only shots on its body got in, but none of the bullets got it into its head.

You: “Damn! Even if you weaker then them…” You said at that time not long ago you killed the Claws Type 2 but that only because it let its guard down if not. You are unable to beat it. Now you cannot even kill this evolved zombie with the massive arms.

You looked around the houses around you as it leapt to walls to walls. Even if a Claws Type 2 is faster, you cannot keep up at all. This big arms zombie swings on the walls of the house if it were a monkey in the past life as it slams down ita first as you jump out of the way.

You: “This is not funny.” You said while bite your own teeth while being annoyed by this massive arm zombie which things its a money.

“Roar~~~” Went the massive arms zombie as it clearly is mad you been dodging its attack. When you thought of something, you just notice which you will never if you had not think hard enough.

All of the evolve zombies show some emotions other the emotionless zombies. If by any chance do these evolved zombies has intelligent? You knew of the Claws Types like to surrounded they prey like wolves. The Claws Type 2 like a pack leader waiting for its minions aka Claws Types 1.

The Giant Types are forward like tanks destroying anything in its path. Then this one? It is wild, unlike the Claws Types who like to hunt their prey this one is like the Giant Types straightforward like a tank for mayhem.

As the evolve zombie once more swung its fist at you, you dodge it but your skin got cut due to the force of the wind it made.

You jump back as you did this time you did not attack it but watch its movements. Looking for a way to end this evolve zombie with its massive arms.

As it swung its fist at you. You dodge while scanning its body as you been careless which send you flying with your arms did guard the massive arms zombie, but sadly as its attack landed on your arms while defending it’s crushed them as you felt your bones just shattered like nothing.

You cough a mouth full of blood as you stare at as your bloody arms soon healed if nothing happens. You smile as you notice one thing. Its legs are its weakness.

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